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  1. Update: It seems that loading goes way faster (approx. half the time) as soon as I end all Adobe apps (including Creative Cloud app) which is rather just a hint because as a workaround it doesn’t really work for me, as I use them in tandem all the time.
  2. Hi! I am on a Mac, currently on OS X 10.14.6 and recently updated all Affinity apps to 1.9. I have two project files which are fairly big with quite a few placed pixel sources in it. One of the files is roughly 600MB big, the other one only 90MB. But with both, I have the problem that for opening the files, Affinity takes next to half an hour. I experienced this with files on a SMB network server and local files as well. Once they are loaded, they work fine (except from copying the contents – then the beach ball shows up for 20mins+ and then the app crashes). BTW, this shouldn’
  3. I talked to a support guy via FB messenger and he asked me to post a screenshot of one of the files which apparently (according to the console) couldn’t be opened because of wrong file permissions while startup of Designer/Photo. Maybe someone can help? It seems to me as not a single file can be opened by Serif apps, wether it is a font file or a .psd or .afdesign file. Oh, and I have the latest RightFont installed, if this might be connected to the issue.
  4. Okay, in the meantime I’ve bought a new Mac which came with El Capitan pre-installed. Now I realized that still, neither Designer nor Photo does open any file. I also installed the latest Photo Beta, but still no luck. Is there still no fix to this? C’mon guys, I seriously want to give you a chance over PS & AI, but you have to get it to work! ;) Edit: Specs are: MacBook Pro 13" with El Capitan 10.11.6 3.1 GHz i7 16GB 1867 MHz DDR3 512 GB SSD Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB
  5. Okay guys, I have to admit yesterday evening I finally gave up. After creating a new user, at first everything worked fine there. But then, after a while, there were the same problems. I then tried to delete the original user and restore it from Time Machine, but the Migration Assistant didn’t work – probably the same problem. I then wanted to reinstall a clean version of EC, but my USB drive got corrupted and I couldn’t install it online because there was a wrong keyboard mapping so that I couldn’t enter my Apple ID. Strange things were happening there … Finally, I gave up and reverted th
  6. Hey Andy! Yeah, you were right! Just made a new user and – boom – it seems to work just fine. But what to do now? I could delete my existing user account and restore it from Time Machine to a new one. Not sure, though, if this will do the trick. Do you have an idea what to do now?
  7. Unfortunately not. I am running an Angelbird SSD in my Fusiondrive array and it has a native TRIM. The mentioned problem only applies to third-party SSDs which use the TRIM enabler. But thank you very much for the idea! I myself am running out of ideas now … :( do you have any more? Going to get a bit desperate …
  8. Okay, I now repaired all the permissions, disabled SIP (via this tutorial) and the problem is still present. Interestingly, I can save new files to my iCloud folder while I can’t open existing ones, even if I copy them to the iCloud folder. Same with Pages and other Apple apps, btw. Basically, I am currently not able to edit my existing files which is a huge problem for me. Of course, I reinstalled both apps before without any effect. I’m on this system: MacBook Pro 15" 8,2 (early 2011) 2,2 GHz 1333 MHz DDR3 16 GB RAM Fusion Drive consisting of 1TB HDD and 256GB Angelbird SSD wrk for
  9. Yeah, this could possibly be it. I just ran into this thing myself. Interestingly, Pages, TextEdit and all Apple-apps have the same issue while Adobe’s, for example, are all working fine. Am trying to repair permissions via Cocktail first … let’s see. if this doesn’t work, can I deactivate SIP?
  10. Hey community! I have been working professionally with Affinity since the release of Designer and am quite happy with it. Now I had to upgrade to El Capitan (10.11.2) from 10.9.5 and since the upgrade, both Affinity Designer and Photo can’t open my files any more – no matter where they are (wether it’s the server or locally in my user folder). It always says that there aren’t the right permissions. I checked that and my user (as well as all other relevant users) have full rights on the files. I downloaded the fixed Betas (though they are older than my current ones – Designer Beta is v1
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