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We're pretty much on the same page.  I wouldn't characterize Photoshop as necessarily a simpler way to edit digital images, but Photoshop does make some things easier to use -- like what we're discussing, or like re-centering the image when zooming back in, more and easier to use presets, easier to create, import and use Actions, more options in Refine Mask, and much better handling of crop ratios, to name a few that frustrate me.  But AP has good features too.  I'm getting off track....

Of all those differences, the Export As control is my top request right now. 

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Just come to affinity after 15 years with adobe and Quark etc - On MAC OS.
Really enjoying the experience with the UI and tools.
As this thread suggests - I would sooo much like to see save as options:

  • Same as source 
  • Recent
  • Other Fav folders

Wood :-)

Web Dev/Designer mostly in the non-profit sector & maker community - Moved from Adobe in 2020 to all Affinity Publisher, Photo & Designer (+Beta)
On the whole enjoying Affinity SW - Plugging Gaps with:  Inkscape - GIMP - Image Vectorizer - Davinci Resolve 
Hardware:  Intel Mac (Catalina)  /  Sony Cam  /  GWEIKE Laser 

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Been using all the Affinity products since a couple of months, generally love it.... but:

DEFAULT FILE save LOCATION; This was and still is my first and most important issue with this fantastic piece of software.

Beautiful export template with easy and fast to choose file formats using ICONS and text, then click and click and click and click some more to find the source location.

Don't have any explanation that could make any sense...

Interesting (and saddened by it) that after several years such an simple function that even almost all software, open source or other, have and still is not added.


Tony D.

p.s. thanks to the user created image (see post above) to visualize the simple solution


The idea can even be expanded with a drop-down list of the last 10 used locations, but source folder would be useful to most...

Edited by Tony D
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Yes please! Make an option to default save back to source/original folder.


an option for automatic addon to the original filename, like: "Source Filename" + "User selected addon". filetype (Like DxO PL and On1 have)


Tickbox for never overwriting files when saving/exporting (Like DxO PL have)


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It has been more than a number of updates and still there has not been a fix for this request. It boggles the mind that they cannot take care of this, since it is not a difficult problem, just some very simple, very easy changes to the section of the program dealing with file saving.
I am so disgusted by the lack of response that I will no longer strongly recommend Affinity Photo on various photography forums as I have in the past.

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I wrote the original post and also uploaded the mockup screen shot.  I want the change as much as every other person who's posted here.

However, I imagine there are a vast number of posts on this forum on many different issues, and as such, it's hard for Affinity's product development team to monitor these posts. What I mean, is we might be just 'preaching to the choir'.  It does not seem like a very difficult enhancement to make.  There's clearly a lot of support.  So I can only presume it Affinity isn't even aware of the request.

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The current save/export behaviour is just infuriating. Period.

The Affinity suite is the only software I know of that sets the current folder to whatever was used last time, either to import, save, export, replace an image, or whatever folder was accessed last.

On a user point of view (which usually doesn't care about programming challenges), that is only practical if you work on a single project, for a very long extended period (like a month), save everything in the same folder and never access assets from anywhere else. Statistically, I would be curious to see how many people fit this behaviour. My guess is: not much, or/and not often.

I can see the use of it, but that should definitely be an optional behaviour, and not the default. If it's not possible to make it an option, as illustrated in an above post, then the default should be the source location. At any rate, it's quite easy to add a shortcut/alias to your working folder in your OS, so Affinity's current behaviour is not fixing a missing OS feature, it just makes working with multiple projects and folders a nightmare and a waste of time. So please, get this working. 

Today, again, I wasted hours looking for a file I saved a bit earlier. After fiddling for a while, I had to rebuild Spotlight index to finally locate it. The worst part: the file was still open, but there is no way to know where files are saved. So even going to recent documents does nothing cause it just reopens the file.

As a side note, on the Mac, you can right click on the document top bar to show where the file is located. At least in any other software, but not with Affinity. 


Created an alias/shortcut in your OS toward an export folder to use exclusively for Affinity. Export all your files to that quickly accessible folder. Then use your file manager to relocate the exported files to their proper destination folder. You can leave the export folder open besides your project folders so it's quick to go back and forth without having to navigate all the time. This solution takes quite a bit of screen real estate, so it's best to use a virtual desktop just for that. It's not perfect, but helps a bit.

Anyhow, I still think I should not have to do that...



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