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Google Nik Collection is now free for everyone.


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While the DxO versions of the NIK plugins are working for me, there's an odd issue.  The images show up in the plugins rotated 90 degrees clockwise.  Everything else seems to be working correctly with that exception.  Maybe it's just my Windows 10 machine, but the plugins work completely normal in other editing programs that use .8bf plugins.


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I paid for the upgrade to the latest Nik Collection by DxO about three weeks ago.

I'm running Affinity Photo for Sierra macOS - the latest update failed to work.

I've uninstalled it, and DxO helped me to re-install the free version. That still works (for the most part).


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Greetings to the Affinity World

I just moved over to Affinity Photo (Windows) from ON1 Photo Raw.  I always use DXO Optics Pro 11 for initial raw file processing because it covers all my lenses, and nothing digs details out of shadows like DXO.  I also like that I can pass a DXO first pass process to Affinity as a DNG file, which Affinity Photo treats as RAW.  Perfect.

Now, After spotting this thread, I remembered I had an archived version of the Nik Collection version1.2.11 on a backup drive.  Following Miguel's instructions, I installed it  and added it to Affinity Photo as multiple plugins   They work with the caveats listed previously.  I also found that if I created an HDR image with Affinity (32 bit) and passed it to Nik's HDR Effects filter, when I pressed OK to send it back to Affinity, the color;s/tones were completely messed up and the resulting image of no use.  I can also attest to the color shifts when trying to use Nik's Viveza.

But most importantly (for me), Color Effects Pro 4 works perfectly, and this was always  my go to  Nik filter.  I am a strong advocate for the Tonal Contrast filter, Pro Contrast filter (which provides Dynamic Contrast control),  the  Reflectivity Filter ( I do many seashore landscapes), and the Polarizer filter.  It is nice to see I can still use them easily with Affinity Photo. 

Anyway,, thought I would share.

Regards, HDJEff


Keep on truckin'

keep on truckin 2.jpg

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Worse, I believe  DxO  Labs went into recievership and possibly bankruptcy back in April.


DXO always intended to release Nik as a paid bundle late this year or early next after " improving" it....$ 50 to $70 . I'm not so sure they didn't try to sell the existing " free" version  they got from Google for $ 49 for a while. Nik used to be commercial software and sold for something like $ 250 or more.

I am glad I downloaded the installer DMG files for Mac, and it's wonderful that the entire latest/last Google-Nik bundle works in both Affinity Photo and my venerable GraphicCoverter 10.x.  My workflow uses all three apps all the time. I haven't opened my Photoshop CS5 at all this past year, and I'm a pro

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  • Staff

Hi keithsloan,
All versions of the Nik Collection include the plugin files along with the standalone apps. It's however possible you have installed Nik without the plugin files. There's a step during the installation where you have to manually create a folder where to install the plugin files. Follow the instructions on this video. Pay attention to the section that starts at 0:40s where James click the "+" button to add a custom folder to where install the plugin files. This folder must be created manually by you. James has created it on his desktop and called it Plugins but I advise you to create the folder inside the Applications folder on your Mac and call it Photoshop Plugins (or whatever you see fit). Then, when you click the "+" button (as in the 0:40s in the video) point it to that folder you just created and continue following the rest of the instructions in the video. The Nik installer will create a new folder named/labelled DxO inside the folder you created - this is where all plugin files will be placed - and its the folder you have to browse to/add to the Plugin Search Folder section in Affinity Photo Photoshop Plugins Preferences.

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