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    affinity4Christ15 reacted to Daniel Tapia in Urban Cards   
    Some of the illustrations I've done for the game Urban Cards. 
    Oper: The most expensive real estate in the city. Where the tall shiny towers can blind your eyes, and the expensive scent can make you sneeze. Here you walk into echoing halls and amass a fortune with the tried and true methods of speculation and insider trading.  This is the realm of the millionaire CEO, the walking suit and the smile of a lending shark.
    Akibara:  The technology valley controlled by gamers, hackers, and neon lights. People walking around with cybernetic enhancements, a faint glow coming from the windows of gamers expending endless hours playing competitive games online. This is the birthplace of new tech and the apps that rule us, of electronic beats and coding poetry. This is the playground for tinkerers, digital artists, modellers of the third dimension. This is where bitcoin fortunes are made with other people's data, this is where big brother comes to watch.

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    affinity4Christ15 got a reaction from rodsal23 in I'm proud to say that I'm making some improvement ;)   
    You're missing out on Blender bro, just saying...I'd suggest making that more of a focus
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    affinity4Christ15 reacted to walt.farrell in Uninstall-Reinstall forcing me to Re-Purchase?!   
    If you purchased Designer 6 years ago, I'm pretty sure you must have purchased it from the Mac App Store as I believe it's only been available from the Affinity Store for 2 years or so. You would need to sign in to the Mac App Store using the same identity you used for the original purchase, and install from there. You can't get it from the Affinity Store.
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    affinity4Christ15 reacted to Domvel in Lagging and glitches   
    I think no one wants to hear the truth. 
    Affinity Designer and Photo were a good idea. But unfortunately it failed in performance.
    I tried this software on different computes. And the performance really sucks on each one.
    Inkscape and Gimp are much better in these things. 
    Why did I buy Designer and Photo? Because look modern and has features which I missing in free software.
    Like the curve-features for polygon. Round corners also if they combined by boolean function. That's pretty cool.
    Anyway, you (Serif) have to work hard on this software to improve the performance. Otherwise the software is a money and time wasting thing. 
    Maybe you think: The business is doing well with these software. But I think it's because marketing and the look of this software. Also the features.
    But NOT the peformance. THIS is the thing you have to work on it.
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    affinity4Christ15 reacted to Paulbg in Board Game Design excellence.   
    Thanks for that Alfred. I hoped to show how Affinity software is a fully professional package. It does the ordinary work as well as the attractive. One other thing, that project has spanned several years and the files and features are still supported when updated. Not so for some brands eh?
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    affinity4Christ15 got a reaction from Metin Seven in Thumbs up — Cute 3D crocodile cartoon character design   
    By the way, GREAT character! The community over at CG Cookie would love it, you should submit it.
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    affinity4Christ15 reacted to Metin Seven in Thumbs up — Cute 3D crocodile cartoon character design   
    Thanks, @GarryP!
    Sure, here's the unprocessed, pure rendering. As you can see it misses the dynamism of the processed final image. That's what I added using Affinity Photo, as well as using the Inpainting tools to fine-tune some of the textured background. I've also added a slight grainy texture on the croc, to make him less separated from the grungy background.

