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  1. @thapas It doesn't appear as though you have responded to my email that was sent two days ago. Would you care to respond to the email that was sent to you so that we can move this forward and get your order to you? Thanks, Adam
  2. Hi Scapa, The Affinity Forum website and Affinity Store website are essentially different websites and so it wouldn't be appropriate to have a hyperlink from this website to the Affinity Store website. Saving the Affinity website and Forum as a bookmark on your Safari browser will help with this, but hyperlinking the Affinity icon in the top-left to the main Affinity website wouldn't really make much sense. Thanks, Adam :-)
  3. No, it should charge in Roubles, you shouldn't be charged any additional payments. Although you may want to check with your bank or credit card company, just to be sure. Adam
  4. Hi robthebruce, We don't have the facility to authorise this, unfortunately. The two stores are separate and cannot be synced or combined. Sorry for the inconvenience. Adam
  5. Hi Pavel.N When checking out in the Affinity Store, it should localise to your location and provide the currency appropriate to your country. Is it showing the correct currency for you? Thanks, Adam :-)
  6. @dronecrasher & @The Titi I am aware Apple stagger updates across regions, so it might be worth checking back in in a few hours. Hopefully, by this time, it should have updated for you. Thanks, Adam
  7. Hi all, For those having trouble downloading the latest version directly from the Affinity Website, please ensure you've purchased the software from us initially, and not from the Apple and/or Microsoft Store. If you have purchased from Apple or Microsoft, please download the update from their respective platforms. If you're having trouble downloading the latest version from Apple (ie. you can only see Open, as opposed to Update), please logout and log back in to the Apple App Store. This should hopefully resolve the issue for you. Let me know if you have further trouble and I'll happily look into this further for you. Adam
  8. Hello glp-i, It's probably best to contact us directly with the information you have relating to this. If you could email affinity@serif.com for the attention of myself, I can certainly look into this for you. Best Regards, Adam
  9. Hi _cfgarcia Glad to see everything's been fixed for you. I've forwarded this to Andy for you. Thanks, Adam :-)
  10. Hi Digital KInetoscope, My apologies for the delay regarding your workbook. We're very close to getting these shipped out and, depending where you are in the world, we're looking to get these to you within the next few weeks. Apologies once again and thank you for your patience. Best Regards, Adam
  11. Hi Gillfranco, As a result of the overwhelming success of the Spring Sale, we're still behind with stock. We're looking at shipping your Workbook within the next two to three weeks, latest. My apologies for this delay. Regards, Adam
  12. Hi Masterdrago, Sorry for the issues you've been experiencing. I've emailed you separately regarding this. Thanks, Adam
  13. Hi Jaffa, We source specific items from different content creators and ask them for tailor-made packages for use specifically with Affinity software. The packages/toolkits you see on the creators website aren't specifically compatible with Affinity software and so cannot be used, as a result. Thanks for your time, Adam
  14. Hello Viacheslav P, Welcome to the forums. For more information concerning your order, would you mind emailing affinityorders@serif.com for the attention of myself? From here, I will be able to forward you the information you need regarding your order with us. Thank you for your time, Adam
  15. Hi Luca, Welcome to the Forums. If you want to send an email to affinityorders@serif.com for my attention, I can look into this further for you. Please make sure you include your order number as well! Thanks for your time and patience. Best Regards, Adam