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  1. Adam

    Mise à niveau de Web plus 9

    Hello Vandelannoitte Jean-Marie, Thank you for your query regarding WebPlus 9. Unfortunately, as a result of the age of this software, it's not actually something we can support directly. I'd usually recommend forwarding your query to the CommunityPlus Forum, but this software is very old, and so probably won't receive a response. I'd recommend finding an alternative program for website creation, since the WebPlus range has now been discontinued. Thanks again for your time, Best Regards, Adam -------------------------------- Bonjour Vandelannoitte Jean-Marie, Merci pour votre question concernant WebPlus 9. Malheureusement, en raison de l'âge de ce logiciel, ce n'est pas réellement quelque chose que nous pouvons prendre en charge directement. Je recommanderais généralement de transmettre votre requête au Forum CommunityPlus, mais ce logiciel est très ancien et ne recevra donc probablement pas de réponse. Je recommanderais de trouver un programme alternatif pour la création de sites Web, car la gamme WebPlus a maintenant été abandonnée. Merci encore pour votre temps, Meilleures salutations, Adam
  2. Hello all, Apologies for the delay regarding your Workbooks. We are looking to despatch all of these Workbooks within the next 24 hours, at the very latest. Best regards, Adam
  3. Adam

    Book order

    Hi Andrew, Thanks for contacting us and apologies for the delay regarding your Workbook. We are looking at despatching all Workbooks within 48 hours. Apologies once again. Thanks, Adam :-)
  4. Hello all, It looks like a potential resolution could be to ensure your web browser is up-to-date. We've found that the latest builds for web browsers do help in some circumstances regarding 2FA and so ensuring it's updated may help in your case. Thanks, Adam
  5. Hello all, Apologies for this error you're experiencing. When this happens, the vast majority of the time it's as a result of additional security checks your bank makes on your behalf. If this fails, there is a specific reason for it, but Serif are not aware of this reason. It might be worth checking with you bank/credit card company just to be sure the transactions are authorised. If you have another credit/debit card, you could try using this. Alternatively, if you'd like help placing this order directly, please contact the guys at affinity@serif.com, and they'll be more than happy to look into this for you. Thanks for your time, Adam
  6. Hello Ashot, It looks like all of the payments were refused and so have not been charged. Any pending charges on your account will not be permanent and will drop off within the next few days. My apologies for this inconvenience. If you'd like to try again, please go ahead. If you'd like help placing this order, please contact the guys at affinity@serif.com, and they'll be more than happy to look into this for you. Regards, Adam
  7. ahahn, My apologies you haven't received this Workbook yet. I've authorised this to be shipped for you and this should be with you within the next week. Apologies again, and thank you for your time regarding this matter. Adam
  8. Hello Cif, Assuming you used the same email address for each of the suggestions within your post, and if you still wish to change your email address, you will need to change all of these things. In any case, I'd recommend contacting us on affinity@serif.com so that we can look into this further for you. It may be the case you need to just update your account email address manually within the respective account, but we can certainly look into this for you. Regards, Adam
  9. Again, I'm afraid I don't agree. There is a list of what is included on our website, and if the few customers who are aware of the original vendor's package happen to notice something isn't available within ours after having purchased, they have the option of a refund within the 14-day money back guarantee period.
  10. It's why I said Generally; I agree there are a few exceptions.
  11. Generally, if selling something over the internet, or in brick and mortar stores, you provide information as to what's included within the package, as opposed to what's not. If you were to sell something and mention everything that isn't included, there'd be a pretty long list, especially when comparing to other vendors/retailers that sell the same item - it's not really practical and doesn't make a whole lot of sense from a business standpoint. Adam
  12. Hi raneehs, The version of the Illustration Kit we provide does not include the Color Palettes, unfortunately. I believe the version you can purchase directly from Frankentoon does include this, but we do not include this. Apologies for this inconvenience. Best regards, Adam
  13. Hi Lorrinn, We're currently waiting on stock for this item, and this will be shipped as soon as it is available again. My apologies for this delay. Let me know if there's anything else you need help with. Adam :-)
  14. Hi Mr.Bill, Providing you are the sole user of the software, you can install this on your work computer and home computer. Please see section 3, sub-section 1 of the license agreement below: (i) if you are a private individual, to download, install, use and run for personal use, one (1) copy of the Serif Software directly on each computer running Microsoft Windows (“Windows Computer”) that you personally own or control. Commercial use is permitted but only use by you and not by any other users of any Windows Computers that you own or control. For example, other members of your household that use your Windows Computers may make personal use of the Serif Software whereas, if anyone other than yourself needs to make commercial use of the Serif Software, the other user will need to make a separate purchase. As long as the section above is adhered to, you are authorised to use this as you suggest. Thanks, Adam
  15. Hi palerider29, I've replied to you separately via email. Apologies for the delay. Adam

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