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manu schwendener

Cropping – please eliminate new extra click (.107)

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Hi. I'm splitting an older post in the hope that the single issues get addressed.

In AP 1.6.7 I choose the crop ratio via "Mode: ...". After I pick one, the pulldown menu closes automatically <= This is how it should be.
In AP I choose the crop ratio via the cogwheel icon. After I pick one, I have to close the the pulldown menu with an additional click on the cogwheel or outside the pulldown menu. Please close the pulldown menu automatically after I chose one of the crop ratios. 
Chris B already replied that it should behave like it does in 1.6.7 (and like it does in the beta on windows), but the thread didn't get an afp-... number to show me that it's logged to be looked at.

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I've added the afp number. Notice how it's older than the afp numbers in your newer replies! I definitely logged it—I just forgot to add it here, sorry! 

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On 2/8/2019 at 11:57 AM, manu schwendener said:

It would also be good if the cropping ratio could be made sticky, so it remembers what I last used.
(I make postcards from my photos, so I mainly use 5 preset custom ratios.)

I just got through asking for the sticky ratio in another post today. We process a few hundred pics per batch, all of which need to retain the original ratio, so having it reset every time is a terrible PITA! I had also requested it back in 1.6 but it never got changed. At least the Darken Border is now sticky in 1.7!


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