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  1. @Isabel Alvarez As Patrick has suggested, please respond to my email so that this can be discussed further. I'll be more than happy to help at this point. My apologies you are still having trouble.
  2. Hello @Her I've replied to you directly via email so that we can address this issue. Many thanks for your time, Adam B
  3. @Daniel B Sorry for the delay in responding. The list @Alfred provided is certainly correct, and you should have no issues from one of these countries. If you do continue to have trouble, please send us an email at affinityorders@serif.com and we can certainly look into this for you further. Thanks for your time, Adam B
  4. Hello @wilson66 Apologies you were having issues. It looks like you have since managed to place the order successfully. Thank you for your time and patience. Adam B
  5. Hello all, Apologies for the delay in replying to you all. The usual fix is to temporarily disable extensions from your browser. The main culprits are Honey and Adblock; disabling these should fix the problem. Alternatively, try using a different web browser with no extensions - this should also work. Thanks, Adam B
  6. Hello @lmgreene Apologies for the delay in responding to you. I've emailed you directly. If you could get back to me if you're still having trouble, that would be great. Thanks, Adam
  7. Hello @Seelenwahnsinn Thanks for your Forum Post, and my apologies you're having trouble. From what you've described, it looks like it may be something to do with your machine, since you seem to be having the issue with the Microsoft Store, as well as the Affinity Store. I'd recommend trying a different web browser to place the order to begin with, and then try to use a different computer, and if necessary, a different internet connection. We've not had any similar queries regarding this, and so I can be sure the Affinity Store is running smoothly. Please let me know how you get on. Thanks, Adam
  8. Hi @kyptanuy Apologies you're having a bit of trouble. I've emailed you directly regarding this issue so that we can investigate further. Thanks for your time, Adam B
  9. Hello @5tegr39hui Thanks for you post. I've emailed you sepearely for further discussion. Thanks, Adam B
  10. Hello @JRSchubert Apologies for this. I've emailed you separately address this issue for you. Please refer to this email for further contact. Many thanks, Adam B
  11. Hello @SMAHER Thanks for your message. To discuss your order, could you send an email to affinityorders@serif.com? Thanks for your time, Adam B
  12. Hello @Hattie30 As others have suggested within this thread, please just allow a few more days, and your account will be promoted to the relevant member status for you to update your profile picture. If you continue to have trouble, please let me know within this thread. Thanks for your time, Adam B
  13. Hello @barryg01 Please see this link below for help installing the latest update. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/learn/how-do-i-install-affinity-updates/ If you have any further issues, please contact affinitysupport@serif.com. With regards to the second issue, please contact affinity@serif.com with your order number and we can take a look in to this further for you. Thanks for your time, Adam
  14. Hello @Haise Apologies for the issue you have experienced regarding this order. I've emailed you directly in order to resolve this issue for you. Thanks for your time, Adam
  15. Hello @Aramid Apologies you've received the wrong Workbook. We will look at emailing you separately to fix this for you. Thanks for your time and patience. Adam
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