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  1. I couldn't understand your problem at first. Then I noticed that it is only a problem when using medieval mice. Everything is great with a trackpad. Please no restrictions.
  2. /Users/color-fan-tastic/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/
  3. I agree. The yellow tones of the HKS pallet do not seem to be correct. HKS 2 as well as HKS 3 are cool yellow.
  4. Selection when opening the designer file:
  5. That's what I had in mind. Adobe won't be interested in supporting the escape of its customers.
  6. Because I have only a few old InDesign files, I don't care about the import function. Just out of curiosity: Does Affinity need Adobe approval or even their cooperation for the function, or is the interface "public"?
  7. Palatino

    50 Shades of K

    Genau so.
  8. Export > PDF > More > Text as Curves
  9. Palatino

    50 Shades of K

    (Ich spare mir jetzt mal die Übersetzung.) Das ist dein Fehler. Du hast D50? Das ist so ähnlich wie sRGB, nur in Grau – wie der Name schon sagt ein Monitorprofil. Für dein Endergebnis ist egal, ob du ein rein schwarzes Druckprofil oder ein CMYK-Profil nimmst – wichtig ist die Beschränkung auf den Schwarzkanal. Und keine anschließende Konvertierung! Es gibt im Zusammenhang mit dem Grau-Arbeitsfarbraum auch noch einen Bug, aber auf dessen Beseitigung würde ich nicht warten.
  10. Palatino

    50 Shades of K

  11. Exactly. And the trouble starts when I want to print 100/50/0/0 and nothing else. This only works with high-end printers or additional RIP software.
  12. You will have to search a long time to name an ink or laser printer that is controlled by CMYK. And at best you will find what you are looking for in the high-end sector.
  13. On the one hand, you're right. On the other hand, I wouldn't use CMYK if I knew the inkjet or laser printer was working with RGB. The many conversions don't help the colors either. There are far too many sources of error.