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    randomjames reacted to Leslie Richelle in Please, add a "save workspace" function. Please...   
    I have a three-monitor GPU, though I normally use only numbers 1 and 2, and it's happened again: bringing the third monitor online temporarily has sown confusion amongst my display settings. Programs that open on the default, left monitor open on the right; spreads of palettes and panels that should be on the right are now on the left in a jumble. This is not a problem only with Affinity—all my Adobe and Corel apps are affected as well—but in the others I can simply load a saved workspace and all is well; with Publisher, Photo and Designer, it's tedious at best putting all the pieces back together.
    Am I unfair, naive, annoying and stoopid in saying it can't be that difficult to save a workspace state? After all, something along those lines is saved or APub couldn't restart with everything where it was on exit. Just add the ability to save those parameters as a separate, user-accessible file?
    In other news, Publisher is shaping up to be a serious contender, IMHO.
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    randomjames got a reaction from mgdoodlestudio in Improved Pattern Making and Tool   
    The feature I dream for is a more robust pattern making tool, like what Illustrator has, only better in the way that Serif would make it  

    I do a lot of clothing design and really miss having Illustrator's pattern tool... A LOT. Not being able to easily make repeating patterns is a major bummer. And yes I know how to make symbols and tile them, but it's clunky and not an intuitive method. Plus I think it's far more processor intensive to do it that way than a smart pattern interface would be.

    With the addition of something like that, I could certainly move my whole art department over!
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    randomjames got a reaction from Cuando in Things still on my wish list for Affinity   
    The major feature I dream for is a more robust pattern making tool, like what Illustrator has, only better in the way that Serif would make it  

    I do a lot of clothing design and really miss having Illustrator's pattern tool... A LOT.

    With the addition of something like that, I could certainly move my whole department over!
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    randomjames reacted to Chris B in Multiple Refine Selections   
    Logged with the developers. Thanks everyone.
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    randomjames got a reaction from Chris B in Multiple Refine Selections   
    Hi all,
    Refine Selection is awesome, but it seems I can only use this one time per document. If I bring a second image into the document and attempt to refine a selection, the result is a blurry hazy mess.
    This is not a problem in Photo 1.6.7.

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    randomjames got a reaction from Maxxxworld in Multiple Refine Selections   
    Hi all,
    Refine Selection is awesome, but it seems I can only use this one time per document. If I bring a second image into the document and attempt to refine a selection, the result is a blurry hazy mess.
    This is not a problem in Photo 1.6.7.

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    randomjames reacted to Chris B in HSL Layer Adjustment CRASH   
    Thank you for that. I don't quite have the same hardware available to reproduce your exact setup so I've asked someone who does to have a go. I will report back as soon as I can  
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    randomjames reacted to Alfred in Supplied PDF's with embedded fonts   
    I think Serif will be severely limiting the potential user base if such a capability isn’t added to Affinity Publisher. Designer and Photo need it too.
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    randomjames reacted to Dazmondo77 in Eraser tool for vector curves   
    YES if doable - I use this feature all time in CSP - also use the scale line widths brush all the time where you paint over areas of lines to thicken or make thinner - I would imagine this would need some major dev time so maybe be something to consider for ver 2+
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    randomjames reacted to RPC in Eraser tool for vector curves   
    I'd like to request an eraser tool like the one found in Clip Studio Paint for vector curves.

