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Google Nik Collection is now free for everyone.

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Has anyone attempted to install the new retail DXO - Nik bundle into Graphic Converter 10.x in addition to ojur beloved  Affinity Photo ?  ( Adobe Photoshop does not come into my life these days.... haven't opened it in months ).

It sounds like DXO did not alter the functionality of the various Plugins themselves, but somehow the installation process has been modified, and in many cases is failing.

I do hope DXO realizes that many of us here are trying very hard to dispense with Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom altogether. It's why we use Affinity Photo. But  I never have used Lightroom or Apple Aperture. I've always used GraphicConverter's browser and other functions as my digital image catalogue and management app for over 20 years.

We need to double down with both Serif and DXO to assure that Nik will work for us going forward. Sounds like it's off to a rough start.

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20 hours ago, OldRadioGuy said:

Back home and had a chance to install the new paid version of the Nik Collection -- Nik Collection by DxO. On my iMac system, it works with PhotoLine and Luminar 2018. It does not work on Affinity Photo. Since the filters will run on at least two non-Adobe products, I suspect part of the problem may be Affinity coding.



Mr. OldRadioGuy, I cross-referenced your findings to another post of the Affinity forum (Will Viveza (Nik) be fixed for Affinity?).  Here is their response:

"We only support .8bf plugins, we do nothing specific for Nix plugins and nothing we can do to support them directly. They definitely changed something in the new release as they worked fine with the old "Google" plugins."

I'm not trying to start any "war of words" on the forum but would love to see a single thread where the Affinity Folks address the software's problems and their efforts to address it/create a workaround. At least tell us if they are working with DXO to resolve the issue. 

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