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  1. ...blinks... Wow. I'm just gonna leave this thread now. I get can that sort of comment on FB.
  2. Ohmygosh... I had never even considered switching to endnotes and pasting them in separately! I need footnotes for the bulk of what I write, but that is an incredible idea for the works where endnotes work just fine. THANK YOU!!
  3. No. I will have to take care of that when I get a chance this week.
  4. That’s actually the solution I came up with. It also deals with the ghost elements that appear when I add only one page of a spread. I do hope repagination becomes a thing, but I was glad I found a solution that wasn’t too terrible. I also made the image frame and text box I’m putting on each page into assets, so I can just drag them out and go.
  5. Darn, I posted a duplicate of this very problem. Repagination and master pages is an issue.
  6. Hi, I'm currently laying out a directory for my organization and am hitting a bit of a bump. I set up pages for each of our staff member's reports, all using the same master page spread with left and right facing pages and a single text box on both pages. Because some of the reports are shorter, I can sometimes combine two on a single page, deleting the unneeded page. But this then messes up the layout on every page below that deleted section because in the layout what had been right pages are on the left, and vice versa (which is a problem because the inner margin is wider than the outer margin). I can apply a master page to these pages - which fixes the layout but deletes the current content. If I unchecking "replace existing" my current content remains, but UNDER the applied master page. Is there any way to update the master page layout so the existing content is updated with the correct layout?
  7. OK, I have figured it out, and how to create headers. For anyone else in my predicament - that display of the table in the edit table dialog is not just for measurements... that's where you apply styles. Having figured it out... I kinda like it.
  8. I'm sorry if I'm being dense, but I've created a table style with two possible cell styles. How do I apply my chosen cell style to selected elements in the table?
  9. When I create a master page spread, and then apply that master page to my test document, items from the right page are always visible – even if the next right page is using a different master or if there isn't a right page at all! It's a bit weird, is this normal behavior? Am I missing something or is this a bug? I've attached a photo.
  10. A spread which starts on an odd page needs to show that in the pages panel.
  11. I’m having difficulty placing a photo and adding a bitmap gradient fill in the iPad version of Affinity Photo. The place dialog will go though without a problem, and process the photo for import, but when finished nothing displays in the canvas. From what I gather, selecting the bitmap fill in the gradient tool is supposed to open a dialog to select a bitmap, but when I select it nothing happens. I CAN copy and paste in a bitmap using the clipboard, and in another tutorial I saw I could drag the icon for the imported photo on to the shape layer to trigger a fill that way, but when I do the pixels also disappear. Is anyone else having this struggle?
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