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  1. Hey Walt, thank you for the tip. It work with my problem but I would like to be informed when an image is modify. I don't think my problem is unrelated to the thread. Because the alert that I have is not 'modified' image, but 'missing content' on an modify image with 'Rasterise and trim' in Affinity Photo. And as you can see, the Update button is gray on the ressource manager. And this is not explain in the doc.
  2. I think I have made a bad explanation. In my case too, Publisher find the linked file, but every time I open the file, I have fifty alert (one per image) saying there is a missing content and that's why I decide to replace the file with themselves.
  3. Hello I have the same thing. The problem is that it is on fifty linked images and I have to remplace one by one by themselves to not see the fifty messages of Publisher at the opening saying I have Missing Content . I think the missing content in my case is because I have clean my image in affinity Photo with Rasterize and Trim, to delete unseen data.But My image are OK for me. I hope Affinity team could modify this behavior. I'm OK that they alert me, but not OK to have to remplace the images one by one by themselves. Hope I'm clear with my bad english.
  4. This is a feature request. If I rename the styles automatic created by AP when creating an index, AP doesn't retain them when I update the index. It will be more flexible to be able to create our own style during the creation of the index (same as what we can do from the TOC panel). Hope I am clear.
  5. OK, Ianswer myself. It is possible to see it in the top of the text style panel, aside the Reset Formatting button, in the description field. But in my opinion, we must have a more visual indication to see local replacement.
  6. There is no possibility to see in the text style panel if the selected text contains a local override on top of the style himself. It will help a lot to have a visual representation (like a + near the text style name) to see local override.
  7. The TOC styles are only visibles in the styles panel when the text frame with the TOC is selected, or when the text cursor is in this text frame. This is not very practical, and make easy to do mistake when editing a TOC style. So, could it be more valuable to access the TOC styles, even if the TOC text frame is not selected?
  8. Thank Chris, it solve one problem. I would like to have the possibility to correct the mask with filter or live filter and seeing the result in real time !
  9. Hello A new request : Having the possibility to have live filter on a mask to fine tune it non destructively And another : The ability to copy and paste an image on a mask : it seems it is not possible at that time. Thanks.
  10. Hello Here my problem : I want to use a black and white layer in a document as a mask in another layer on the same document. I can't copy and paste the layer to the mask, because it is paste as a new layer, even If the mask is in editable mode. In photoshop we can do this. We can even paste a color layer on a mask, it is converted to B&W. I have not found a method to do that in AP (except with a composite layer with the command "Create spare channel "), but I want to do that whith the RGB mix channel of the black and white layer ). Am I doing something wrong or is it not
  11. Hi Chris Thank you for your feedback. I'll wait for Affinity Photo improvements and hope that Apple will produce a new MacPro soon!!
  12. Chris Thanks for answering. I have made a quick video screen capture. I hope the quality is enough to see the problem: We can see the différence between my hand cursor movement (I use spacebar + cmd to call the zoom tool) and the zoom on the document. The zoom of the rule follow quickly my movement but the zoom of the document seem to jump, is not fluid ans is slow.It makes difficult to do precise zooming Same problem append if I use the navigation zoom. The image is a jpg 1000px square. Same probleme with any image (size and format) I try. I have made a screen capture of t
  13. Hello I just buy Photo and I'm disappointing because one on a most important feature for me is reactivity when navigating through the document and I have found this problem : Zooming a document with spacebar command or space bar alt in slow and jerky - so not reactive : I can see an inertia between the zooming in the rule and the zooming of the vue. It's better with cmd+ or cmd-, but I don't like these shortcut because it need the two hands. I search in the forum and I have try, with no success : restart Photo with CTRL to reinitialize try with différent photo size 1k to 3k try w
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