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  1. dev4press

    Save As not working

    Whatever the problem was, it is fixed in 1.7.1 version.
  2. dev4press

    Save As not working

    Only save as is a problem (not save, that works fine), only with files made with an older version of the Designer, and when the save as is on the same drive. I use Avira Antivirus, but I tried with Avira disabled, doesn't have any effect on Save As.
  3. dev4press

    Save As not working

    It is the same when using Admin privileges. One more thing I forgot to mention, the program actually creates a new file with the name I specified in save as, but that file has 0 bytes size. And, I am using the Affinity Store version. Also, I did some more testing. The problem happens if I save on the same partition, if I try Save As to another partition or external drive it works fine. If I open fine on partition E, saving works on all, except for E, if I open from D, it works on all except D. I installed back old Designer, it works fine.
  4. dev4press

    Save As not working

    Hi, It happens with all documents created with the previous version of Designer, there are no problems with documents created in 1.7 version, it happens no matter where I save it (and D is a normal partition on the SSD drive inside the laptop), and Save As in the dialogue does the same. Also, note that dialogue displays the original file name, not the new file name I attempt to save to. Milan
  5. Using Affinity Designer, on Windows 10 x64 version 1809. Save As option is broken for any document I try to open and save. I have attached GIF with the recording of the error. Milan Petrovic

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