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  1. OK, done, you got the extra 30%
  2. Do you want us to buy from you or the Apple Store? I only need Photo and its $24.99 using Apple. Thanks
  3. Affinity and users, wishing you all a Happy New Year and Affinity another successful year in 2020. Peter
  4. I want to be fair with Affinity, Since writing the original post and the last one on Nov. 29th. Since then I have opened Designer, Publisher 1.7.3 every day to see if theres been any more problems, and THERE HASN'T been any. Every day from Nov 29, to today Dec 30, I have opened the apps, on my iMac 10.15.1 then 10.15.2 (mid Dec') So whatever was going on has gone.. Maybe I shouldn't write that.. too late. So there you have my little test.
  5. All my apps load in SafeMode, they all reload in Normal mode. So it does clear up Publisher/Designer but after awhile it seems to go off again. I'll make an effort to open the apps' everyday and see what happens. And if it does happen again I'll look into the Fonts. Thanks.
  6. I've never used login items, ai've always left it empty... and I've had Mac's since about 1990. I just felt old. But I'll keep an eye on things.
  7. They all worked under the previous OS version. I can't remember when, how and why I started to have this problem... except from my first post here (above) I was having trouble with OS10.15. And just to make my point, I couldn't open Publisher/Designer earlier today until I booted into Safe Mode. I just closed and opened up Publisher/Designer and they opened. So something isn't talking to something else. I could go to another acc' to test it. But I'll wait until I can't open them again to check.
  8. Nope, because with all the apps on my OS, the trouble has been with Designer/Publisher. So something is up between the OS and the apps. I also have Pixelmator/Pixelmator Pro and all the other apps I have on my computer and theres no problem with any of them..
  9. Its been awhile.. I understand your not manned 24/7 for support. My comment wan't meant to sound negative, just no responses. thats all. As for my initial problem, I still have it. Designer and Publisher don't open, I go to Safe mode and they do. I restart and they do, but then eventually stop opening again. IMHO its in the OS10.15.1 I bought Designer through the Apple store and I signed up for the Beta of Publisher. So 2 different purchases. In any case, The problem is still there.
  10. David, I use an iMac 27" OS 1015.1, I have Designer and Publisher 1.7.3... and I've had a problem for awhile now since I upgraded to 10.15.1. They won't open, then I have to Force Quit. If I open my iMac in Safe Mode, (holding the shift key down when opening until I see the login) Open my iMac, then go to Publisher/Designer, they'll open. I then restart my iMac open the app's and they load.... BUT somewhere in this sys' they finish up not opening up again. I do the Safe boot and they do. I know this isn't fixing your problem (or it might) but its a Start, you never know. I think its in the OS. If Affinity or others have any ideas for me, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  11. OK, no help replies. So I SHUT DOWN my iMac> Started it again>went to the App' folder> Selected each one separately Publisher 1.7.3, Designer 1.7.3>They Opened.
  12. I have tried opening both Publisher and Designer but they will not, I have to force quit them. Appreciate any help or how to upgrade, or uninstall and reinstall? Something, thx. iMac OS 10.15.
  13. @chic I also hit the RESET in Studio. Then it opened up. But am I wrong in saying that the link still doesn't work. I can create it, but its not working yet? Another words if I hit it it won't take me to the address I created?
  14. Hi your video about image links, some people might not think to select ALL the images and Link them ALL at once instead of (in your tutorial) of clicking each embedded image to link one at a time when you can select them all (however you like Shift>drag) and link them all at the same time. just a user friendly thought.
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