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    Scanner support

    Does Affinity photo not link to Apple's Image Capture ? That is a system level utility that while it looks like a standalone app is used by a lot of image apps in the background. For instance, I use Nikon Transfer 2 to download direct from my DSLR cameras to the folder of my choice. Activity Monitor shows the Image Capture extension is doing the work. Surprisingly, Nikon's software is the default for getting photos off my iPod Touch tablet , too . Image Capture has ways to set preferences for handling incoming images and devices. I learned that when I needed to utterly blackball Apple Photos from ever showing up on my Macs for any reason. Image Capture is suprisingly adaptable. Dunno why it couldn't be a bridge between Affinity Photo and most scanners. It's worked with everything I've tried. ( But there are better choices. My Epson Perfection 600 flatbed scanner does not play well with anything but EpsonScan except for the most basic quickie scan jobs ) I've heard that Image Capture is not unique to Apple or even created by them . It's generic or even open source, and Apple just appropriated it. There may even be a Windows version , but I'm illiterate and antagonistic to Microsoft
  2. I would very much like to purchase a copy of that huge glossy Affinity photo hardcover workbook. But I understand that an update to Affinity Photo is pending, from the current version 1.6.x to the 1.7 in the near future As much as I use the online video tutorials , they are too often on the arcane side. I feel the hard copy " encyclopedia" would be much more valuable to learn from, and of course as a reference, to supplement the tutorial vids. This is about my only criticism of Affinity ... getting up and over the learning curve. Videos good. Textbook better ! Will the workbook be updated any time soon ?
  3. Worse, I believe DxO Labs went into recievership and possibly bankruptcy back in April. https://www.ephotozine.com/article/dxo-labs-on-brink-of-receivership--32198 DXO always intended to release Nik as a paid bundle late this year or early next after " improving" it....$ 50 to $70 . I'm not so sure they didn't try to sell the existing " free" version they got from Google for $ 49 for a while. Nik used to be commercial software and sold for something like $ 250 or more. I am glad I downloaded the installer DMG files for Mac, and it's wonderful that the entire latest/last Google-Nik bundle works in both Affinity Photo and my venerable GraphicCoverter 10.x. My workflow uses all three apps all the time. I haven't opened my Photoshop CS5 at all this past year, and I'm a pro
  4. Has anyone attempted to install the new retail DXO - Nik bundle into Graphic Converter 10.x in addition to ojur beloved Affinity Photo ? ( Adobe Photoshop does not come into my life these days.... haven't opened it in months ). It sounds like DXO did not alter the functionality of the various Plugins themselves, but somehow the installation process has been modified, and in many cases is failing. I do hope DXO realizes that many of us here are trying very hard to dispense with Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom altogether. It's why we use Affinity Photo. But I never have used Lightroom or Apple Aperture. I've always used GraphicConverter's browser and other functions as my digital image catalogue and management app for over 20 years. We need to double down with both Serif and DXO to assure that Nik will work for us going forward. Sounds like it's off to a rough start.
  5. Fine. WIndows 10 workaround [ check ] What about us Mac OS-X users ? What works there ?
  6. Here is the link provided me by Riley at DXO Support today.... the OFFICIAL compatibility chart for new ( paid version) 2018 Nik software for both Mac and Windows 7-10 https://support.dxo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115015298887-Licensing-and-Compatibility-paid-version-only- Compatibility is charted only for Adobe family of apps , and Apple Aperture 3 . I note again that the Nik bundles have NOT yet been up[dated in any way for features, bugs , etc. They are the same plug-ins ( version 1.2.11 bundle ? ) that DXO acquired from Google. They're just been converted from a free to a paid bundle . DXO has promised all new updated version with new features and OS usability later this year. I also note that the DXO support rep said the' new' paid version may work with other apps , like Affinity, but they do not support that... also note in red the official NON-support for Mac OS-X El Capitan and Yosemite. YMMV So--- It's probably a good idea to rustle up an installable .dmg or .exe for the older free Google version of Nik if you can still find it
