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    Digital Media Only is finishing the year on a good note. Happy Christmas.
  2. Exercise with Xenon Ok so I wanted a forest design for my latest eco–vid. Started playing around and came up with a surprising glimpse of creativity. Process: Open Affinity photo. Download a nice forest photo from the internet. Copy, paste and flip horizontal, drag and fix to form a symmetrical composite. I purchased the Xenon brush pack from Affinity store and used them to create effects. I finished with a galactic brush to add the vibrant green mist. This started out as a simple play with brush and finished with an interesting picture. Not complex just try and see. It’s not rocket science, just good old fashioned work and play.
  3. colin foster


    Have included the utube link so it can now play.
  4. colin foster


    MP4 and AVI not supported. Have included Utube link REBOOT1.avi
  5. PDF features Many years ago a group of talented individuals got together and came up with a software product called Affinity Photo. Affordable professional photo package for everyone, wouldn’t it be really great if developers could create a PDF plus software document creator to meet the growing needs of future consumer publishing. Print is dead or dying, the future of digital media publishing has never looked better. Remember it is question of what we can do rather than what cannot be done. Anything is possible. Colin for Digital Media Only.
  6. colin foster

    Amateur Spotlight - Endless possibilities

    Thanks I did wonder about that when I posted it. Not a big deal, the forum does a good job of displaying peoples creations.
  7. colin foster

    Amateur Spotlight - Endless possibilities

    Thanks for feedback, the interesting thing I noticed when uploading this is that the colours were changed a little when compered to original but still looked ok.
  8. colin foster

    No to paper printout

    Just noticed some of the other points raised in this post, pressed a few buttons eh. I do have a wooden desk, twenty years old and still going strong. Look I am not postulating that we live in a perfect world; however there are some serious issues that need to be looked at regarding old habits not liking any type of change. Beef and cattle are responsible for a lot of land clearing, so is a host of other commercial products that put food on the table, although it’s more a case of putting cars, boats, yachts and cruise ships in folks garages now. Electricity is already in our homes and no one wants to return to the Stone Age, well maybe some of us would. It is all about doing what we can when we can and questioning old habits that are no longer in our best interests. Software support: I have Affinity photo and can honestly say that I have never had to hit that print button, digital alternatives work very well. It’s just difficult to support software were it makes it easy for consumers to hit that print out. We have computers on every desk, tablets, phones and digital photo albums; the infrastructure is already there we are just not transitioning. PDF files are the greatest strength for Affinity Publisher. I just wish that it were cantered more around this in the form of supporting digital only, offering a suite of options like page transitions and power point display presentations to promote use of PDF as a fully digital world standard practice. This is where developers could really tip the scales in a more constructive direction, ecology in harmony with technology.
  9. colin foster

    No to paper printout

    Missed the point I do have books, but no longer buy them, choosing digital alternatives. I do take paper products like post or items outside of my control but only if I have to. Physical printing as continued usage is responsible for land clearing and destruction of habitat for a consumer product that has alternative outlets. Recycling is like ladling water from a sinking boat, fully support it however not the solution. Seven plus billion folks in this world, all wanting paper products, do the maths, it’s a lot of trees and I quite like breathing clean air. Think about one person printing one A4 sheet of paper, multiply that by several billion and you see the issue. I live near a pristine environment and make no bones about wanting it to stay that way. This is my opinion and moving forward I wish to support digital media only rather than physical printing, I see nothing strange about that.
  10. Affinity Publisher Thanks Affinity for the invitation to purchase publisher with 30% discount. I did beta test this product for six months but stopped after some concerns upon environmental grounds. I started to feel that this product would encourage people to hit the print button for physical printing and as I operate under a green label I am at this time unable to endorse or support an indirect practice of land clearing for plantation trees needed to support people’s desire to publish. I have major environmental concerns which is why I support digital media only. I love your Photo and Design components and am quite happy in supporting these.
  11. colin foster


    Thanks for the advice I shall implement some if not all your suggestions wherever possible.
  12. colin foster


    All suggestions are most welcome. English is by definition a mixed bag so it is what it is.
  13. colin foster


    Exercise was to write a story, illustrate, and write some more. Grammar and or punctuation are an important thing to strive for to the best of your ability.
  14. colin foster


    Write a 500 word story. Illustrate using AP. Write another 500 hundred words.
  15. colin foster

    In Game Image

    The game is Stellaris, a space empire builder, by Paradox studios. I have uploaded stock standard in game image. I wanted to get away from the olive green and use a neutral transparent menus, the art work is an in game story pack that I have put together for this mod, just a simple idea that I wanted to explore. Wanted to see how AP handled photo translation to computer games. I find the olive green so depressing after long exposure when playing this game so I was inspired to change the look of it. Colour is so impactful upon the psych. Anyway glad for any feedback.

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