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  1. Hi, when changing the dpi from 192 to 300 in document setup, Im getting strange markings of some of my pages like in the attachment
  2. yes url links and maybe even text box links sort of work in master pages but linking from a graphic to another page just does not work
  3. Hi Dominik, that's what I have been doing except the studio part, just would not open a panel for me in studio, so I just reset the whole studio and now I can get the hyperlink panel , so I will try again to get this to work. Thanks for the speedy reply, I sure hope they will get this to work in the masters as creating a 600 page document with varying layouts would be tedious without the ability to link on the master pages , hear hoping!
  4. can you make a short vid showing how you linked the vector to another page?
  5. Yeh I totally get that , Its just that any conversation about hyperlinks seems to be all about linking text and nothing about shapes, hence the request for a short video to give the beta testers a start on putting it through its paces, at the moment its just frustrating me as this was number one on my wish list and I can't get to really use , just me being impatient as usual .
  6. Hi Dominik, thanks for the reply but this doesn't help me, I was looking for some sort of feedback that solves the problem I'm having , I have used hyperlinks in many different programs but none quite like this , its ok for text but needs a lot of work to be fully usable, but when simply trying to link a shape to a page it just doesn't work, also in most other apps you can link once in the master and it will apply to all pages. Don't get me wrong I'm so grateful that the team are working on this and have kindly added it well before they said they would due to demand I expect, but Im thinking maybe they should look at how others are implementing it in their apps and how easy and usable it is. (just a thought).
  7. Hi Its great that hyperlinks have been added but could you do a video on how to use it , I'm trying to link a transparent shape or any shape to a specific page and can't get it to work
  8. The PDF hyperlinks is a must in APub, it would make it the perfect addition to Designer and Photo, at the moment I use Keynote for designing PDF's with Hyperlinks but much rather have it in APub as I use Designer for most of my graphics.
  9. Hi, just downloaded Affinity Publisher Beta , (been waiting a long time for this release) and there is not the ability to create Hyperlinked pdf's, not sure if this is because it is a Beta or not, but in my workflow I regularly publish Hyperlinked PDF's and this would be a fundamental feature for me and many others . At the moment I do this using Keynote and its a great little software, but as I have Designer and Photo and hopefully publisher soon I could contain my whole workflow in the Affinity platform, so please please please include the ability to publish Hyperlinked PDF"s
  10. AD, crashed will working, lost all work. when it restarted it asked to restore file I chose yes and its now gone, I can't find the auto save folder, its not in recents either. In fact I have noticed that I sometimes can't find files in recents that I have just created. When I search for the app data folder it just takes me to recents where there are no files. So were does it store auto saved files?. Help Lost 18 hours of work.