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  1. Yes, sometimes the border is annoying. Then I simply place a slightly larger rectangle than the page in the background colour under my graphic. And the border is gone. It really isn't rocket science.
  2. I always use a new empty layer because then I can see exactly where I have inserted which changes.
  3. The purchased programme is listed in the App Store under Purchases and can be downloaded again from there.
  4. It's exactly the same with the trackpad. But: The "character" works, while "paragraph" does not.
  5. Woe betide you if the file is (eventually) sent to a film plotter.
  6. That won't work (the branch on which the eagle sits). Disassemble the red element into individual parts and the formerly transparent parts can be coloured white.
  7. Just tested again - red bar. Never mind. For SVG files that cause problems, a check with the validator is a good thing. Boxy SVG and Coda can display the original file correctly, iDraw/Graphic cannot. The error is at least not exclusive to Affinity (if it is an error at all).
  8. The svg file is corrupt: Sorry! This document cannot be checked. Rewritten with SVG Cleaner: OK Pittsburgh_cleaned.svg
  9. Bildschirmfotos werden mit dem Profil des Bildschirms gespeichert und so auch von Affinity geöffnet, im vorliegenden Fall einfach nur „Display“. Vorschau sagt „Farb-LCD“. Zwischen Vorschau (Markierung) und AD gibt es tatsächlich auch einen Unterschied.
  10. In principle, it can work. (That was actually already clear. Should have read more carefully.)
  11. I still don't understand the problem, but I remembered that I once had a problem with the line spacing because there was a fixed and wrong value:
  12. Frage 1 lässt mich an einen Anwenderfehler denken. 🙂 Zu Frage 2 schau dir mal diese beiden Diskussionen an:
  13. Like this and not otherwise (Master pages). Then check everything.
  14. Yes, typographically that is usually the right approach. But with some fonts, the distances between the dots are simply too small.
  15. Separating the "Total Organic Design" (and recombining) more often leads to unforeseen effects. I would do it like this:
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