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  1. Hello @Abd21 We don't ship to Turkey, I'm afraid. Apologies for the inconvenience. You could try Amazon.com direct to see if they will ship this for you. Thanks for your time, Adam 🙂
  2. Hi aleoben, It looks like I've already emailed you regarding this. Thanks for your time and patience. Best Regards, Adam :-)
  3. Hello @siapec Apologies for this missing Workbook. I've emailed you separately regarding this so that we can discuss further what happens next. Thanks for your time and patience. Best, Adam 🙂
  4. Hello @SIN SAM EAK Apologies for the delay in responding. I've responded to you via email to clarify further the situation that seems to have transpired. Apologies for the inconvenience. Best, Adam 🙂
  5. Doc von Paul, I will address your concerns and complaints via the email thread that already exists. This forum thread is not necessary and so will be locked. Adam
  6. CLC, Apologies you're having trouble. I've emailed you separately so that we can figure this out together. Thanks for your time, Adam 🙂
  7. Hi Smarty, Apologies for the delay in replying. It looks like you have managed to place the order since posting this. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Adam 🙂
  8. Hi Ali Maamoun, Sorry you're still having trouble. I can certainly take this further for you and get one of the guys here at Affinity place the order for you manually, if you wish. Please send me an email to affinityorders@serif.com and request that payment be made manually, and we can definitely authorise this. Be sure to quote my name, Adam, within the email, and I'll get it to where it needs to be. Thanks for your time and patience. Adam 🙂
  9. Hello Al Edwards, We can't usually swap, but we can look at rectifying this for you, certainly. Please send me an email to affinityorders@serif.com, for the attention of my name, Adam, and I'll look at fixing this for you. Thanks for your time, Adam 🙂
  10. Hi ravells, Serif Affinity no longer tend to call customers now; everything is done through the main Affinity website. Legacy Software is not actually associated with us. To be honest, it's a name we've heard once before but I'm not sure how they could be associated with us. I'd contact your bank for further clarification regarding this payment, and look at disputing the charge where you believe necessary. Apologies I don't have any further information for you. Best Regards, Adam 🙂
  11. Hi Kay803, Thanks for your post. Could I get you to email me directly? Please send an email to affinityorders@serif.com and quote my name, Adam. I'll look into this further for you, from that point. Thanks, Adam 🙂
  12. MewEight, It looks like we've already emailed you regarding this payment issue. Apologies for the inconvenience. kurai_joker, Same with yourself. Apologies for this inconvenience. Best Regards, Adam
  13. Hello Daniel Rogers, According to Family Sharing, it looks like you are able to use the software for your commercial use, according to Apple's terms. So you should be good to go. If you would like to purchase a license in any case, please just let me know and I can arrange this for you. Thanks, Adam 🙂
  14. Hi Oatmeal, It looks like we're having an issue with Internet Explorer and print previews within Edge. Leave this with us and we'll get it fixed. Thanks for letting us know; it's much appreciated. Best Regards, Adam 🙂
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