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  1. Currently, the only open standard(?) PPX exports are *.pdf & *.rft. The latter (rtf) is the only one where you end up with any text formatting metadata (and even then Serif failed to update their rtf exporter to the last rtf spec, so not all available rtf fields are populated, so it depends what software you load the file into as to what metadata you can "see" or access). Armed with the PPX-xml format spec, a converter to an open source document format could be developed making your old PPX files accessible to any number of other programs, complete with all the hard won formatting metadata NOT contained in a pdf "image". I don't think a "third party" effort for PPX>afpub would be justified, as that remains a commercial decision for Serif. However, if an "open" translator from say PPX>odt were available, then Serif could have a commercial incentive to accelerate the development of an (open) document import utility for affinity.
  2. Serif don't even have to do the work themselves - just release the PPX file format information to the forum then I'm sure someone else will do the work. Sadly, they don't seem to see any commercial benefit in supporting old customers - can only hope that it does not come back to haunt their bottom line.
  3. Sadly, no crossover from PP to Affinity seems likely, so a lot of user support knowledge will evaporate, along with a loyal customer base from the Windows community. I agree with Bhikkhu Pesala in that Serif should be the people best placed to write a translator for their PP.xml files, but presumably they failed to document its development internally, so are not actually any better placed than anyone else. Even if Affinity is going to import *.rtf from PPX9, Serif failed to implement much of the last RTF spec in the PP>RTF export anyway. By RFT v1.9 MS had built in to RTF support for footnotes, contents and indexes, its just the PP>export that does not support later versions of the RFT-spec (although some of the information can sometimes be found in hidden characters in a pure text editor, or by a third party *.rtf importer).
  4. Sadly I'm with Bhikkhu Pesala there. I really can't understand why you can't just release the *.sst file format documentation to the Serif Community, as I'm sure that it's just a compressed XML-based file & there would be someone there who is smart enough write the translator for converting *.sst to an open file format.

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