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  1. Hello @MiroslavRozic It looks like we've since dealt with your query. Apologies for the issues you were experiencing. Thanks for your time and patience. Best Regards, Adam B
  2. Hello @Joseph11 Apologies you were experiencing issues. I've emailed you separately to ensure we can get a resolution to this issue as soon as possible. Thanks, Adam B
  3. Hello @Gianni_S Apologies for the delay in replying to you. We emailed back two weeks ago to your initial email to us, and received no response. I've just emailed you again for us to continue this dialogue. I appreciate your time and patience regarding this matter. Best Adam
  4. Hello @Paul Round Apologies for this extended delay, once again. I've emailed directly for further discussion from this point. Thank you for your time and patience. Best Regards, Adam
  5. Hi @peter, Apologies for this printing error. Could I ask you to contact the Affinity Orders team at affinityorders@serif.com and we can look into fixing this for you? Note there is a big delay with responses at the moment, due to a high volume of incoming tickets, but we will certainly get to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your time and patience. Adam
  6. Hello @Alex - RedPen Please accept my apologies for the Workbook that was received. It should have been received in a much better state than that as you describe. I will look to pass this information on to the relevant department for further investigation. I do appreciate your time regarding this matter, and please let me know if there is anything further I can help with. Best Regards, Adam
  7. Hi @Lazybones Apologies for the delay. I've emailed you regarding this query. Thanks for your time and patience. Adam 🙂
  8. Hi @SRA Apologies for the trouble you've had. Would you be able to send an email to affinityorders@serif.com for us to look into this further for you? Please ask for me directly, and I will be happy to help look into this for you. Best regards, Adam
  9. Hello Erez, We are in discussion via email and so will continue to respond via this method. Thanks for your time, Adam 🙂
  10. Hello @jdcrunchman, Apologies for the delay in responding to you. I've emailed you separately regarding this query. Please refer to this email thread from this point forward. Thanks walt.farrell for interim responses. Best Regards, Adam
  11. Hello @Abd21 We don't ship to Turkey, I'm afraid. Apologies for the inconvenience. You could try Amazon.com direct to see if they will ship this for you. Thanks for your time, Adam 🙂
  12. Hi aleoben, It looks like I've already emailed you regarding this. Thanks for your time and patience. Best Regards, Adam :-)
  13. Hello @siapec Apologies for this missing Workbook. I've emailed you separately regarding this so that we can discuss further what happens next. Thanks for your time and patience. Best, Adam 🙂
  14. Hello @SIN SAM EAK Apologies for the delay in responding. I've responded to you via email to clarify further the situation that seems to have transpired. Apologies for the inconvenience. Best, Adam 🙂
  15. Doc von Paul, I will address your concerns and complaints via the email thread that already exists. This forum thread is not necessary and so will be locked. Adam
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