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  1. Chrispynutt

    svg animation

    I think some basic CSS motion, like float in and out would be nice. Similar to the more basic animation in PowerPoint or the like.
  2. Just a thought. The SVG export is nice, but converting fonts to curves can bring up the file size quite a lot. For example. 'AFFINITY DESIGNER IS THE BEST' Consists of 1xA, 1xB, 1xD, 4xE, 2xF, 1xG, 1xH, 3xI, 2xN, 1xR, 2xS, 2xT, 1xY We could reduce the number of shapes from: 25 to 13 that's almost a halving of shapes.
  3. I'd also like to second this request. I needed to open my PDF export in PagePlus X7 to add in the links.

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