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Found 30 results

  1. Hey guys, I was doing some icons and logos that are meant to be have the alpha channel and I want to give 'em shadows except since they're basically wireframes it goes through and through, is there perhaps some sort of eraser or mask that when applied above something it acts like a window so you see right pass through it to the canvas/artboard?? ...and maybe thus eliminating the shadows from inside. This is what the shadows look like, they're way overblown here to figura out placement, color, all that, but they're gonna be super subtle, maybe it's not an issue in the end but I'll know and I'll go insane with nightmares someone in the news or something zoomed in and saw them. I tried "air"-brushing what I want gone (except of course for the dark/black frame) but I just know discovered knowing a little Designer will get you nowhere in Affinity Photo. This is not the first time I think if maybe there were some filter, I don't remember when or what was I messing up but I remember thinking it, so if you know anything, a workaround even, I'll be forever grateful! <3
  2. Hi, my workflow for magazines is to keep all text on one page into one text box (if possible), but it does not allow me to use Layer effects within paragraph and character styles (like outer shadow on Headings). So, I am asking you to include Layer effects into text styles and make Publisher even more flexible than Quark and ID.
  3. Hello, Sorry one more small feature request. Could we please have the function to copy \ paste layer effects when RMB the layer? edit: For those wondering, the function exists. But you need to first copy the layer in its entirety (by selecting it), after which navigate over to the edit button with the new layer selected and press Paste FX Thank you
  4. I have a text layer with an outer shadow layer effect on it and is set for multiply. When I look at the pdf it looks fine. But when I print it the layer has a faint background lightening. It seems to only be for layers with effects on them. Thoughts?
  5. Hi, In Photoshop I used to be able to apply FX to a layer i.e a drop shadow then if I wanted to I could right click on the layer with the FX applied and select "Create Layer". This would create / convert the non destructive FX on that layer to pixels using clipping masks and layers. I found this feature really useful as I could remove parts of the drop shadow layer using masks giving me complete control of the FX. Can i request this feature to be added or do you have plans to add feature to Affinity Photo already? See screen shots attached as to where this feature is in Photoshop. Thanks, Oliver
  6. Hello there! I haven't shared this tutorial here, yet it's one of our most popular ones, so here you have. We'll show you how to create some delicious popsicles using simple shapes and Affinity Designer's FX Panel, we'll be also relying on Clipping Masks to speed thing up... all in all, a super quick and fun tutorial, for all those who want some refreshment in their illustration skills. Click on the image to read the tutorial, if it doesn't work, go HERE . Hope you enjoy this one, Enrique.
  7. I find it very tough in Affinity to apply simple patterns, espassely if you want to quickly swap or modify them. It would be nice if there was a "Pattern overlay" layer effect, where you could select an image, with a blend mode and scale, which will be repeated on the layer. As currently the only way to apply a pattern is to use a textured brush. Thank you!
  8. I'm using designer for Vector graphics (Illustrations / animations) online. So I was surprised to see some features generate base64 images inside the SVG fileformat while a lot of times it shouldn't be nececary; Why does the 'Outline' Layer effect use rasterisation on vector objects? I would expect this to generate another vector-shape while exporting to SVG that is slightly larger than the object Why does 'Color Overlay' layer effect use rasterisation on vector objects? I would expect this to change the color of a shape fill, or intelligently generate an overlay vector-shape while exporting to SVG. I'd say that could work? Why do the color-changing Adjustment layers rasterize while exporting to SVG? I would expect the fills and stroke colors to be changed according to the adjustment color results while exporting to SVG. For example: changing the levels in an Adjustment layer on top of a white rectangle should only change the color of that rectangle while exporting to SVG, but now it generates a base64 rasterimage within the SVG. Perhaps even blend modes could be calculated during export to SVG (by some intelligent way of slicing vectorobjects and stuff), although a lot more work for the developer Although I personally don't really need thisone, this would definitely be a huge step forward in creating artful graphics and a step ahead of Adobe ! I'm working with a lot of SVG files on a daily basis for illustrations and animations online. So I'm always looking for ways to keep images as sharp and small in filesize as possible and optimize. It would be great if, where possible, effects could generate vector-outputs if possible. So affect vector-colors (intelligently calculating where needed) instead of generating base64 images inside the SVG. Thanks!!! And keep up the great work. This program is briljant!
  9. Layer Effects settings don't stay the same when exported to PSD (preserve editability). This is also the case with some of the other settings like Gaussian Blur. See the settings shift in the attached screenshots. This makes the export to PSD unpredictable especially when I am trying to then send these files to my clients. Thanks for your help.
  10. Hey everyone! I don't know if this should go in questions or in bugs, so I'm putting it in bugs for now. I was following Affinity Jack's tutorial for a burned wood effect and found that when I apply Color burn to any layer, and then apply any effect to it, the colors invert for some reason. Is this just a normal setting that I haven't turned off? I've attached screenshots of the same layer with the effects on and off. I'm using Affinity on Windows 7. The file was originally made in Affinity Design, then saved as it's own version for Affinity Photo. Thanks!
  11. Would like to see Affinity add multiple instances of an effect--multi-strokes, multi shadows, multi glows, you get the idea.
  12. When I add a gradient overlay along with outline in the FX panel, I get no interaction. Shouldn't gradient OVERLAY be like a coating on top of everything? I can't get these two effects to blend at all.
  13. Hi everyone, Join me for this bite-size videos that show exactly how to create this Grunge Paper Cutout Text Effect, Chocolate Text Effect and Salt & Lemon Candy Text Effect. With these three video lessons, you can go from coming up with concepts to creating texts, editing texts, and adding finishing touches, all at your own pace—maybe inspiring you to create exciting new text effects of your own! Akanksha
  14. I'm getting some jagged edges on the outer glow effect. Steps to reproduce: Place some text using Artistic Text Tool Add Outer Glow Effect Opacity 100% Radius 52% Intensity 100% Note the jagged edges around the outer glow. Depending on your background you may need to: a. enable Outer Shadow b. Colour - Black c. then adjust so the edges of the Outer Glow can be seen Notice in the attached image the difference between the rendering in Affinity Designer and PS. Any ideas if this is a bug or limitation? thanks lstocky
  15. If I apply a Layer Effect (tested with Outer Glow) to an Embedded Document (Affinity Photo document), this effect will always scale when I resize the embedded document, even if the option "Scale with Object" (present in the Layer Effect window) is disabled. Let me explain with my particular situation: 1. I open an iPhone mockup image and save it as an Affinity Photo document 2. I drop/drop the above image into a new document holding multiple mockups, thus embedding it 3. I apply an Outer Glow layer effect with 50px radius to the embedded document, Scale with Object option is OFF 4. I scale up the embedded document using the Move Tool 5. The Outer Glow radius is now 84.6px (for example), I expected it to still be 50px. Thanks!
  16. Sup people! I've been checking out this application and I'm really impressed with what it can do. I've been porting over my Photoshop work flows, and it has handled every task I've thrown at it. And like everyone else, I'm just looking for a little help. I've been trying to figure out the layers/channels tools in Affinity, and how to use them. I'm an environment artist and this is specific to my terrain workflow. During the production process, I've always taken my textures for a few passes through Photoshop. As part of my editing, I would use masks that I've created to edit specific areas of my diffuse texture. Example: Copy my masks into the alpha channel and start working with "Adjustments", "Layer Effects", etc. Thing is, I can't seem to get Affinity to perform the same tasks. I've checked a few of the Channels/Masks tutorials, but I just can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Either that, or I'm missing something. I have provided a screenshot of the WIP terrain, as well as the diffuse texture and masks. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. Hello guys. I bought both AP and AD a few month ago, I felt they are so unique from Adobe products but I'm actually liking it. I would like to draw characters like Shopkins with AD(image bellow). I quite like how much I can control AD's stroke, like brush width. So I would like to keep it, But once I apply Inner Glow Layer Effect, it covers the stroke as well. Is there any way to apply Layer Effect without stroke? Using LayerEffects>outline instead of Stroke seems do the trick but I can't control width like stroke. Separating strokes and fill, or Expanding Stroke are the last option because I want to modify the shape until last moment. I tried Symbol but I couldn't separate stroke and fill. I found this comment, but I really can't find how to achieve it. "Yes, in other apps you usually use just the path structure as a clipping path. However in Affinity Designer you can choose between the shape or the stroke which provides a few more options to get creative with masks." https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/6738-trying-to-recreate-a-clipping-mask/ I attached files I'm working. It would be nice if someone gives me your knowledge...Thanks in advance. Icecream.afdesign
  18. Hello, I can't find a way to copy or save a color set in a color overlay layer FX to a swatch. If this is not possible yet, I think it's essential to a lot of UI designers out there. Thanks, Fernando
  19. will1960

