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  1. Hi Ivan - I don't know how, but I stumbled across a solution to get the macros back. 1. I remade a small macro: flatten + duplicate layer 2. When I clicked the little icon to save it, all of my previous macro library reappeared - including the newly remade one. When I closed and relaunched Affinity, my macro library was back to normal - i.e. as it was prior to the V1.7 update. Andrew
  2. Andrew Future

    very slow since update to 1.7.0

    And the same slowing of performance for me, too. The inpainting brush being a perfect example - immediately prior to this update it was virtually instant to use. Now I see a red highlight over the area I select for inpainting, then a dialogue box appears with a progress bar (I'd never seen before v1.7) whilst the process is completed. I should clarify that the inpainting tool is far from the only function brought to its knees. Additionally, all of my interface settings, layout, macros, toolbar all gone now, too. With the Nik Collection now also impossible to use since V1.7, I hope Serif can resolve these issues quick-smart! Kind regards, AF
  3. Yep - updating fonts renders the Nik Collection unusable as doing so instantly hangs Affinity - and the updating fonts stays to the front of the screen for all computing activity wether related to Affinity or not. I've attached a screen-shot illustrating the issue perfectly. AF
  4. I paid for the upgrade to the latest Nik Collection by DxO about three weeks ago. I'm running Affinity Photo for Sierra macOS - the latest update failed to work. I've uninstalled it, and DxO helped me to re-install the free version. That still works (for the most part).
  5. Andrew Future

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi - my name is Andrew, and I'm a photographer. I found Affinity after deciding that I could no longer accept Adobe's hegemony. I'm working via a Macbook Pro + a cinema display + Wacom Intuos 4 tablet and I've found Affinity Photo to be an absolute delight so far. That the software runs my beloved Nik Plugins was a deciding factor in choosing Serif in tandem with Serif's fair pricing. I'm enjoying the learning curve and looking forward to mastering the elements of Affinity I need to do my work to the highest possible standard. Best regards, Andrew.