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    randomjames reacted to R C-R in EXR and JP2 still unsupported   
    FWIW, I opened that file in Preview.app & in that app exported it as a new JPEG 2000 file using a variety of different Quality slider settings, including "Least" & "Lossless" & a few intermediate ones. All of those files opened in both the 1.6 retail & 1.7 beta versions of Affinity Photo on my iMac without any issues, & in both Preferences > Performance is set to Metal.
    Since there seems to be a reluctance to post other jp2 files to this topic (why?) & I did not have any other convenient source for them, I tried opening several ordinary jpg format files I already have in Preview & exporting them to jp2 files as above. All those jp2 files also opened in both versions of Affinity Photo without issues.
    I don't know enough about the JPEG 2000 format to draw any definitive conclusions from my tests, but until the developers can do something about this, at least for Mac users using Preview.app to 'fix' whatever Affinity Photo chokes on should provide a workaround for using those troublesome files in both the retail & beta versions of the Affinity apps.
    EDIT: Forgot to mention that the 'fixed' versions also open in both retail & beta versions of Affinity Designer, too.
    EDIT 2: I just noticed that all the files I 'fixed' with an export from Preview.app include an alpha channel (even though there is no transparency in the source documents), while the original cn16005644 file that crashes in Affinity does not. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, though.
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    randomjames got a reaction from George3 in Things still on my wish list for Affinity   
    The major feature I dream for is a more robust pattern making tool, like what Illustrator has, only better in the way that Serif would make it  

    I do a lot of clothing design and really miss having Illustrator's pattern tool... A LOT.

    With the addition of something like that, I could certainly move my whole department over!
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    randomjames got a reaction from Chris B in HSL Layer Adjustment CRASH   
    Hi Chris, it just happened again... twice!
    I'm working on an external monitor, a BENQ PD3200U at 3840x2160 (I believe).
    Here's the crash report: 
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    randomjames got a reaction from firstdefence in Image Colour Issue   
    Hey Thanks, that seems to have been the solution. Cheers!
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    randomjames reacted to firstdefence in Image Colour Issue   
    Have you assigned an icc profile?

    The sRGB profile should get you a good match.
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    randomjames reacted to Aammppaa in Layer Order   
    Looks like this might be OS related. I am on Windows…

