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  1. I had a quick test of the data merge. It does work similar to the competition, with few exceptions - skip blank lines. But the UI for the function is so bad. There's one panel to load the csv files, then another panel for fields in completely separate section - "Fields" with all document statistics? No indication if the field is already placed on a page, nor how many times. The layout tool is a nice idea but nowhere in a help file does it say how to use it. I accidentally spotted a screenshot with layer panel showing that repeated text boxes need to be dragged inside/ under the data merge layer. Also if you select the grid with arrow, no options are visible - you have to pick data merge tool and select your grid again. I hope this is just a v.1 for this and it will be improved in future versions.
  2. Has this been resolved? I can't still assign separate keyboard shortcuts to num pad or regular numbers in the latest 1.8.1 version
  3. And no footnotes, data merge, hand tool while inside text frame, table splitting between pages, no way to sample & paste text styles, import multi-page PDF in one go, and so on.... I guess we'll have to wait for version 2 and give it a try again.
  4. I know but it doesn't stay in % so you never know what's your scale ratio is.
  5. It would work if there was a way to see % in the W or H boxes, it only shows actual sizes in units (mm, inch, etc.)
  6. 1-bit image is opened in Photo as RGB, not even greyscale. 1-bit image placed into Apub file exported is converted to RGB as well.
  7. Fair play to you for still working after stuff like that. Mighty man!
  8. No support for 1-bit files is another argument this app isn't or even won't be ready to replace pro apps like ID or Quark.
  9. This is how book editing is done, I'm afraid. Even approved word document gets imported into layout application and given to editors or author himself they will still find corrections.
  10. I keep a copy of Quark and MS Publisher as we get files from clients but for my own work I prefer to have one app. You have your shortcuts, palettes, workspaces so when I design it's muscle memory doing most of the job. That's why I'm disappointed Apub is not there yet.
  11. My worry is it will take too long for the Publisher to catch up. As many people I would love to switch 100% as it doesn't make sense to use 2 apps for the same job. But if I have to think everytime if the job is doable in Publisher in reasonable time and with features it has currently I will end up using inDesign 100% of the time and slowly forget I have it :-( Good thing InDesign update progress is slowing down. The last update brought "column rules" and "SVG import" - that's it - 2 features.
  12. I wanted to be more diplomatic :-). It is a pity we can't make the jump now considering Affinity had a base built years ago and used in Designer and Photo. I guess they've released Publisher with features that were release-ready but the omission of so many obvious-pro feature is baffling. We are the early adopters so we need to be more patient I guess...
  13. I did spend a lot of time using Publisher, initially at least. I do wide variety of jobs so I wanted to really try on the whole range of different projects. The feature set we have will probably cover a lot of cases but I can see a lot of people asking for features I've mentioned. I can create 2 jobs in both InDesign and Publisher and one wouldn't tell the difference but the time spent for both will probably be 1:2 for InDesign, unfortunately. Not to mention the features completely missing - footnotes, data merge. That's why I hope the devs will concentrate on pro features and not some gimmicks like the iPad version.
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