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  1. Have the same problem, when I try to "open With..." (dobble click the file works well). It seems to me, that Adobe Bridge does not update the the 'open with' - list. Bildschirmvideo_aufnehmen_Bridge.mp4
  2. Hi @Gabe thanks for your answer, resetting the old version and doing the update afterwards helped.
  3. During start Publisher wants to update to 1.8.4. Download (ca. 46MB) is OK but while unpacking it crashes. when I skip the Update Publisher gives me only an empty screen. Does it help to uninstall publisher ? On a MBP with Catalina.
  4. Thank you @walt.farrell, I didn't know serif wasn't part of the discussion. Yes, I found it after I posted here, that this request will be available in the next versions. Good news for me
  5. Why is there no reaction from affinity to this so often requested feature?
  6. I'm not sure, if this is what you want, but if you drag the mask under the gaussian blur filter it works like on the screenshot below: the workflow is a little bit tricky. First I applied the filter then the mask. Now I brought all layers among themselves, then I nested the mask under the filter and then I nested both (Filter + mask) under the 1st layer. Maybe some has a better solution.
  7. Thank you for this fast reply. I used your first solution so far. sometimes it is tedious to take this detour, especially if the photo is much larger than the canvas. Think I have to live with that. I did not know your second solution yet, it is optimal if the size of the canvas is not important. It's not exactly what I wanted, but thank you for your great work. I love Affiniy Photo 🙂
  8. I've tried a lot, but found no solution. When I Import a pic from, for example unsplash, it is very big an I have to adjust the size to the canvas. Is it possible to Drag on the page to set the size and position of the image. Or maybe, tell AP to place the pic to fit ether the height or width of the canvas. This would be very helpful for me.
  9. Thank you for this post. I just wanted to a Ipad Air to work with Affinity Photo, but without this feature it is not useful for me. So I will wait spending much money for an IPad.
  10. Thank you, yes, this short explanation did help me very much.
  11. Thank's a lot @walt.farrell Cool, this is a great explanation and very logical. I did not come to the idea typing the file extension to the filename-box.
  12. Thank you for the answer. Yes I know how to handle it, But i wonder why it is not possible to place a file other than *.txt when a text-layer is selected.
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