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  1. David Edge

    Print dialog needs work

    Similar problems in Scale value resets to 100% after printing and Range doesn't reflect what you set. When you tab after selecting All / Even / Odd / Current the number of pages doesn't change - so if you select "odd" in a six-page document the preview changes to three pages; but you can't get back to six. It forgets the document model.
  2. Has it stopped just for Affinity or all apps? In my case it was the latter and a restart fixed it.
  3. In Capture One the curve tool highlights the value of whatever's under the cursor so I can see immediately which part of the curve to adjust. Any chance of that in Photo?
  4. David Edge

    Print order for pages

    mac_heibu: have you got a solution for the OP's eight-page booklet problem or XCel's upside-down problem?
  5. David Edge

    Let's be honest

    When 1.7 is released it will be the complete 1.7. Ditto 1.8, 1.9. What Dave means is 1.x versions will be "complete" when they start 2.0. Photo and Designer have contained substantial enhancements in the dot releases - no reason to believe Publisher will be different.
  6. David Edge

    Let's be honest

    I'm certainly not writing you off and will buy a licence as an act of faith. There's a fine line between making a noise about what we're needing to recommend Publisher as highly as the other two apps and sounding critical. I suppose part of the problem is we're sitting here comparing the very fine 1.6 apps with a 0.9 version that's numbered 1.7. No doubt if you had done Publisher first we'd be sitting here moaning about the early versions of Designer. Comments notwithstanding the overall impression is "Here's a pretty solid start", as if Henry Ford had started with the Escort and we're moaning about the lack of satnav. Have a good weekend, relax and groove on Monday. d.
  7. David Edge

    Let's be honest

    Yes, quite so. Like others I'm thrilled with Photo and Designer and use Designer and Pages for print output. My concern is that while I can produce a lovely electronic-image-of-a-book in Publisher I can't print it which defeats the object. As I have to do manual imposition, that's easier in Designer than Publisher, especially when I sometime use wacky folds - Publisher's never going to cope with that. Patently users producing telephone directories, business cards, novels and brochures have different needs! I wish my chums in Nottingham all the very best with this (you've never heard a Derby person say that before) and when it can print books without needing separate imposition I'll be there (as will Rahel no doubt). I'm not complaining; merely highlighting that it doesn't do book imposition (and could with twenty lines of code). Yet. And I understand that users of the other software don't think it works terribly well either! And finally I accept that Serif need to put resource into making this bombproof for the majority of use cases, not me. So happy to wait. d.
  8. Me too re books. However the Book option in print would be close enough for me if only it allowed you to choose the number of sheets per signature, which would not be the toughest piece of coding in the world!
  9. So how do people print real books? I'm producing small runs of artist's books so it's not something I can leave to a printing company.
  10. In the Book printing model I can only have one sheet per signature. I'm hoping this is a bug. What I'd expect to happen (although I have no experience of other software) is that Book would be a collection of booklets for pp1-12; 13-24 etc (for three sheets per signature).
  11. "And does anyone know the difference in "Book" versus "Booklet" in that setting?" In "booklet" it produces a single signature, that is to say if you print 12 pages on three sheets of paper you can simply fold the bundle in half, staple and lo! you have a booklet. Now what you would hope for in Book is that it would print multiple signatures as that's how a book is bound - basically a stack of booklets sewn together. So if you had three sheets of paper per signature in would print pages 1-12 in the first stack of three, 13-24 in the next. Unfortunately AP seems to assume there is but one sheet per signature so you get pages 1-4 on one sheet (printed 4-1-2-3), 5-8 on the next, so it's a book, but with only one sheet per signature.
  12. Nottingham breathes a sigh of relief - just as the Sheriff was about to read the riot act to tens of thousands of protesters gathered in the Market Square bearing placards saying "LOREM IPSUM" the crowd suddenly dispersed. Thanks guys :)
  13. Thanks Gabriel A most peculiar limitation (in terms of using images for multiple purposes) but glad to know I'm not missing something simple. ta d.
  14. I've tried file, export and the export persona. The document I'm starting with is 26679 x 2000 px (yes, long and thin) at 300.
  15. I'm used to exporting objects from CaptureOne at their target dpi - so if I export a file at 105mm wide at 720dpi I know it will read into an A6 portrait 720dpi file in Affinity Designer at full size (say). Exporting files from Affinity Photo though they seem to go out at 300dpi and need resized on import. Am I missing something - ie a way to set the dpi at output? Using the latet version of AP and AD on Mac 10.13.5