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  1. I have all 3 programs installed But affinity Like only works With in Publisher.Is this Supposed to be ?If Not Why Th is om my iMac 2017 5K.
  2. When I try to Rename for iPad Item Becomes a Folder.Not Usable for I pad.
  3. When Affinity ON iMac Reads a File Produced be Topaz Denoise AI 2 Saved as DNG.Photos are Tinted This Does not happen in Photo Shop Camera RAW. Files Open in Affinity Photo After DenoiseAI Saves as DNG are Tinted as Magenta. _MG_4196-denoise2AutoSettings.dng
  4. Vimeo Clip shows him extracting than adding the .ocio afterwards. I think he is using 10.13. there.
  5. Here are Public Domain ICC Profiles And My Camera Profile. Compact-ICC-Profiles-master.zip Canon EOS Rebel T6_CameraTrax24.icc
  6. Here Is Link to get Free False Color LUTs: https://luts.iwltbap.com/false-color-lut/
  7. Here Thought of Adding False Color To Affinity Photo ?Like From a False Color Monitor . imageworks-OpenColorIO-Configs-v1.0_r2-8-g0bb079c.zip
  8. When adding a ocio extension it remains a folder still locally too.
  9. Maybe you can make a program to make the OCIO package.
  10. When un zipped becomes a folder when renamed a folder.
  11. Tablet Fails to load Ocio from ICloud. Renaming dos not work in Mac OS 10.15.3
  12. Ocio still not working In affinity for I pad.no config loaded.
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