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  1. @R C-R, I downgraded to version 1.7.3 to check. The foreground/background colours stay the same as in 1.8.2. The only difference is that the RGB change to Grayscale when you select the mask in 1.8.2 but not in 1.7.3. But the actualy behaviour is the same. With version 1.7.3, even with RGB selected, when painting on the masek, it paints in the grayscale version of the selected colour. So in my previous example, if my foreground colour is yellow, it will paint in a light gray on the mask in both 1.7.3 and 1.8.2. So the only change they made in 1.8.2 is an indication that you are not going to paint in colour when a mask is selected. I most likely remembered my Photoshop behaviour, where the foreground/background colours is seperactedly selected for masks and canvases. Affinity Photo does not have this behaviour and did not have it in a previous version.
  2. I was also an Fast Stone user and changed to XNViewMP for Affinity. Check it out, it is very similar (but have its quirks). I like its filter and rankieg options...
  3. Thanks Dan C, I have reset Affinity Photo and it seems to solve the problem. I still do not know what I did wrong, so it will most likely happen again. But I am glad I can start using it again! I have also now upgraded to verion 1.8.2 After resetting it, I fiddled around to make sure it works correctly, but then I noticed some other problem - or let me rather say unexpected behaviour. I have been using it since July last year and cannot remember that this was always the behaviour. Please Note, my main reason for using Affinity photo is for photo editing, so my main usage of the paint brush is to paint on a mask. So this is most likely what the following is just odd to me because I cannot remember when last I used to paint on a canvas with a paint brush. While testing I created a new document and created two layers, the one I filled with a light green and the other with a yellow. Before I did this I assigned the foreground and back ground colours with these two colours. I then added a mask to the top layer, and for a test I wanted to hide part of the top layer so that the green of the bottom layer becomes visible. I was expecting that as soon as I click on the mask, the foreground and background colours will change to black and white, but this did not happen. It basically gave me the grayscale version of the light green and light yellow - which in grayscale is a very light grey with no effect when I paint on the mask. I then changed the foreground colour to black to paint on the mask. Then when I click back on the layer itself, I was hoping the foreground colour will change back to the paint colours I was busy using, but instead it kept the black colour. Note that it does change the mode from RGB to grayscale when selecting the canvas or the mask. Is this normal behaviour? Was it alsways like this? How do people switch between colours and black and white when alternating between painting on a canves and painting on a mask?
  4. I tested the issue by also just creating a new document and add a single layer without any mask. The document format is not grey-scale as the pen tool still paint in colour, it is only the brush that draws in black. I am really at a point to abandon Affinity Photo as I am currently not be able to use it. I have used it for many months and this issue only appear after upgrading version 1.8. Is there a way to downgrade back to the previous version, maybe that will solve the issue. (The 1.8 Wacom tablet issue is also driving me crazy - I enabled Windows ink as suggested to get pen presure to work, but then many things went mad - I cannot move my view by pressing the space bar and drag with the mouse, some layer adding functionality went haywire. After disabling the Windows ink agian, those things behaved normal again - but without pen pressure functionality).
  5. I have a weird issue: By paint brush is always black, no matter what colour I set. I check all setting but cannot find anything that has resulted in this. What typing text is till uses the foreground colour, or even the pixel tool uses the foreground colour, but as soon as I change to a normal brows, it is just black. Even if I select what as a colour it paints in black. Please any ideas to fix this will be appreciated!
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