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  1. Very elegant solution. I understood "No Break" right away, I would not have suspected it under "Ohne Wechsel".
  2. Yes, typographically that is usually the right approach. But with some fonts, the distances between the dots are simply too small.
  3. Separating the "Total Organic Design" (and recombining) more often leads to unforeseen effects. I would do it like this:
  4. There is colour for the screen (RGB) and there is colour for printing (cmyk). There are greyscales for the screen (RGB: 100% is white) and there are greyscales for printing (K: 100% is black). Affinity doesn't differentiate greyscale into screen and print, my old Photoshop does. So much in the early morning. 😉 The topic is discussed here at least once every week. There is a lot to read and learn.
  5. Image removed. I was surprised that this was still possible. Good forum. 😉
  6. You can also try it with a little imagination. I create a hall plan for an exhibition/trade fair twice a year. I use this construct for dimensioning, which works both manually and numerically. Typing a number into the text field is no problem for me. Of course, the group as a whole must be scaled.
  7. In Publisher I was able to import the file as another page, but I could not save it. After several attempts, a PDF export and import into Designer succeeded. File size 168 MB. There is also an error list.
  8. Ein kleiner Umweg wäre über die Ressourcenverwaltung möglich: Schaltfläche Im Finder zeigen – Dann mit Doppelklick mit dem gewünschten Programm öffnen.
  9. Could you show me a graphic in a comparable size that you think is "good"? The graphic doesn't have to be yours, just to understand your claim to quality.
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