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  1. With the latest version on Windows platform, weirdnesses occur: dates are highlighted as misspellings and spelling errors are no longer reported. Why? Example: 03/26/19 is highlighted in red as an oertographic error, while cuorre (the human one is written with a single heart) is not reported as a spelling error.
  2. With the latest version on windows platform, weirdness occurs: the dates are highlighted as a typing error and the typing errors are no longer reported. Why? Example: 03/26/19 is highlighted in red as an oertographic error, while cuorre (the human one) is not reported as a spelling error.
  3. Hi WOSVEN here you are the scren shot that you asked me for the question I put on the accents Ciao wosven eccoti lo screenshot Sugli accenti.grazie infinito
  4. I apologize I meant to replace why with why
  5. The Italian language is a little complex. I ask: in the preferences menu under automatic correction only the adverb because (and its derivatives) is not replaced with why (change of accent on the last letter). Everything else ok. There are those who can spong me? Gazie.
  6. I thank Mr. Farrell. I am writing for having found an anomaly. My texts are in Italian, when I press the button of the apostrophe the quotation marks appear, the fact does not happen with other writing software. I ask for clarifications. Greetings and good things
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    Thank you so much Mister Farrell
  8. Hi everyone. For some time I started using the Affinity publisher (my previous experience is with In Design that I use without any difficulty) and for the lack of knowledge of English I struggled a little. I believe that some measures are not possible with the beta. I write because in the Forum I did not find any questions on some tabs of the paragraph styles menu. Under the heading typography there is alternates and variant: two cards that I did not understand their functionality. I ask: how are the variants and the alternates created? Greetings and good things to everyone
  9. Hi William, I thank you for your answer. In a text with dates (this is just an example of the possible variables) you will have noticed that the numbers are always larger than the characters; what I meant to ask is: is there a possibility within the same style of character, to reduce, for example of a body (from 12 to 10pt) the character of the date? or change the character from regular to italic? With InDesign everything is resolved with the Grep. For spelling correction, how do you do it? Greetings and good things.
  10. This publisher is certainly very interesting. Can anyone tell me if nested styles are possible (see InDesign)? I would like to know: in paragraph styles how does Alternative typography work?
  11. Io sento molto la mancanza degli stili nidificati e dei grep.
  12. Dopo essermi scritto per avere il download beta di editore, per un mio errore ho dovuto disinstallare il tutto. richiesto un nuovo download il sito non mi riconosce la password. Ho fatto presente il caso, ma fin ora (sono passate le 24 ore) Chiedo: è possibile annullare l'account - e come fare - per ripetere l'iscrizione?
  13. Da tempo aspettavo di poter provare la beta di publisher, ma sono rimasto deluso perché il programma è solo in inglese. C'è chi può suggerirmi se esiste una beta in italiano? Quando il programma verrà posto in vendita sarà solo in inglese? Se così fosse fin da ora dico di non essere interessato.