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  1. Answer: when I originally bought the Affinity software, Apple was still using the iTunes Store alongside the App Store. The original purchase was inf act thru thru iTunes. Seems ridiculous then and moreso now. Apple has since evolved away from iTunes store , to just Apple Music and App Store separate. It was never a brilliant marketing scheme...iTunes was is and remains a bloated whale carcass washed up on the shore....
  2. Original poster of " App Store cannot process orders " failure to update Affinity Photo. I spent over an hour chatting with Apple Support to no resolution. My Affinity Photo purchase 1.6x via the Apple App Store from 3 years ago updated just fine , till now. A eyar ago I bought Designer and Publisher directly from Serif, and they had no problem updating to 1.9 from the In-App update. The issue was and remains with Apple. My solution ? Since Affinity Photo was on sale for half price, I just bought it again and started over with a clean re-install. All good now. Having the in-app
  3. Original Poster : I bought Affinity Photo thru the Apple App Store. [ Henceforth I will give Serif all the opportunity and money ] Apple is notorious for DEPRECATING their own software over time ( not all that is new is progress) and demanding others do the same , for various reasons not all of which are defensible - unless you believe in Gordon Gecko's ' Wall Street ' quip that " greed is good. I certainly hope it was not Apple that monkeywrenched Affinity, but I suspect it probably is . That Xcode 10 SDK thing. Others posting say that SOME of the Nik apps still work in A
  4. The base differences between Affinity Photo 1.6 and the new version 1.7 were not dramatic, mostly incremental. I see NO reason why the Nik plug-ins that worked in v. 1.6 should not also have worked in version 1.7 with proper coding . But I have a theory why it may have gone down this dark path. That the Nik bundle does not work or result in some really bizarre behavior is highly suspicious to me . Honestly- hanging the app and dishing out an alert that says " Upgrading Fonts... " in a horrible loop ? ---WTF do Fonts have to do with anything here ? Macs are really smart about F
  5. I have the same issue. The brand new AF 1.7 hangs when trying to use the older free version of Nik plug-in filters, specifically Color Efex 4. A one line alert box came up " Updating Fonts" with the spinning sprocket. It persisted. No other apps affected, just AF I had to go deep into the MacOS utility Activity Monitor and select Affinity as a process, then Force Quit the AF app using an Activity Monitor menu command called " Send signal to process" . That process showed as HUNG (sigh ) or somesuch. The standard Quit Process command did not work...had to look for another means and
  6. Updated to AF 1.7 . The first time I opened my Nik plug-in to Color Efex 4, Affinity Photo hung . An alert apepared " Updating Fonts..." with the spinning sprocket gear . After many minutes AF was still hung. I had to go deep into Activity Monitor to Force Quit Affinity Photo 1.7. I'm calling this a serious bug, because I use my Nik plug-in filters a LOT... ------- Mac OS 11.6 El Capitan
  7. I just encountered this same exact issue. After updating to new AF version 1.7.0, the first time I opened my Nik filters, AF hung and an alert popped up " Updating Fonts " with the spinning sprocket. After 5 minutes of this, I had to use Activity Monitor to Force Quit Affinity Photo to kill the process. It's a serious bug, for sure.
  8. Does Affinity photo not link to Apple's Image Capture ? That is a system level utility that while it looks like a standalone app is used by a lot of image apps in the background. For instance, I use Nikon Transfer 2 to download direct from my DSLR cameras to the folder of my choice. Activity Monitor shows the Image Capture extension is doing the work. Surprisingly, Nikon's software is the default for getting photos off my iPod Touch tablet , too . Image Capture has ways to set preferences for handling incoming images and devices. I learned that when I needed to utterly blackball Apple Ph
  9. I would very much like to purchase a copy of that huge glossy Affinity photo hardcover workbook. But I understand that an update to Affinity Photo is pending, from the current version 1.6.x to the 1.7 in the near future As much as I use the online video tutorials , they are too often on the arcane side. I feel the hard copy " encyclopedia" would be much more valuable to learn from, and of course as a reference, to supplement the tutorial vids. This is about my only criticism of Affinity ... getting up and over the learning curve. Videos good. Textbook better ! Will the workboo
  10. Worse, I believe DxO Labs went into recievership and possibly bankruptcy back in April. https://www.ephotozine.com/article/dxo-labs-on-brink-of-receivership--32198 DXO always intended to release Nik as a paid bundle late this year or early next after " improving" it....$ 50 to $70 . I'm not so sure they didn't try to sell the existing " free" version they got from Google for $ 49 for a while. Nik used to be commercial software and sold for something like $ 250 or more. I am glad I downloaded the installer DMG files for Mac, and it's wonderful that the entire latest/last Googl
  11. Has anyone attempted to install the new retail DXO - Nik bundle into Graphic Converter 10.x in addition to ojur beloved Affinity Photo ? ( Adobe Photoshop does not come into my life these days.... haven't opened it in months ). It sounds like DXO did not alter the functionality of the various Plugins themselves, but somehow the installation process has been modified, and in many cases is failing. I do hope DXO realizes that many of us here are trying very hard to dispense with Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom altogether. It's why we use Affinity Photo. But I never have used Lightr
  12. Here is the link provided me by Riley at DXO Support today.... the OFFICIAL compatibility chart for new ( paid version) 2018 Nik software for both Mac and Windows 7-10 https://support.dxo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115015298887-Licensing-and-Compatibility-paid-version-only- Compatibility is charted only for Adobe family of apps , and Apple Aperture 3 . I note again that the Nik bundles have NOT yet been up[dated in any way for features, bugs , etc. They are the same plug-ins ( version 1.2.11 bundle ? ) that DXO acquired from Google. They're just been converted from a free to
  13. I wrote DXO - Nik Support earlier today asking about the ' new ' ( paid) version of the Nik Software bundle compatibility going forward, since DXO really hasn't changed to functionality of Nik for now, and won't until the new upgrade comes out later this year. Specifically , I was asking about compatibility between Nik , Affinity Photo , and GraphicConverter on my Macs running OS 11.6 El Capitan. Riley at DXO Support responded with an official compatibility chart of old/new Nik with past/present apps. https://support.dxo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115015298887-Licensing-and-Comp
  14. June 11, 2018 --- I received notification today that DXO software has issued the paid license version of Nik Software, which they purchased from Google late last year. The Nik bundle is no longer available for free from DXO or anywhere else near as I can tell. DXO has not altered or improved the Nik plug ins much , if at all. Same features and functionality except now you have to pay for it....$ 69 retail, currently on sale till end of June for $ 50. DXO has promised a new improved and updated version of the Nik bundle by year's end. Which brings up a couple of questions. Nowhere on
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