    Seems like a bug to me.
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    randomjames reacted to Elyssa in Looking For Assets For Web Design   
    Thanks for the reply
    I know where the panel is... what I am looking for is actual assets. Templates and assets used to design website... but thanks!
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    randomjames reacted to Bri-Toon in [AD] Vector persona eraser tool   
    That is a very desired feature indeed. As discussed here, there is a work around. Select the layer or object you want and then select the mask icon. You can then make it look like you are erasing vector objects if you apply the eraser tool on it. One of the downfalls of this though is that you can't break apart and move the different erased sections since they are all the same object just in a mask.
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    randomjames reacted to MattP in [AD] Vector persona eraser tool   
    It's fair to say that there will be a vector eraser in the future - all the code is already there except for just one tiny little bit that you wouldn't even think was that important - and it's that one little bit that changes the whole thing from being 'just another' implementation to a proper implementation - so until I can get that working (i.e. after I've delivered everything else I've promised, hehe) then it has to sit in my list - but at least it's there! :)
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    randomjames reacted to Andy Somerfield in Affinity Photo Customer Beta (1.5 - RC1)   
    Status: Release Candidate
    Purpose: Fixes
    Requirements: Purchased Affinity Photo
    Mac App Store: Not Submitted
    Download: 1.5 RC1
    We are pleased to announce that Affinity Photo 1.5 has transitioned into the "Release Candidate" phase. This late stage of the beta process is used to shake out any final bugs with the new features added to 1.5. Please find a brief list of the new features below:
    Focus Merge Support   Focus merging allows you to generate a detailed composite image from a number of images focused at differing lengths. Use File -> New Focus Merge to get started.   Video tutorials: Focus Merging Focus Merge Retouching Focus Merging Bracketed Images   HDR Merge Support   HDR merging lets you create a deep, unbounded 32-bit image from a number of exposure bracketed source images. Use File -> New HDR Merge to get started.   Video tutorials: HDR: Merging and Tone Mapping HDR: Tone Map Presets HDR: Panoramas HDR: Preprocessing HDR: Advanced Editing HDR: Ghosts Removal   New 32bit RGB Editing Mode   Photo now offers a full compositing / editing environment for 32bit unbounded images.   Video tutorials: HDR: 32-bit Editing   32bit Develop   Photo can now Develop RAW files directly into a 32bit document - so all highlights / shadows are preserved and recoverable at any time.   Video tutorials: 32-bit Raw Development   OCIO (OpenColorIO) Support   Photo now support end-to-end OCIO colour workflows.   Video tutorials: OpenColorIO Setup OpenColorIO Adjustment   Tone Mapping Persona   Full tone mapping Persona for both HDR and LDR images. This is obviously best used with an image merged by HDR merge - although you can use it on any image.   Video tutorials: Regular Tone Mapping   OpenEXR / HDR (Radiance) / 32bit TIFF Import / Export   Photo can now import and export .hdr (Radiance, RGBE) and .exr (OpenEXR) images. It correctly deals with 0-alpha cases (as per the OpenEXR spec) and generally operates in linear space. It support multi-layer EXR files and offers control (through Preferences) over alpha association and premultiplication.   Video tutorials: OpenEXR Multichannel Import/Export OpenEXR Import Options   Macros   Using the View -> Studio -> Macro and View -> Studio -> Library menu items, you can access new panels which will allow you to record actions, save them, then play them back later. You can also store them in a handy gallery.   Video tutorials: Macros Macros: Equations   Batch Processing   Using File -> New Batch job, you can queue up processing on a large number of files. You can resize, convert format and apply any number of macros to each file. The batch processing happens in the background - so you can continue working whilst the jobs are processed.   Video tutorials: Batch Processing   Live Projections   Photo 1.5 contains a new mechanism which allows you to edit an image in different spatial domains - we currently support the “Equirectangular” domain (360 pano - Ricoh Theta, etc.). You can use all tools when editing - and you can convert back once you have edited. This is especially useful for cleaning up stitching artefacts, or artefacts at the zenith / nadir of the image. Use the options in Layer -> Live Projection to get started.   Video tutorials: 360 Live Editing 360 Advanced Editing 360 Retouching 360 Multiple Views Live Perspective Projection    Improved Pixel Tool   The pixel tool is improved in 1.5 - you can hold shift when dragging to constrain the direction of painting (sorry we did not get this working sooner!). You can also select what happens when you hold Alt and drag - erase to transparent, erase to background colour, or erase to whatever the nominated snapshot / history location is (like in the Clone tool).   New “Pixel Art” Document Resizing   Photo now contains an alternative way to resize a document - using well known pixel-art resampling algorithms. If you work with pixel art and want to use this feature, it’s located under the Document menu.   Video tutorials: Pixel Art Resize    New “Accumulation” Brush Dynamics   Many users have asked for “Opacity Jitter”. For us, opacity is a constant thing and will remain constant. However, we have added a new property to brushes - “Accumulation” - which should allow you to get what you need :)   Text Styles   Affinity Photo now has the same Text Styles support as Designer - it’s all shared code so it should work right out of the box :)   New Marquee Modes (Polygonal, Magnetic)   Photo now has 3 modes for the freehand selection tool - Freehand, Polygonal and Magnetic.   Even more RAW cameras supported   Over 70 new RAW cameras are supported.   