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  1. Watching The You tube video on Making OpenColorIO Package.when uploading folder renaming to .ocio remained a folder.
  2. Is color mode Disabled In Beta (Lab,Rgb,,8,16)?
  3. JesusSheep

    Loading OCIO configs on iPad

    Steps Are Not working with me on imac Item Remains A Folder IMac 27 2017
  4. Unable to open HEIC PHotos . Will the Max One Be able to ? Do i Have to Spend another 50 To be open the Files ? HEIC.zip
  5. Import Camera Profiles From Adobe DNG Profile Editor and Xrite Color Checcker Software
  6. Add Support for Camera Profiles to Be Made From McBeth Color Charts Like XRITE DATAColor In Affinity Photo Like Light Room Has.checkout dcptool. on source forge and Adobe DNG Profile Editor And Xrite Camera Correction software And Software from DataColor
  7. JesusSheep

    Call for Camera Images

    Would Be Nice If Affinity Photo Could Do Correction and Create Profiles From A McBeth ,ColorChecker® Digital SG,Datacolor SpyderCheckr SCK100
  8. JesusSheep

    Call for Camera Images

    I Sent you File Like This and More This Raw File Of Color chart XRite Color Checker Pasport Photo AND Camera Raw Profiles ICM File From My Cameras . _MG_9499.CR2 Canon EOS Rebel T6.icm Canon EOS 1300D.dcp Canon PowerShot SX150 IS Untitled Recipe.dcp NikonP510JPEG Untitled Recipe.dcp
  9. No longer. https://nikcollection.dxo.com/
  10. JesusSheep

    Call for Camera Images

    Hi Mark I uploaded Photos From A Nikon P510;Canon Is Sx150 IPhone Photos As Well.Canon Sx150 Dng it Cr2 raw format Firmware CHDK.
  11. JesusSheep

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    I wait for The Realse I Was thinking of Upgrade pricing more of not in the lines of a patch:)
  12. JesusSheep

    Affinity Designer

    If has been Over a month since I last posted and have forgot where i posted last. Also Have Tried to remove a duplicate post bit cannot and do not remember how to. Thx
  13. JesusSheep

    Designer for ipad

    It has been a while since I logged In as far so now I do not how delete any post or move it also I have forgotten if I had posted before,Thx.
  14. JesusSheep

    Affinity Designer

    Any news on progress or not going to happen ?