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  1. Hi, My enthusiasm is very limited. When will cross-column text formatting be installed? As it looks like this will not be implemented in the next 1.9 update - although it has been requested many times here in the forum. Your "Publisher" is therefore still no alternative for InDesign for me.
  2. Hi, sorry, my annoyance is due to the fact that I already communicated with Affinity Support after the release of version 1.7 and they promised me to include this feature in one of the upcoming updates. But how long should we wait for that? I'm really surprised why this important feature hasn't been implemented yet, as it is one of the basic functions of a layout program. But well, if Affinity doesn't want to move, I'll just take my consequences and stick with InDesign.
  3. Hi, i really resent the fact that in the 1.8 update you still don't allow headings to run across multiple columns. I waited a long time (too long) for this update - and now this feature is still missing. You should be ashamed of yourself.
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