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    Free brush packs - Both Vector and Raster

    Thank you, very nice brushes
  2. Thanks for info, I did eventually find the text hyperlink and tested it out on a pdf and yep works ok. I really hope Affinity expands upon this interactive feature as my vision is that we could have something like a fully interactive pdf file that the reader could listen to added music sound files, view external content and in document additions. Features that I would like to see: Some transition effects like slow fade when a button is clicked to go to another page, like ms powerpoint. Play a sound file when button is clicked Play a video when button is clicked I am going down the road of virtual pdf publications, illustrated story driven content with some interactivity. Thanks Dominik for getting back to me.
  3. Thought I might share one of my paintings drawn using Affinity Photo, the red radio is a photo and the rest is drawn to create an image for a possible concept story that I have been working upon. The eyes are drawn using one of the Affinity tutorials. I am very impressed with this software package and the company’s commitment to making the software approachable to all creators. I am self taught and really wish to encourage new talent and provide a perspective from someone who is not a professional designer but wanted to give it a go. I would like Affinity to do a series of spotlight on new amateur talent. I think that it might encourage more budding media artists and kick start new possibilities. Thanks Affinity.
  4. Affinity Publisher Just found the add hyperlink in text - interactive. Tested it out and does all the things I listed and wanted, Thank you Affinity. Your products are great. Hyperlink and link buttons on PDF Hello Affinity Love your product have Affinity Photo. I have been using the beta publisher and have hit a brick wall with a much needed feature that I feel would be a must have if I am to purchase. I want to be able to place vector drawn buttons that do the following: Go to another page in PDF document. Open hyperlinks. Open videos utube content. The reasons for this are that I create story driven PDF files that are user interactive. PDF is great for this as it is small in size, can be opened by any Microsoft windows app and will easily allow rapid text and drawings to be published. PDF interactive is the way of the future for delivering user driven content and conceptual design for consideration. Computer game interface design with buttons where the user can click on a button and go to any page in the document and back again. Adobe does this in their design creation driven subscription based products and are very expensive. I have been unable to find any other PDF editor that will allow this function, so this would be a big plus for launch. Thankyou for consideration, Colin.