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  1. My thanks to you all for your help. And so quickly too. I can't say how much it is appreciated. After trying your ideas and confirming what Walt wrote about the TOC I think I've found a way around this by increasing the right-hand margin on the TOC page and adding an A in a text box. It's not ideal but it will have to do. I guess that for normal publishing pages with As in them are never needed. Thanks again. Regards. Mike
  2. Hi, Is it possible to add a letter to a number in page numbering, e.g. 3, 4, 4A, 5, 6. I have to add some pages to a document which has already been distributed. Re-numbering all of the pages would require them all to be printed again. Adding a letter would mean the new pages could be inserted by the third party. The Table of Contents would have to accept this numbering. I've experimented but haven't found a way to do so. Thanks for any help. Stay safe. Mike
  3. I need to create a .png with transparency using 18pt Arial to match the existing website text quality. Whatever I do the ,png text isn't as sharp as the page text. Is there any way to accomplish this? Thanks in advance for any help. Mike
  4. Hi, What an excellent app you've developed. I have used Serif products on PCs since PagePlus. That's the first version. But it is great to see you produce two game changing apps for the Mac. You deserve all the plaudits you get. I wonder if you'd get a great deal of support for a simple colour cast removal feature. I'd think that many people would like to use one. I have just read a thread in which people have demonstrated ways of doing this, but they are all very complicated. DogstarPhoto posted a link to an excellent YouTube video he'd made about this. But it was over six minutes long. One click could do it. I hope my request is a simple one for you to implement. After all, it was in JASC's Paint Shop Pro 9 which had a colour cast option in its Automatic Colour Balance dialog. It worked a treat. You must have PSP9 among your collection of programs. Check it out for this feature. Regards. Mike
  5. J Thanks for the welcome and for directing me to that thread. I was hoping for something simpler than the suggestions in that thread and will post to the Feature Requests' forum suggesting a single colour cast filter. JASC's Paint Shop Pro 9 has a colour cast option in its Automatic Colour Balance dialog. Regards. Mike
  6. Is there a simple way in Affinity Photo to remove a colour cast on an old photo? Thanks for your help.
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