Improved Metadata Mining   Our detection of RAW / JPEG / etc. metadata has been upgraded and some serious bugs have been fixed.   Massive Improvements to Export Persona   Our Export Persona has seen huge upgrades in this cycle - you now have total control of exactly what resolution sets get exported. You can also use our handy batch export builders to quickly generate content for external consumption - ie. Xcode .assets - even Spline compatible metadata can be generated!   Layered TIFF Interop   Users have constantly asked us to support “Layered TIFF”. Layered TIFF is not a thing. TIFF with embedded data is a thing - and I’m happy to report that we now import embedded PSD / Affinity data and can write TIFF with embedded Affinity data.   Halftone Filter   We have a marvellous new halftone pattern filter in 1.5 - it can approximate monochrome, colour, circular and line halftones.   Video tutorials: Halftone Scanlines Effect   Improved Apply Image Filter   Users can how use the current layer as the source for Apply Image - or drag any layer from the layers tab into the dialog to use that as thr source. We also offer handy equations in the filter to control how channels are transferred - in an arbitrary colour source.   Video tutorials: Apply Image Apply Image: Equations   Improved Select Sampled Colour Filter   You can now select by intensity in the select sampled colour tool.   Equations Filter   A new Equations Distortion filter allows users to create custom spatial filters.   Video tutorials: Equations filter Macros: Equations   Dust & Scratches Filter   Many user have asked us for a “Dust & Scratches” filter - so we have made one. It’s extremely useful for removing sporadic small defects in images. Please let us know if it works for you.   Video tutorials: Dust & Scratches Filter    “Edit in Affinity Photo” Photos extension   This is something which we didn’t think we could do - a Photos extension for Mac OS 10.9 and above which simply allows you to use the full Photo app to edit your images - and stores the changes you have made as a layered document.   New Colour Picker Tool   After literally thousands of requests, we have implemented a dedicated picker tool for colours.   New Clone Sources Panel   We now have a new studio panel which allows you to store up an unlimited number of global sources for the Clone / Healing brush - it even works across multiple documents.   Video tutorials: Clone Sources Clone Sources: Texture Creation   Direct PSD Write-Back   One of the most requested features - direct write-back to PSD. A number of 3rd party DAM applications will happily deal in PSD - but until now, Photo required you to File -> Export for PSD. No longer! You can now just hit File -> Save! You will need to turn this on - in File -> Preferences - please read the warning there carefully!   No Thumbnails Option   This is more a Designer feature, but I promised it some time ago so here it is - you can choose (in Preferences) not to write out a thumbnail with your documents. This has the advantage of making your documents use less space - but obviously you won’t get Finder thumbnails, etc.   Improved Vectorscope   Our old HSL vectorscope is no more - replaced by a vastly more appropriate Rec.709 YUV scope with an improved graticule :)   Improved Photoshop Plugin Support   We have found a significant bug with our plugin code - it has been fixed :) We are now finding the majority of plugins work properly.   Multi-monitor Colour Profile Support   Sorry it took so long to get this fixed - we now can profile different on different monitors.   Adjustment Performance Improvements   Found and fixed a simple issue which made changing adjustment parameters appear to be slow. Fixed.   This update also includes literally hundreds of fixes and small improvements, some of which are listed below:   - User control over two pass rendering on Retina devices. - PSD import / export improvements. - PDF import / export improvements. - Snapping improvements - candidate-free snapping, gaps-and-spans (Alt key in Move Tool), so much more! - Performance and stability improvements for macOS Sierra.   Thanks again for taking the time to use this beta!   Affinity Photo Team   :ph34r:   Download: 1.5 RC1
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    randomjames got a reaction from Leigh in Auto Levels?   
    No, the Auto Filters aren't greyed-out when I click on them for a non-rasterized (image) layer. 
    Will check out the Assistant Manager. Thanks :)
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    randomjames got a reaction from Paul Bravery in Carl Sagan Series: Moon Walk   
    Hah! You really captured Carl in that cartoon - nice.
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    randomjames got a reaction from anon1 in Possible to add 30 pt to the text size dropdown presets?   
    ^ This. Having control over the font sizes in the preferences or another area would be super duper.
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    randomjames reacted to lmartins in Keyboard shortcuts for resizing   
    The app is missing and/or would benefit with shortcuts for things like:
    Resize objects Enabling text input when pressing Enter with a text layer selected Hide/Unhide layers Navigate through the layers panel Simple things but huge time savers.  When you get proficient with shortcuts like this, you'll never go back.
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    randomjames reacted to antonkudin in Specific keyboard shortcuts   
    I know you guys are working on implementing keyboard shortcuts editor, but I haven't seen exact feature list for it. Here's what I hope you'll add (if it's not planned already):
    Tools (! super important for us switchers, right?)
    Previous / next brush for all drawing tools.
    Modifier (shift?) + key for multiple tools on one key. You'd group some similar tools under one key (rectangle/oval selection etc).
    Thanks for great amount of work you've done so far!
    Been a beta tester and just bought AD from the App Store.
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