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  1. That 99 page file has grown to 200. I have tried Save As, thinking that might get rid of something in the file itself. Nope. Add a page to the end of the file. Yes. Move it to the beginning. Yes. Add to the beginning = instant vanish. Cut from the beginning then paste to the end = frozen, must use Task Manager. Move a page from the beginning = instant vanish. I'm stuck.
  2. I have a 99 page file. I go back near the beginning and try to insert 1 page in the middle of a spread. Crash! Hard. Publisher disappears. I tried it multiple times. Same results. I then add 2 pages after the spread, no problem. I move the blank pages where I want. No problem. ee-1-4.afpub
  3. In version I have "Remove line breaks" selected in my TOC. However, I use Enter or Shift-Enter to make a line break in my heading and it does not disappear out of the TOC. Refresh makes no difference.
  4. I agree with Nikola and Aammppaa. Preferences is mostly an intellectual mess and takes too many clicks to find the right category. And there are not even that many settings right now. Imagine what will happen as they grow with future versions! Put a simple list of categories on the left that shows the options on the right. One click!
  5. By having this toggle state I can see a 1920x1080 design on my screen at final 1 to 1 size. This would finalize pixel rounding. This would let me see true width of lines, how touching shapes actually overlap or not, etc... Photoshop has this in their Tab toggle states. If one must manually Ctrl+0 to fit to screen that would be fine. Thank you and keep up the great work!
  6. An eps file opened (maybe edited) then closed is not released to the OS. I must close Designer to release the lock. I am running I noticed this in the previous update also.
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