  7. I wrote DXO - Nik Support earlier today asking about the ' new ' ( paid) version of the Nik Software bundle compatibility going forward, since DXO really hasn't changed to functionality of Nik for now, and won't until the new upgrade comes out later this year. Specifically , I was asking about compatibility between Nik , Affinity Photo , and GraphicConverter on my Macs running OS 11.6 El Capitan. Riley at DXO Support responded with an official compatibility chart of old/new Nik with past/present apps. https://support.dxo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115015298887-Licensing-and-Compatibility-paid-version-only- It was disheartening to see that the 2018 version of Nik will NOT be compatible with OS-X El Capitan 11.6 or older ; NOT compatible with latest Lightroom or Apple Aperture 3.x - at least not officially. DXO does not even mention Affinity or Graphic COnverter by name, saying only that Nik plug-ins may work but are not supported. (quote) " they may work with other programs, but they are not officially supported by us to do so. ( endquote) Well, obviously they do work , since I am using them flawlessly.... Nik 1.2.11 on Affinity Photo 1.6 and Graphic Converter 10.6 on OSX El Capitan. I'm guessing DXO considers Affinity to be a strong competitor and simply does not want to steer them any business. I do have Nik full install .dmg for my Mac, and it certainly looks like I will not be upgrading to OS X 10.14 Mojave , the new Nik bundle, and worst of all , new Mac computers. I only hope that Affinity Photo remains compatible with El Capitan for the forseeable, since I am leery of upgrading to Sierra or High Sierra. YMMV
  8. June 11, 2018 --- I received notification today that DXO software has issued the paid license version of Nik Software, which they purchased from Google late last year. The Nik bundle is no longer available for free from DXO or anywhere else near as I can tell. DXO has not altered or improved the Nik plug ins much , if at all. Same features and functionality except now you have to pay for it....$ 69 retail, currently on sale till end of June for $ 50. DXO has promised a new improved and updated version of the Nik bundle by year's end. Which brings up a couple of questions. Nowhere on DXO/Nik website does Affinity come up. Nik is stated to work with Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom , and even Apple Aperture. But Affinity is omitted. I use my Nik bundle with both Affinity Photo v. 1.6 AND Thorston Lemke's amazing GraphicConverter v. (10.6 presently, Mac only ). Using Affinity, GC, and the Nik bundle is so feature rich and easy that I have not even opened my Photoshop CS5 in many months. It's almost dead to me. I'm running older Mac's c. 2012 and El Capitan OS nad have no intention of advancing. So I wonder for the rest of you ---- will Nik continue to work with Affinity Photo if either is cleanly installed ? Also, Apple just announced the next version of the Mac OS , called Mojave, which TOTALLY rejigs graphic processing. Apple is moving away from Open Cl and Open GL altogether, instead migrating to Metal graphics management ( say goodbye to 32-bit apps as well ). I will be a sad day for me when I can no longer stay current with Affinity , Nik, and GraphicConverter after apple force-marches us into the Mojave promised land. I simply cannot afford the expense of massive upgrade of all hardware and software. Thoughts ?
  9. Zoli- I do not recall how I navigated to the buried preferences, but it was likely done using a Spotlight search on my Mac for anything " affinity" or " serif". Or maybe something tagged as google or googlesoftwareupdate. The obvious crumbs to follow.
  10. UPDATE from original poster : I finally got ALL the Nik software plugins to work in my Affinity Photo 1.5 on mac OSX Yosemite. All of them . Without the nagging window that said my Trial had expired. What I did was first delete all the Affinity preferences in my Mac OSX system library ( one of those was a plist. for the Trial offer. ) Then I opened Affinity photo's own preferences and started over with activating the Nik package. Deleted the Application Support Folders . I did NOT uninstall the Nik bundle apps as some suggested ... I also use Nik in Photoshop CS5 and GraphicConverter 10 ( where they work incredibly well! ) I think the success was due to the precise method of telling Affinity Photo to use the Mac's root system folder as the Application Support directory for AP+Nik . You CANNOT just type in the name of that folder, or create a new directory . it has to be the User's own / root shystem directory . The forward slash " / ". You actually have to navigate to that folder using Mac Finder Menu--> Go---> Cmd + Shift + G , and select / from there. Then finish with the Allow Global . After an AP restart , all the Niks were present. I hope Serif can make future versions of Affinity Photo available from its own servers and not Apple's tyrannical App Store. Apple apparently does not allow Affinity to be downloaded if it isn't fully sandboxed to disallow plugins. Don't ask me why that is. Affinity Photo with the addition of Nik is so much sweeter. Especially the DFine plugin. And Color Efex4.
  11. I cannot get Affinity 1.5.2 to accept the supposedly free Nik Software Bundle plugins from Google on my Mac ( Yosemite 10.10.5). Some of the plug ins worked at first , but my favorite Color Efex 4 never did...the " global authorization" stonewall. Now, NONE of them, work . I get a screen that says my " Trial has expired". The choices are to Buy or Exit. huh? ---these are free and I have a full Google account. I downloaded and installed the last version of the Niks from Google....Nik Collection Full version 1.2.11 . I uninstalled , restarted the Mac, reinstalled the Niks into Affinity , but still get the balk " Trial has expired " yada yada. Very frustrated. I certainly hope Serif gets the plug in issue resolved. I really Really REALLY need my Nik ! Don't make me use Photoshop CS5. The very same Nik plug ins all work great in Graphic Converter 10 . All I had to do was copy the Nik plugins to Graphic Converter's plug ins folder , and voila! they all work like a charm . Why can't it be that simple and effective with Affinity ? What am I doing wrong here?