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This publisher is certainly very interesting. Can anyone tell me if nested styles are possible (see InDesign)?
I would like to know: in paragraph styles how does Alternative typography work?

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In the Paragraph Style dialog box used to define a paragraph style, there is a panel titled, "Initial Words". (See illustration below.) There you can program a "nested character style" that you've defined to be applied to the first X number of words (or characters up to a termination character), but at the moment Affinity Publisher does not allow for more than one "nested character style" within a paragraph style.

I'm hoping that the development team will add the ability to program multiple nested character styles within paragraph styles by official launch. There are certain applications where this would be very useful (e.g., product catalogs, where product photos are captioned with a short paragraph of key attributes: a short description, a color availability, a SKU number, a price, etc.). Applying a single paragraph style with multiple nested character styles would make short work of formatting these repetitive items.

Affinity Team, here's my plea for the capability to program multiple nested character styles within a single paragraph style in the "Initial Words" tab of the Paragraphs Style dialog box. Perhaps consider renaming that tab to "Nested Styles".



Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 5.16.59 PM.png

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Nested Styles / GERP Styles that look for certain criteria to format as indicated is something I use on a daily basis, as our workflow has specific requirements on the formatting.  It is not uncommon for a single paragraph style to have 30 nested or GERP styles attached (The upper end I have 64 GERP Styles attached to a single paragraph style in InDesign).  And without this feature, it would take a considerable amount of time to individually fix each character style contained in each paragraph style selection.  Thus, this is a very important feature and one that will keep me from using Affinity Publisher in this production process.

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