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Zooming using click and drag causes app to freeze


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Sometimes when zooming in using the shortcut Spacebar + Ctrl, left-click and drag the app freezes and the only way to close Designer is to End task in the Windows Task Manager.

The issue has occurred a number of times in multiple documents. I did not have this issue in Designer v1 and there have been no changes to my computer hardware or hardware.

Designer 2.0.0
Windows 10 21H2 and 22H2
Hardware acceleration is off

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This has been happening to me as well since day one of release.  I have been using Designer 1, and never once that this problem EVER.  Now, no matter if I mouse wheel zoom or drag zoom, it crashes.  Sometimes its something simple like adjusting points of a line etc.  In an hours time of using the program, it will crash without question about every 10 mins.  Now any changes I make, be it color change, moving a line, attaching lines what have you, i have to save because i know it will crash soon.


Its to the point now, that I will no longer be using version 2 till this is fixed.  This work flow is HORRIFIC, since writing this, its crashed 2 times and its been a whole 5 mins 

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On 1/17/2023 at 5:20 AM, EmT said:

Hi @Brian_J

Can you still recreate this on the latest version 2.0.3?

Hey @EmT, I can recreate it in 2.0.3 doing the same steps on my Windows computer.

The app just freezes, and the only option is to shut it down with the Task Manager. Also, there's this other "freezing" behavior that happens and I can't exactly pinpoint what steps to make to cause it, but basically when switching between windows, the panels of Designer 2 stop working EXCEPT for the artboard/working environment panel. So, you can still paint and use shortcuts to access tools, but the panels don't do anything, neither you can close it from within the app, you have to end the Designer 2 task on the task manager.

I shut down and reopen Designer 2 so many times in a day. This is really really really annoying guys!

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On 1/17/2023 at 2:20 AM, EmT said:

Hi @Brian_J

Can you still recreate this on the latest version 2.0.3?

I often avoid the zoom technique that has been causing the app to freeze (a technique I normally rely on heavily). I do use it sometimes after saving my file first, and I haven't experienced the issue recently... but it's an intermittent issue. Based on what THEDZKO mentioned, it sounds like the issue is still occurring.

I'll try to remember to comment in this post if the issue happens again.

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On 1/31/2023 at 6:41 AM, Pauls said:

I've added your reports to an issue that may well be this problem

Thanks, but are you guys also considering the other issue I raised? Where Designer 2's panels stop working except for the canvas where you can still draw, zoom, use shortcuts and so on?  I was able to reproduce the bug and show what I meant:

The steps/actions taken in the video are the following:

1. I showcase Affinity Designer 2 on the Pixel persona and make a drawing using my drawing tablet. Everything works as expected.

2. This is what seems to trigger the bug: I opened up an image and tried to draw on the canvas while seeing the image. The image obviously minimizes itself and I couldn't draw on the canvas. 

3. I'm trying to click on every panel to select any option: a tool in the toolbar, a brush, rotate options, etc., but the panels don't work, so I can't select anything. Also, the app randomly freezes but that wasn't part of the bug.

4. I start to showcase that I can still use shortcuts to select the tools (all of the shortcuts work, btw) and that I can still draw, move around the canvas and use zoom. Again, I try to select some tools without any success! 

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7 hours ago, Pauls said:

we have an issue where the app can lock after editing a brush. I notice from your video that the brush category name appears to be blacked out did you notice when this occurred ?

The black rectangle was a mistake while editing the video to make it shorter and convert from MKV to MP4. I couldn't remove it because I deleted the files after posting it here which was when I realized it was there. 😅

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1 hour ago, mediumcheese said:

After the most recent update, Designer seems to freeze and crash for me around every 10-15 minutes, always when trying to zoom. I'm about ready to start paying the Adobe tax again. This software has just always been terrible on Windows. 😭

Wouldn't blame you. It's understandable and frustrating. I started using Krita while this gets sorted out. We can love the software and all but it's objectively not fun to have to restart it 20 times a day just to get something done.

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  • Staff

The issue "App hangs when zooming" (REF: AFD-6338) has now been fixed by the developers.
This fix is included in build (or later) which is already available as a customer beta and will be included in the next release.
Customer beta builds are announced here and you can participate by following these instructions.

If you still experience this problem once you are using that build version (or later) please make a new thread referencing this one.

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