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    Hi rtourtelot,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    Change to the Move tool (make sure the layer is not locked) then drag from one of the corners. You can also rotate and skew using the same controls in the bounding box (mouse-over them coming from outside - you will see the cursor change to perform different functions).
    By default we keep the natural aspect ratio for both images and text when you scale them. If you want to distort them press ⇧ (shift). You can change this behaviour to replicate what other apps do in Affinity Photo (or Designer) ▸ Preferences..., Tools tab, Move Tool Aspect Constrain dropdown.
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    @Christine M
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums
    I understand what you mean, as I find this quite frustrating too.
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    Hi Tschens
    That's not the point. Do you have idea how many user requests have been made on these forums? It's impossible for the dev team to implement them all (even if they wanted and assuming they all make sense) so they have to prioritize them, taking in consideration what's already planned for the next versions too. It's not easy to balance these things.
    We are already doing the best we can.