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  1. Also, I'm running into some of the same UX problems as 00Ghz. It's a bit fiddly to use.. I'd like to +1 on MEBs idea. Never mind, the problem I was having was actually the other way around.. it was snapping to objects before snapping to pixels.. which is the correct behaviour.
  2. Thank you everyone for the responses and apologies for the slow reply, for some reason I didn't get a notification. It would appear that Force Pixel Alignment and Move By Whole Pixels achieves the result I was looking for, I'll mark this thread as closed.
  3. After a while of moving and resizing objects around the canvas, even with grid alignment enabled, some objects will eventually have sub pixel positioning (e.g. x=253.32 instead of x=253). This naturally will cause edges to render "fuzzy" both in pixel view and some zoomed vector views, and also messes up future object alignment. In some situations, for example web design, there is almost zero need to have support for sub pixels. I find myself spending extra time fixing these alignment problems afterwards by manually typing in the whole number into the x/y/width/height fields, then zooming
  4. @MEB - Any idea how long until this feature is added? It's on the roadmap afaik, but not sure how much priority it's been given.
  5. Hello, After several months of using Affinity Designer, the color wheel is still really bugging me. I've given it a fair chance, but it feels clunky and not as nice as the panel in Photoshop. This is for a few reasons; 1) Only one single panel (RGB Hex Slider) has the "hex code" input field 2) Multiple clicks are required to change panel type (click dropdown, then click selection) 3) Sliders are small and fiddly to use 4) Overall it doesn't feel nice to use I'd love to see something like the Photoshop panel, or an improvement of. Thoughts?
  6. Actually, you have a good point. I only just discovered "line mode" in the pen tool, which pretty much does everything that I need, and is a lot more flexible than my originally suggested idea. Sorry for the waste of time, I should have researched the pen tool properly before submitting, thank you for the feedback!
  7. I'd like to request the ability to apply stroke to a specific side of an object, for example the bottom of a rectangle. The use case for this would be elements in web design, where often you want the ability to apply a grey border between items. Another ticket similar, or perhaps the same, has already been raised here. However this could be quite tricky to represent in the UI as an object could have many sides. As such, my proposal would be for an additional context menu item which allowed sides to show/hide stroke. By default, all sides would show stroke, but if 'show' is clicked on a
  8. This is one of the most important reasons I have switched to Affinity, the community interaction and developer feedback is truly unique. Even when features are rejected, they make a concerted effort to explain exactly why, though thankfully in this case it has been approved :) Once again, keep up the fantastic work guys, and thank you to everyone for your feedback.
  9. Couple of months ago I raised a bug about not being able to select layers. This was fixed by clicking the "edit all layers" button, however after a reinstall I completely forgot how to fix this and had to specifically find my post to figure it out again. I'd like to suggest enabling this feature by default, justified by arguing that this is a common UX feature across most editing software. Thoughts?
  10. Hello, There seems to be an issue with editing layer names via double click, sometimes it changes the box to a text field and other times it does not. Restarting the application seems to fix the problem but it comes back again if you mess around with the layers enough (moving stuff around, nesting etc). I was able to reproduce this in latest beta 1.0.21458, and have created a short screencast; https://www.dropbox.com/s/8rvnpg6auf5x6l1/affinity%20bug%2031st%20dec%202014.mp4?dl=0 Happy to provide more info if needed, thanks and have a great NYE :) Cal
  11. Sorry about that, I'll be sure to create a new thread for each bug in future too. Thanks for the quick replies everyone!
  12. There's also a bug which causes the color picker to be deselected if dragged outside of the font selection UI window. (confirmed latest beta 21458) Short screencast example here; http://quick.as/jvkxs1lY
  13. Thank you for the clarification everyone. For now converting to curves is the easiest workaround, and hopefully we'll see some work done on this in future. If this can't be the default, then perhaps an extra button in the alignment menu that enables/disables the feature or something. Thanks again!
  14. Hi Alex, Thank you for the detailed reply and example, much appreciated. Sadly because my knowledge of design/typography is limited, I can't make any strong statement on whether this behaviour is considered correct or not. However based on my own use case of UI design, I would probably argue that this behaviour is incorrect on the basis that I cannot align my elements and that other industry software supports it etc. My own expectation would be that the alignment calculation would be taken from the height of the total "drawn area", e.g. if there are no chars filling the asc/desc area t
  15. Ah beautiful, sorry I didn't spot that before, thank you :)
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