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    affinity4Christ15 reacted to cabsdb in Colour Picker ? Designer iPad   
    Bug Report: This is still an issue: February 6, 2020.  Hello- I am reporting a bug related this this thread.  I have an iPad 9.7 (6th Gen) and use the Apple Pencil (1st Gen). Everything is updated (iOS and Affinity Designer on the iPad).  I was trying to make a new color swatch from an image that I imported, but the current fill wouldn't "pick/update" the color whenever I used the color picker tool/dropper (it stayed white with a line/unfilled).  It didn't matter if I used my Apple Pencil or my finger.  Note: I had "Touch for gestures only" enabled.  I searched online to see if this was a problem for anyone else and saw this thread.  I then went into Preferences>Tools settings and turned the "touch for gestures only" feature off and went back into my document and the color picker feature was now working properly.  So it seems that the problem is somewhere in the coding in regards to having the "touch for gestures" feature set to ON.
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    affinity4Christ15 reacted to ralisdaum in Colour Picker ? Designer iPad   
    will we be seeing a fix for this? it’s been awhile.. quite a hindrance to my workflow lately
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    affinity4Christ15 reacted to Tevya in Pinch Zoom Stopped Working   
    Hi, going into sys prefs > trackpad and disabling pinch-to-zoom then enabling it again worked for me. 
    I found this on Reddit: 
    It suggests that it could be a conflict with Better Touch Tool (in my case) or similar apps like Magnet, etc.
    Here's my issue though: this doesn't happen in any other apps! It doesn't happen in Illustrator, Photoshop, Chrome, etc. It only affects Affinity Designer (I don't use Photo) for me. So maybe the BTT devs can help, but it seems like it's an Affinity issue that needs to be fixed on their end!
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    affinity4Christ15 reacted to LeonLQ in Pinch Zoom Stopped Working   
    Found this topic at last...I have the same problem as well.
    My touchpad on MBP 2016 13" with Touch Bar works fine with all apps, but some months ago the Pinch to Zoom stopped working from time to time. I could fix it by turning the pinching functionality on and off several times in system preference. By it kept happening and it bother me, especially when Im working on a design and zooming in and out is a very often task.
    I tried to pin-point the source of this issue and found that Affinity Designer is the reason. My other apps (Adobe PS, AI and other stuff) work just fine. But whenever I launch Affinity Designer, there's a 90% chance that after some time the Pinch to Zoom will stop working. By quitting Affinity Designer, the pinching would work again after some more minutes. 
    I tried to turn off every touchpad related option in AD but the problem is still there. It's not a big issue, but somewhat inconvenient. Turning the pinching on and off in system preference is by far my only solution whenever this problem occurs, since it always happen when I have loads of design to work on AD and restarting can be a pain in the ...
    BTW, I have another MBP which is a 2015 model that comes with a conventional trackpad (instead of a force-touch version), and this problem never occurs.
    Could anyone in Affinity dress the issue?
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    affinity4Christ15 reacted to David Edge in Pinch Zoom Stopped Working   
    I haven't checked preferences for the simple reason it turns itself on and off seemingly at random. The trackpad works perfectly with all other applications all the time; it's just hit and miss with Affinity. So I think something inside Affinity is deciding whether it wants to cooperate with pinch/spread to zoom and canvas rotate.
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    affinity4Christ15 got a reaction from zypher69 in Deck of playing cards I've been working on   
    I think it's brilliant! Great work
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    affinity4Christ15 reacted to zypher69 in ADDICTED TO COMPOSITE ART & AFFINITY PHOTO   
    Affinity Photo is a joy to use and allows me to create composite art that helps me stay sane during these uncertain times.

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    affinity4Christ15 reacted to VernTheCat in The New Gold Rush   
    Made with Designer

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    affinity4Christ15 reacted to AITCH in Something I did for my buddy whilst isolating   
    My good friend DJ Freddy Fresh from Minnesota, he loves this  
    I'm loving Affinity Photo, really starting to get into it 

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    affinity4Christ15 reacted to Dampsquid in What am I doing wrong? (SVG export problem)   
    OK, so I did that... and it worked!!  But... wouldn't dividing the shape simply put it back as was originally when the two shapes were first drawn?
    So I did another quick test.  I used the pencil tool to create two shapes, one within the perimeter of the other as it is for the letter 'o'.  I then used subtract, which made one curve and exported it.  In the other app applying a fill ignores the inner shape again.  So next I used divide on the result of the previous subtract, re-subtracrted and exported.  This should be the same as you have outlined, and given it just worked with the real 'o' you'd think it would work with this new test document too... but no.  The other app still ignores the inner geometry.
    Something very weird is going on.  If someone at Affinity is reading this.. I'm mystified...and quite happy to record a video of what I'm doing...
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    affinity4Christ15 reacted to Dampsquid in What am I doing wrong? (SVG export problem)   
    ah ha! It's not just me!  
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    affinity4Christ15 got a reaction from StuartRc in Fallen   
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    affinity4Christ15 reacted to StuartRc in Fallen   
    A return to inking....and a bit of experimentation 
    AD 1.8
    Original size 1500 x 500mm 300dpi
    Uploaded at 3543 x 1181 jpg

    Fallen:Sepia Version

    Fallen:Coloured Version

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    affinity4Christ15 got a reaction from Jhonatan S Silva in GRAPHIC ART - WOMEN`S Day   
    This is one of your best bro! So grateful to have been taught by you! Phenomenal textures and colors, very interesting shapes, super pleasing to view!!! 
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    affinity4Christ15 reacted to Jhonatan S Silva in GRAPHIC ART - WOMEN`S Day   
    I've enjoyed a lot, doing this art piece.
    mixing my both skills, design and illustration
    for the international women's day!

    done with affinity designer on ipad pro!

    Instagram profile
    Visit my Youtube channel

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    affinity4Christ15 reacted to colin foster in Star Wars - KREYNUM   
    A message from our sponsor...

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    affinity4Christ15 got a reaction from walt.farrell in Edit in Photo...greyed out   
    Hi walt.farrell, thanks! I see the auto update only auto-updated for Designer and not Photo. I just updated Photo so let me see if that did it. BRB
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    affinity4Christ15 reacted to drkanukie in (RC2) Edit in Designer menu is greyed out   
    I have reinstalled everything even inputting product keys and rebooted and opened files in both and exited and the Edit in Designer in Photo is still greyed out (you can Edit in Photo) from Designer OK. I really need a solution for this beyond turn it on and off again. I look forward to support help.
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