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first of... what a relief, a competitor to ID!

First thing to do: make sure you can translate Quark docs first NOT ID docs. You'll stand more chance going for the quark market than the ID one - for the moment.

Secondly: if you allow people to set 'bleed' marks, you should be able to see them! You could try haveing a 'slug' area too.

Thirdly: there are a lot of things to put right with this beta - crack on!



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Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums :)

Nice to have your suggestions, and so succinct. As you say, must crack on, lots to be done and no time to dawdle. 

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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People still use Quark? ;)

I thought app died in obscurity (more or less) once InDesign reached a decent level of maturity (around version 3 maybe). I remember when 1.5 was out and people were going nuts / so excited to find any excuse they could to drop Quark because of Adobe's type engine and other reasons. They were on a pretty good roll there right up until the dev team got out-sourced. Adobe went overboard with that in several areas.

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8 hours ago, Michael117 said:

Nope, Quark is still being developed and sold.

Sorry to say that out in the real world of UK design, Xpress is still being used; but to be honest its dead in the water. The development it has gone through has been worthless (in my humble opinion and 30 years at the coal face!). The industry, and Adobe, needs this software to work. If they can get it to open old Xpress files they've got a  fighting chance. Go for the low hanging fruit first, its easiest.

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Quark wakes up from a very long hibernation, but veeeeery, veeery slowly. I don't think they will be able to compete even with Publisher in a few years, having in mind that Affinity already has powerful vector and bitmap apps that are uncomparably better in quality and quantity than Quark's vector and bitmap features.

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On 9/2/2018 at 4:15 AM, cdw said:

Sorry to say that out in the real world of UK design, Xpress is still being used; but to be honest its dead in the water. The development it has gone through has been worthless...


36 minutes ago, Petar Petrenko said:

Quark wakes up from a very long hibernation, but veeeeery, veeery slowly...

To be honest, both these statements are just funnier than heck.

I wrote a version of the following elsewhere...

What Serif has going for it—if they can overcome some hurdles—is they are not encumbered with Quark's past. But one needs to remember that they are not likely to ever unseat Adobe. They will capture X amount of the marketplace but I seriously doubt it will be a blip on Adobe's radar (revenues). Serif will likely capture more seats than Quark. But again, it has some hurdles to overcome to do so in professional circles.


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1 hour ago, Dave Harris said:

On Mac you can make non-contiguous text selections with the mouse by holding CMD as you drag. Windows will have the same but I forget which modifier key it uses.

Sounds great, Dave.

With VP's Paragraph tool, one just clicks on successive paragraphs. So sounds like VP's whole paragraphs versus ranges of text within non-contiguous paragraphs? For running through a publication and formatting paragraphs I know I like VP's method.

Thanks again.

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34 minutes ago, SandraV said:

Thanks MikeW on your fine example of how the VP Paragraph Tool works and for agreeing that the Paragraph Tool is a good tool. Click. Click. Click. And, no doubts that the paragraphs were selected in their entirety.

You're most welcome, Sandra.

I still use VP, mostly to move older publications to newer software. VP has several, what were then, innovative features that have yet to be replicated in any layout software. It's a pity. Great software for long documents, not so much for anything else. But when I am in VP for moving manuals/books into newer software, I use the Paragraph tool a lot.

I'm glad that there will be a method. I'm also sure my finger is going to get tired triple-clicking. But at least a method will be implemented.

I see I never commented on your #1 item. I too use span columns for headings often enough I would like it in APub.


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MikeW, I agree with you 100%. I used VP for many years for a four column, interlocking articles newsletter. VP made my job easy. It was a wonderful program that made my newsletters look great. It met my needs and I think enabled me to be more creative. Being able to span a heading several columns made my layout precise with my spacing in all my frames.

It's good to share memories. Hopefully, we'll see a little of VP in Affinity.


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