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  1. I have just uploaded the file to the dropbox link you sent me. Let me know if you find anything thats causing it in this file. Thanks, Oliver
  2. Hi, When I enable Baseline Grid with Publisher (latest update) then select the text and start scroll using the mouse it crashes. See Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1oi1ahi8ad0ncaw/AF Publisher Basline Grid Text Seleted Quits.mov?dl=0 However I then opened another Publisher document and enabled Baseline Grid and selected the text again and started scrolling and it was fine (that file was the one your dev guys fixed as it wouldn't open properly see link to post: Could this be to do with the bug your dev guys found with files not opening and running properly? Thanks, Oliver
  3. Hi Chris, same here, I would like to have it recovered to I love Affinity Publisher, cant wait to purchase it when it goes live!
  4. Hi Chris, The file contains a PNG file with transparency a Vector Logo which I copy and pasted into Publisher from AF Designer 1 Master Page with header and footer and 2 other pages with text that I had copied and pasted in from a PDF file. and it in working CMYK, thanks for logging it with the devs. When I think about it it now Chris it started to miss behave after a pasted text from the PDF file into a Publisher text frame. I then saved it and thats when I couldn't re-open it.
  5. When I go to open a previously saved file from Publisher it crashes straight away I have attached the file can you open it your end? (See Attached File) Also I got this message about windows? (See Attached Image) AP Test.afpub
  6. When I put text into a shape (shape text) or use the pen tool to create my own shape to put text into by converting to a text frame I can not get the text to automatically go to the next line. It just pushes the current line down. See video example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7dc0ounb0pd49o3/Afinity%20Publisher%20Beta%20-%20Automatic%20New%20Line%20Shape%20Text%20Frame%20Not%20Working%3F%20.mov?dl=0 Is this a bug or am I missing something? InDesign CS3 (old school) creates new lines of text automatically in shapes! If this is not a feature then it needs to be! I had a look at text flow options but couldn't see anything to automatically get the text onto a new line once it reaches the end of the frame shape, I have to hit return!!! If I ever wanted to change the shape then it would also mess the whole format up!
  7. Hi, In Photoshop I used to be able to apply FX to a layer i.e a drop shadow then if I wanted to I could right click on the layer with the FX applied and select "Create Layer". This would create / convert the non destructive FX on that layer to pixels using clipping masks and layers. I found this feature really useful as I could remove parts of the drop shadow layer using masks giving me complete control of the FX. Can i request this feature to be added or do you have plans to add feature to Affinity Photo already? See screen shots attached as to where this feature is in Photoshop. Thanks, Oliver
  8. Hi Affinity & Photo keep crashing when exporting to PDF and most of the other export options also don't work. I have produced some simple print artwork for a large outdoor banner to go to print but it just wont export! It seems to struggle with large print designs when exporting! I am also running a new very fast mac so its not my hardware. After AFD crashed it generated the following error logs. (See attached .txt file). Thanks, Ol AF_Designer_Error_Logs.rtf
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