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  1. That. Is. Awesome! Thanks for pointing that out. I'll keep Frame Properties in mind as well when dealing with placed images. Thanks again!
  2. Curious if there is a similar command to InDesign's Fitting function which tightens up the marquee boxes around text boxes (or placed content). I like to keep my text boxes nice and tight and it's a heck of a time saver not having to manually drag boxes around etc. Thanks!
  3. All the suggestions provided work out really well, thanks!
  4. Span Columns is a must. I'll be looking into alternative methods for the time being however.
  5. I'm sure if I'm having the exact issue you two mentioned, but I'm running into a similar issue that I end up with the Hand tool and I'm unable to use anything else. Restarting the software is the only solution. Working in Affinity Publisher, and using Sync Utility to work on Affinity Designer.
  6. I was having the same problem, but after updating both Photo and Designer (and restarting Publisher) all is working well.