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  1. @chic I also hit the RESET in Studio. Then it opened up. But am I wrong in saying that the link still doesn't work. I can create it, but its not working yet? Another words if I hit it it won't take me to the address I created?
  2. I had placed this in the wrong section of the forum.. Sorry. I sometimes get this black square popup on images I have placed, then in the edit tab, and it won't go away. Actually trying to see if linked from embedded made a difference just crashed the app' Master & Pages were open. When I looked at the Pages (it was on) it wasn't there, I looked at the Navigator and it wasn't there, I would click back to the Page and it wasn't there, I would click the image to edit and the black square was there. This also happened in the last build. It has happened before but I don't remember what type it was. This one tho was a pdf file from inDesign, I was fooling around with.
  3. I "Placed" an inDesign PDF into a page, selected the Frame Text Tool to edit it, and with a double click the image opened in another tab and I was able to edit the text in it. I immediately went back to see if the text had changed in my Original page and it had. And if you hit Layers as Capodastra mentioned you will also see each stage of the pdf file you created in there.
  4. Peter J G

    connecting text boxes

    I didn't realize that, resizing the box v the text. Thanks.
  5. I'm just trying to duplicate your situation... I just didn't do the white/black. Anyway it seems to work for me. I used the text frame tool, and pasted your comment into it. Good luck.
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    Printing issue

    It worked for me. iMac OS 10.13.6 (if this is what you meant?) Affinity Publisher
  7. nope, this one, and my iMac. iMac OS 10.13.6 (17G65) Publisher
  8. so now it is.... deleted the other file, started another.... SMH I highlighted the Master Pages, Master Page using many different names and NOW its working.
  9. It allows me to change it, but then hitting return, its as you say, it sticks to MAster. I tried doing "1" as you mentioned
  10. I set up a bunch of pages, a Master page, named Master but I typed it MAster. I selected it to change it, it allows me to change it, but reverts to my original typo, "MAster". Is this normal, or how to a make the change to Master or another word I might want to change it to. Thanks. iMac OS 10.13.6 (17G65) Publisher
  11. still (sometimes) After adding pages like the Tutorial says, and then SHIFT highlighting them all, Right click my mouse to APPLY MASTER has crashed the app/shuts it down completely to then open the app again.
  12. Hi your video about image links, some people might not think to select ALL the images and Link them ALL at once instead of (in your tutorial) of clicking each embedded image to link one at a time when you can select them all (however you like Shift>drag) and link them all at the same time. just a user friendly thought.
  13. This has happened 3 times to me. After selecting multiple pages then right clicking to Apply Master it has crashed on me 3 times. After doing the Master, adding pages, then shift selecting them all to then Apply Master. I'm using an iMac OS 10.13.6, and Publisher Beta sorry if this has been mentioned.
  14. Thank you, I just checked. Yes, right click my m/mouse worked. Thanks for that. Control>click doesn't in Publisher. I went back and checked Designer 1.6.1 and BOTH work. Right click and control click work. I deliberately misspelled words to check.
  15. Sorry if this has been mentioned. I'm using iMac OS 10.13.6 (17G65) In Designer you can use the control key when correcting spelling (which is underlined) In Publisher I don't believe you can do this. Not that I've noticed. Publisher I.7.0.57 You can select Spelling under Text>Spelling>Spelling Options to correct incorrect spelling to edit. But not using the Control key.