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  1. Hello If I understand clearly, you can do what you want this way : CTRL + Clic the initial layer (with the cut-off) : you have the sélection Hide this layer Select the pixel target layer : the selection is ready to use on that layer. It is just changing the order of operations from what you have done. Hope it help.
  2. I second that. It's not practical to have to be in the TOC text zone to access TOC styles. Same for the ability to hide / show TOC Index. I would say too that the TOC panel is not very readable. Indesign is well done for that : it shows all styles and is much more readable. You can organized style in folder, the way you want (ie : put TOC style in a TOC folder).
  3. Hi Mike Thank you very much to have taking time to answer my question. It confirm what I have seen. Cordialy
  4. Thank you Mike Concerning the indent level, I understand what you says, I try but cannot find an exemple where it work. In fact I don't understand why Publisher need to know the hierarchy of the title styles use in the document : it's my (the designer) work to indent correctly the TOC style to see the hierarchy. (Sorry my English is not very good to explain). This allow me to says you a big thank for your manual which is a great ressource. EDIT : you must read LEFT indent and nor RIGHT indent (text yellow in the picture).
  5. Thank you Gary for your answer. But for me it doesn't work. It's the TOC style that tell the right indent (in the Paragraph > Spacing Tab of the Edit Style panel)), and not the Indent level. If I have no right indent spacing on the Heading 2 TOC style, changing the indent level to 1 in the Heading entry of the TOC panel does nothing. Probably a bug or something I doing wrong. But thank you again.
  6. Hello In my attempt to understand every parameters in Publisher (!!), I can't figure out what is the "RETRAIT" parameter in the windows that appear when clicking the hamburger menu near a style name in the Table of content windows. If anybody knows... Many thanks
  7. Hello If I understand clearly what you want, you can right click a master page an in the menu you have a command to apply master to several pages (selected, odd, even, specific pages...) in one shot. On Mac , my Affinity apps are crashing some times, but not too often, perhaps you could try changing GPU parameters on Preferences (see Affinity help for that).
  8. Another problem Try to remplace a text with a field. It work but the problem is that it doesn't retain the custom name field in the list of field of the F&R panel (see attached). Problematic with a lot of custom field. Edit : Mac desktop version.
  9. Hello Elwen If I understand correctly what you want, here the answer.
  10. Dan Thank you, it answer my question. Walt, I really appreciate the time you spend answering my question. The files was really linked, Dan answer my question, my file contain no layers. Thank you
  11. Hello As says in this page : https://affinityspotlight.com/article/5-things-you-should-know-about-affinity-publisher-2/ We could choose layers of PSD imported in Publisher with link (or any other Affinity doc). I don't see any option for that in the toolbar (Desktop version MAC). I have found this thread: but, on my computer, I don't even see the layer option on the toolbar. Someone know something ? Thank you
  12. Hello, Just a quick test. To see correctly what append, the new fill shape must be arrange to Move to back. For what I see, it doesn't clean up a curve that is entirely in the combined shapes. Hope it will help you and sorry for my bad English.
  13. I come back to text variable : It should be useful if we have a special character to identify text variable. Perhaps a light border around (as in InDesign). And to have the possibility to find / replace text with a text variable.
  14. Hi Hangman Thank you for taking time to answer me. Hope the bug will be resolved in a near future !
  15. Hello, Here the problems : 1/ It's possible to create bleeds in a Designer document, but not to see them. View > View mode > Clip to canvas is inaccessible (grey) and always checked. Don't know if it is a bug but it's difficult to design if we can not see the whole artboard with the bleed. 2/ When exporting artboard to PDF, checking "Include bleed" doesn't include bleed. The document is cropped at is final dimension. I think this is a bug. For me it make artboard unusable for printing document. Affinity Designer 2.1.0 Mac version Ventura 13.4
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