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  1. 1) could do with an 'EXTRA LARGE' option for icons in prefs 2) Both viewing 'Show Special Characters' & 'Show Bleed' could be a bit more pronounced. Difficult to clearly see them on Retina iMac. Thanks
  2. Worked a treat - many thanks. Looks even better with Mojave!
  3. For some reason my software seems to be stuck in 'Separated Mode': see select 'Window', etc. It will not allow me to select 'Merge All Windows' and have the interface as it was originally. Anybody know what's the problem (apart from me!)
  4. Marks to show there are spaces in-between letters, etc. The ability to turn everything off so I can see what the hell it looks like - like the 'W' command in InDesign. Get rid of those big blobs of blue on text boxes. not too bad when zoomed in, but zoomed out - yikes!
  5. In my day to day work (for a very large/famous airline) I often have to use COMMAND-BACKSLASH keys (InDesign) to align text within bullet points. Doing this as the default Publisher would be nice - even a little icon too!
  6. Sorry to say that out in the real world of UK design, Xpress is still being used; but to be honest its dead in the water. The development it has gone through has been worthless (in my humble opinion and 30 years at the coal face!). The industry, and Adobe, needs this software to work. If they can get it to open old Xpress files they've got a fighting chance. Go for the low hanging fruit first, its easiest.
  7. first of... what a relief, a competitor to ID! First thing to do: make sure you can translate Quark docs first NOT ID docs. You'll stand more chance going for the quark market than the ID one - for the moment. Secondly: if you allow people to set 'bleed' marks, you should be able to see them! You could try haveing a 'slug' area too. Thirdly: there are a lot of things to put right with this beta - crack on! CDW
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