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Affinity Photo UNUSABLE

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Affinity Photo has stolen an entire day from me. I have been wrestling with this software since 8 AM. I was supposed to turn in a draft at 10 AM, I missed that. I was supposed to whip up a few quick graphics for social media management posts at 12 AM, nothing--I'm expecting an angry call from my boss any minute now. Ever since the latest updates, all I've been getting are headaches.  The screenshot attached is my current status right now. I have been waiting for the past two hours for affinity to save a document. I need that draft to submit and affinity won't let me save it, let alone export it. 

As you can see, I had to snap the screen with my phone, because whenever affinity in use my computer stops responding altogether. Everything freezes, lags, crashes...all while AP takes two hours to save a book cover. 

So far, I'm going to have to purchase a new stapler because I smashed mine into the wall out of frustration. And I might need to buy Rogian because I'm sure I'll wake up with a bald spot in the morning for all the hair-pulling I've been doing all day. 

All that to say, Affinity Photo 1.7.whatever-version-this-is is currently useless to me right now and I would like someone to kindly instruct me on how to downgrade to the previous version. PLEASE. 

In the meantime, I will head over to Canva to work try working on my social media graphics before I get fired. 



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I've come looking for a spot to file the very same complaint...
Mine does attempt to save and ends with COULD NOT SAVE FILE DEVICE IS OUT OF SPACE
I've tried saving on three separate devices two ext hard drive and on the partitioned hard drive on the PC.
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I solved my problem by deleting and reinstalling v. no problems since then.

Until that time. . .

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I made a similar topic. Mine doesn't happen at random though. It takes a few minutes of working on a RAW (maybe it happens with other things too, but that's my usual workflow), and then Affinity just starts crawling/freezing, taking the entire system performance down with it. Don't know what's up. 

Affinity Photo

i7 6700HQ, 16 Gig Ram, GTX 960m, SSD (boot)

Windows 8.1 64 Bit

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On 7/1/2019 at 4:25 PM, Annfinity said:

nto the wall out of frustration. And I might need to buy Rogian because I'm sure I'll wake up with a bald spot in the morning for all the hair-pulling I've been doing

@Mark Ingram It wasn't just that one file, it was any file.  The app itself freezes and monopolizes my entire computer. 

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@Mark Ingram Just opening the app alone sometimes freeze my computer. These days I try to make sure every single software on my computer is closed (especially MS Word) and all my WIPs are saved before I open AP because I never know what's going to happen. I use AP daily. 

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I don't want to start a war here but...

I've been reading up on tablet problems as well as looking at other problems people are having and the common denominator in a lot of the problems is Windows. I spent 25+ years in the Microsoft/Windows camp and was A  Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for 6 years.  They just seem to have gotten worse and worse about playing nicely with others. I jumped camps and though OSX isn't perfect, it sure seems a a lot more reliable for me.

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this is a bugs forum please keep it specifically on the topic, thank you

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