    Color Picker in Layer Effects

    Affinity Designer 1.5.4 When using eyedropper to select a layer color does not work the color circle is responsively but as soon as you release the left mouse button is goes back to previous color , hasn't worked after 1.1.0 :angry: Best Regards, William Mabey 
  20. evtonic3

    Frame text with FX applied

    It seems that if I have a frame text with effects applied if I resize the frame to make edits, the effects scale with it. I am not sure if this can be prevented. I only have a drop shadow applied but if I resize the frame after shadow is applied, the shadow shifts away from text.
  21. Would be awesome to get these results in AD/AP layer effects. Looks like PS gloss contour is missing to help this happen, also a Satin effect would be a great addition. Texture is a good one too.
  22. Hi, I would like to voice a feature request to the gaussian blur layer effect. In its current state when applying the gaussian blur to an object/layer, the edges of the object/layer are also blurred/feathered, which is great and expected! :) However, in some situations that’s not the desired effect. It would be great if there was a ‘clamp edges’ or ‘clamp transparency’ toggle in the gaussian blur settings that would preserve the layers edges when increasing the blur radius. This addition to the Gaussian blur effect would be beneficial for iOS design specifically but would also come in handy in other areas as well. I’ve attached two images for reference. I applied a gaussian blur effect in both Affinity and Illustrator. As you can see in the second image, Illustrator blurs the layer while preserving the edges. Thanks Cam
  23. Would like to see contour in bevel/emboss part of layer effects.
  24. Hello, When applying a radial gradient to a layer, it does not appear that the "Scale Y" feature is working correctly. Changing its value correctly updates the thumbnail of the gradient overlay that should be applied to the selected layer, but in actuality has no effect. Changing the "Scale X" option does, however, work in the manner one would expect. These are screenshots of what I mean, notice the discrepancy between the thumbnail and actual effect between when changing the "Scale Y" slider. Thanks.
  25. Applying Gaussian Blur to a layer (Ellipse in my test) will cause it to be composited uniformly everywhere, even though the "Underlying Composition Ranges" curve was modified. When deactivating the blur, the curve will have an effect, enabling it ignores the curve.