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I was so excited to begin using Affinity Publisher, but I am back to my old trusty Page Plus X9.  I am disappointed that Serif is abandoning Page Plus, much less that they didn't just bring out a Mac version.  I know they want it to be compatible with Affinity Design and Photo, but I find it more cumbersome than Page Plus and don't know if it is worth the effort to change over.  Just sayin'.

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On 10/26/2016 at 1:21 AM, Fairportfan said:

If i am unable to directly import my PagePlus documents, i guess PPX9 will be the end of a long association with Serif

And you think you will find a 3rd party product that will import them?

Think of the Affinity range of products as being from a different company and it starts to make more sense.  Not quite accurate, but it is a different team in effect, and intentionally a fresh start.


On 11/3/2017 at 12:34 PM, TonyB said:

Affinity Publisher V1 is unlikely to support footnotes, contents or indexes.

That seems like a rather odd set of omissions, but I certainly do hope they make it very soon after...


On 5/13/2018 at 8:11 PM, Bhikkhu Pesala said:

it would not be beyond the ability of any decent coder to create an import filter,

or a tool to translate it to RTF which would make it compatible not only with Affinity Publisher but with a bunch of other tools also?


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