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  1. Thanks I'll look for that! What's the price?
  2. My email address has been having problems and I have not received the mail from Affinity, how do I contact someone re the preorder? I would like to preorder for Mac and Windows.
  3. +1 I do a lot of manuals. Only way to keep captions and images neatly together and index them.
  4. Could you please keep an organised set (broken down to functional tasks) of tutorial links here, to downloadable Vimeo versions? I use my commute time (when I can't get at online resources) to keep up and train myself on your products. Thanks. btw Great job, its pretty solid and capable for a beta version. I look forward to completely dumping Adobe products and just using the Affinity products on my Mac, Windows PC and iOS iPad.
  5. Letting you know that Inpainting and Tone Mapping are bad links/not downloadable on vimeo. Could these tutorials please be better organised into functional tutorial chapters like the Affinity Designer and Photo tutorials? I use these, as I imagine many others do, to make a training resource that I go through when I have free time or am commuting. It helps to be able to work through them in a logical order knowing that you have covered all the topics thoroughly and not missed any or done them at random. I am fairly organised and logical so it helps if the tutorials cover the UI elements/tasks/features in the order you would learn them or look for them in the UI. Thanks I am really loving the Affinity iPad Apps!
  6. This is what I chased down: "Here it is: 1 https://vimeo.com/272723714/79409f3002" "Affinity Designer for iPad - Offline Video Tutorials" did not show as a link on my screen, just a black text headline. I have clicked on that now and am DLing the videos, thank you very much. I am looking forward to giving myself some down time and devoting most of tomorrow to try and absorb them.
  7. Am I missing something Alfred? That's just the link to the Overview Video which I already have. I'm after the links to the 62 tutorials above.
  8. Most of your tutorials are available on Vimeo, and most of those are downloadable, but I can not find these anywhere and can not download them from the forum. It helps to download the tutorials so we can view and review them when there is no Internet (travelling) or the internet is too slow to be useable. I like to view the tutorials separately on a laptop/tablet so I can work the examples on the iPad as I stop and restart the video. Could you please, please, please make these available with links? Those I have already viewed have been excellent and extremely well thought out. Good job! Perhaps you could pair them up with pdfs as well so we can consult the steps to take to achieve set tasks. Thanks, having good instructions is one reason why I choose Affinity products over the competition. Nothing is entirely "intuitive" and getting the most out of the App is what makes it valuable.
  9. Fair enough and thanks for the honest straightforward answer. :)
  10. I need to work across Mac and PC and am really looking forward to a full suite of Affinity products that I can use across multiple platforms. Has Serif worked out a licencing for people like me who need to move files from one platform to the other and still work on them?
  11. Thanks, I am really looking forward to AP given the quality and usability of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. I am a Pages '09 user and find Pages 5 unacceptable. I continue using Pages '09 whilst I can but have been looking for a replacement for the future. Will Affinity Publisher be purely a DTP App like Indesign, or will it merge Word Processing/Spreadsheet/DTP like Pages does? Where can we find feature lists and make suggestions for features?