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  1. Aloha y'all. . . I am thrilled that Affinity is becoming a bit more widespread and advancing nicely as the logical replacement for those greedy "rascals" over at Adobe... (wink) * * * I am thinking of using it as the tool to create and distribute a family reunion DVD-based document along with images from past reunions on the same DVD. I expect to create links in the text document that will have links to any images in which that individual appears. Is that sort of thing possible? I know we can probably link URLs on the Internet and bookmarks located in the same document... I'd just like to be able to create an SQL report from a database; include that list in the Publisher narrative; and have links from Publisher pull up the images from a folder. I do not necessarily want the image to appear in the report, just a link to a separate folder in which that image resides on the same DVD as the report. * * * Thanks for any assistance, suggestions, recommendations, solutions, or links to other sources... I don't need a complete solution and thorough tutorial... just a bit of guidance... I can find them and read them myself... () ... really, I can... () * * * Until that time. . .
  2. @walt... Thanks for the tip. . . it's a good work around... it'll permit a person to make as many pages as they want without tugging and pulling on a Master Page concept... * * * I just tried to give you a thanks... but I'm fresh out of "reactions" ... (sigh) What a crazy way to run a railroad... * * * Until that time. . .
  3. Erl_J

    I drew a POTATO!

    * * * Very good Tony0. . . Eye see it clearly... "Potatoes have eyes, Many more than humans have; Can they see me too...?" (grin) * * *
  4. Thanks for all the helpful tips, everyone... My membership modifier pretty much says it all... newbie. I've had lots of experience with text building software going back to WordStar and MS Frontpage; thank goodness, we don't do things now like we did back then... I can appreciate the workflow of anyone who has been involved with a computer productivity tool for a day or two... and I also appreciate their knowledge and skill with their tool of choice. * * * I'm just curious about the notion of bringing a new productivity tool to market and presenting the notion that it'll do things exactly the way we've always done it and become accustomed to through years of use of other products...? "It's new! It's exciting! It's faster! It's more powerful! Just do it the way we've always done it, and you'll be fine." How would products improve and expand their usefulness if not through innovation and daring to do things otherwise ...? * * * Understood that many companies have specific forums and discussion groups for just those sorts of recommendations and suggestions... Oftentimes, however, their feedback isn't quite the same as these types of open forums which invite people to voice their opinions and get help in return ... in a bit more timely fashion than a programmers' recommendation page... (wink) * * * I'm just hoping that everyone can get a fair hearing and some sound advice - at least as much as I have ... * * * Again, thanks for the advice and help ... and for displaying such a generous willingness to help in the first place. I really do appreciate it... * * * "Born on Valley Isle, Home now, North Carolina; Aloha y'all..." Until that time. . .
  5. * * * I'm with you Roger. . . Master Pages are pretty much useless IF they can't hold empty text and image boxes... I might want to alter the size of a text or image box when I get to the editing part... OR ignore some completely on certain pages... IF they are there in advance... Drawing them as I need them get tedious very quickly. * * * Aside from that, why would anything I do on a text page be allowed to alter the Master Page. . .? * * * Here's the problem I have... I create a Master Page and when I bring that format into a document page, it alters the size of the box... Images below... (sigh)