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  1. When you Going To Add Affinity Lint To Photo And Designer ?
  2. If you Purchase Affinity From App Store Beta Programs No LongerWill Active From Those People need Keys In Their Account .I can No Loner Beta Test Because Because of this.
  3. Export To Designer File as Image converted as Shapes, outlines for Designer.
  4. I have Included Photo From Camera and From Denoise And ScreenShots _MG_2325-denoise.dng _MG_2325.CR2
  5. It Has No Problem With Raw Canon Files Just the The DNG Files.Topaz Labs Only Works in 16 Bit Color Mode . When Raw Come up as Photo Shop They Are 16 Bit All plugins work.
  6. Denoised Sample:) _MG_2259-denoise.dng
  7. Notice How Sky Goes From Blue To MaGenta CameraTest2_MG_2259-JPEGToRaw.dng
  8. In Windows Sky Chy Changed to Green From Blue Lion Same Result.
  9. Foloring Photos Sky Goes From Blue To Green And Blue To MaGenta _MG_2259.CR2 _MG_2259-denoise.dng _MG_2259-JPEGToRaw-denoise.dng
  10. Here:) _MG_2314-denoise.dng _MG_2314.CR2 _MG_2314-denoise.tif
  11. Affinity Photo Showing Incorrect Photo Colors in Photo.LightRoom and PhotoShop Show correct Color.This is Repeatable. Used Denoise AI In Standalone save AS DNG.
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    The Steps for ocio On ipad are not working ocio os not registered in iCloud.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hi I Own Mac and Windows IPad Pro as well Both Photo and Designer On all 3.