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  1. After learning the tool better, I have found that the HSL adjustment is more capable than I originally realized.
  2. craigleeus

    Cancel Crop tool with ESC key

    I had the same question as the original post here. I am also glad to see that pressing C cancels crop. That's useful. But it still seems to me that whenever there is an "Apply" or "Cancel" option, the ESC key should cancel as well. Maybe there's good reason it doesn't, don't know...
  3. Moderator: I want to see a moderator's reply be: "here's how to do that", "it's not available now, but here's how to add it to the feature request", or "here's a work-around". It appears you are correct that Crop cannot default to the Mode 'Original Ratio'; however there may be a potentially helpful work-around. If one selects a crop preset (gear icon in version 1.7), that selection will become the default until subsequently changed (selecting the modes Unconstrained and Original Ratio will release a preset as a default). If im140.6 has a series of images that have a size that's in the presets, use that. If they're not in the presets, a custom preset can be added. As a feature request, I would like to see 'Original Ratio' added to the presets and behave like other presets by becoming the default until subsequently changed. How does that request get communicated? after I posted the above, I learned that crop preset apparently (per other posts) can only be created for "standard ratios", whatever that is...ugh
  4. Affinity photo should make the default export folder be the same folder the source file was in that was used to open the editing session. Right now, AP exports to whatever folder was last exported to. I edited an image file today located in folder A and exported it (I had to navigate to folder A to do the export). Later today, I edited an image from folder B (in this case, it was a .afphoto file). When I exported a JPG file, it went to folder A (because i didn't pay attention or, for that matter, even expect that). That's not good. This is a no-brainer request.. I completely agree with everyone else on this topic.
  5. craigleeus

    Nik Collection - Live Filter

    I was searching the feature requests for this very topic. Adding plug-ins to the live filters is something AF really needs to do. How hard can it be? As it is now, applying a plug-in to a layer is destructive; and further the plug-in cannot be re-edited without undoing everything done since applying the plug-in. I really like Affinity Photo, but this one issue is important for me.
  6. I would also like to see a PS style Hue/Saturation adjustment layer option. HSL is OK, but PS's Hue/Saturation is more flexible, and including a color picker would really help.

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