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  1. +1 It is very annoying that these lines are so light and invisible.
  2. Just one of the many small things for long term Adobe users. Please implement this as it is already possible for vector points. Couldn't be that hard to implement. Everything else is a pain in the a**.
  3. Whatever nice stuff is in the updates, would you please make it possible to finally save an individual top bar or a whole workspace? Installed the updates (for all three apps, should not have done that) opened them and gone were my top bar setups. This ist so annoying. I can save shortcuts and studio windows, but why can't I just save my entire workspace as I set it up. Basic requirement, really. Thanks for finally making IDML import happen, this really is a huge step forward.
  4. Wow, four years. Guys please implement that asap. This is so essential when doing vector stuff and already are deep into groups, layers, and sublayers with groups. When will this be in a beta? Shouldn't be too hard to implement as sometimes already pointed out in this thread.
  5. In the swatches window I can add the information "spot" and/or "overprint" to global colors. So far so good. But how can I add "spot" to a color later? If I want a (spot) color to also overprint, I can do that in the right click menu. But vise versa it is not possible? In the edit view I can just choose to change the color itself but not add the attribute "spot". Coming from InDesign it is the other way round. Overprint is something you added as an attribute to a fill or an outline an which was just a click away, I wonder if Publisher does something similar to the spot option for a color? I hope it is clear what I mean... (german version, the checked box translates to overprint outline)
  6. @toltec After your description I tried even less steps. v and text at the desired position on the circle, no converting to curves, choose all three objects and subtract. Boom, done! Never thought this way would be an option as I am used to the very complicated way Adobe products need for this. BTW awesome that I don't have to convert fonts to curves anymore @reglico Since I don't need to convert fonts to curve anymore, thanks for the heads up, but I guess I'll never convert fonts again So glad to use affinity apps more and more, everything is so easy and modern in a way you would expect from Adobe but don't get it from them.
  7. Hi guys, what I want to do is pretty basic. I am currently transitioning from CS6 to affinity and love it so far, but one little thing got me today. I want to substract two vektor objects and expect it to work like I am used from Illustrator oder InDesign for example. I want this form after I substract the two forms below: But I get this: What am I missing? The font is converted to curves, the circvle with the "v" is one object, no masks, no white v on a blue circle. Just two forms that I want to substract like I do in Illustrator or InDesign with basically the same function. Thanks in advance.
  8. It was my first run on AP and I just went with the defaults, on Mac. So no default checkmark here As you mentioned the defaults for tools can be changed, I noticed that this setting is not default when I set it once. For every new text frame I have to define that the overflow is hidden. On Mac... I guess that will be subject to the roadmap then.
  9. The tools toolbar wasn't affected in any way, all my customizations were still in place. I was refering to the studio windows and panels.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I think that should be definitely a default.
  11. I read the thread and re-read it again now, I'm wondering where I should have concluded that issue. But nevermind. I really wanted to suggest that different workspaces would be a feature user would benefit from.
  12. I know it is still Beta and for as much I can say, AP blows InDesign out of the way or is at least on the same level, I am a bit confused. I arranged my workspace so I can use it as I like/being used to from ID and didn't find any option to save that. So I assumed it would stay the same after an update. Luckily I saved my shortcuts. The option is quit easy to see. But my whole Workspace settings are gone, that should definitely be improved by giving one the option to adjust the workspace according to their preferences. I also have multiple workspaces saved in ID now to work on books with the focus on formats of text and paragraphs, and a workspace for designing and playing for example which is completly different. Or did I overlook some function saving me the stupid fault I made by just updating? Please don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about this, it is just a function that is important for many users and I did'nt found anything related to this in the search. Keep up the great work! EDIT: Tools stayed as I arranged them, only Studio Windows are completly reset.
  13. I found out you can edit the size of the handlers in the settings, which also applies to the overflow dot. But I also saw, that when the frame is too small the text outside is still visible. Is that intended? That applies for the preview mode as well as for the working mode with every special characters and margin visible. I would definitely report that as a bug as it might lead to unwanted cut text even with the red overflow icon. At the first glance without any textframe activated, it appears just fine but isn't.
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