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[FIXED] Enable "edit all layers" by default

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Couple of months ago I raised a bug about not being able to select layers. This was fixed by clicking the "edit all layers" button, however after a reinstall I completely forgot how to fix this and had to specifically find my post to figure it out again.


I'd like to suggest enabling this feature by default, justified by arguing that this is a common UX feature across most editing software.



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I agree, absolutely 100%. And then some.


I started ranting on about this in this thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/5522-deselect-an-object-you-are-sent-to-another-layer-group/?p=24073


But this is definitely one of those things that needs its own thread.


It should be "everything selectable" by default, for the reasons I've listed in that other thread, and many other reasons. Like your situation. 


It's a nice feature to have (semi-locked layers) but not something that should be on by default.

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New users need to not have moments of sheer frustration not being able to select something they can see induces.


And it is INTENSE frustration. There's no other words for it.


But it gets worse, because it then requires the new user to go spend time trying to find out how to get access to the very same layers they've created.


Perhaps that's the worst part about this, that these layers and objects that are "semi-locked" are layers the user has created. So they know, at some point, they could create and edit these layers and objects. Now they can't.


Which means the first thing these new users do is blame themselves for not knowing what they've spammed in terms of a locking shortcut or otherwise.


But the saga isn't over. 


They've now gotta learn the lexicon/terminology of AD just so they can find a way to learn how to solve this problem.


As with any new drawing app, the names for everything is slightly different, so there's no sure fire way to ask how to solve this problem.


And because it's so contrary to every experience in every other drawing app ever used (in any mainstream sense) there's not really a way to even think what the problem might be. Initially it's uncertain as to whether its a bug, something I've spammed on the keyboard that's locked me out of certain actions, or some fundamental difference in how this software thinks about doing things.


Yet all this time I can see the objects I want to select!!!


It's fucking maddening.


Worse, some people will probably walk away from AD at this point.

Those that do solve it learn that there's been no consideration given to experienced users of Mac illustrative software, and prepare for an onslaught of similarly frustrating moments in user experiences as they try to divine the "reassign" for the way things are in AD.


And in this they're on a hiding to nowhere, because there's a constant series of these sorts of stumbling blocks.


The first time I dragged something off the document, released it only to have it disappear, I spent some 10 or 15 minutes searching for the switch I must have pressed to put the app into a preview mode that obscured the contents of the pasteboard.


That was the last 5 of those minutes I was fucking writhing in fury, and beginning tot think this might be an issue with the software.


But I still don't know what you call this area in AD, so am stuck coming to the forums to ask another dumb question to try to figure out why my content has disappeared when off the page.


So whoever stands between you and some common sense on this matter, Andy, I suspect you have a fight on your hands, but if you win it's one that will ultimately create many more contented users.


// Caveat, I'm talking about new users of AD, not new users of Design software.

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I couldn't agree more. This should be enabled by default.


And rather than adding another option in Preferences, I suggest one of the following

1 · saving the state on a document basis, or, probably better

2 · saving the state globally for the app, no matter what document is open.


I prefer option 2. That way, once it's set, I'm good because that's the way I work.

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This and the scale modifier were the most troublesome features for users coming from other apps. Both are solved now :)


What percentage of your users come from other apps?


Of those, what percentage are coming from AI?


In the future, do you anticipate any significant change to these percentages?


In which directions do you think those changes will be?


At what point in time do you think Adobe Illustrator won't be the entry point for the majority coming to computers to express their creativity?


// No need to answer. Just think about it.


Then think about your lexicon and paradigms within the context of those answers.

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This is one of the most important reasons I have switched to Affinity, the community interaction and developer feedback is truly unique. Even when features are rejected, they make a concerted effort to explain exactly why, though thankfully in this case it has been approved :)


Once again, keep up the fantastic work guys, and thank you to everyone for your feedback.

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