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Found 939 results

  1. Can anybody tell me what might be causing these anomalies when exporting as an EPS from designer? The job looks fine on screen in Designer. It also looks fine when exported as a JPEG. When exported as an EPS the errors occur. EPS settings: 'EPS for print, Raster DPI 300 and Postscript level 3. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have a new Dell XPS fast - fun computer. I have the newest software and use Windows 10. However, Affinity Designer freezes constantly. Actually every time I touch the screen or use my mouse on the object it freezes then goes black...sometimes my project comes back other times I have to restart and start all over. It makes it unusable in fact. Help???
  3. I'm editing an Affinity Designer file with lots of heavy embedded Affinity Photo files within it. Until today, I was able to double click the embedded files and edit them inside Affinity Designer. A new tab named "EMBEDDED [M]" would open, I would edit what I wanted in whatever persona I needed and then I would close the tab. Suddenly, I'm not able to edit those embedded files anymore. They are properly rendered in the main .afdesign file, but when I try to edit them, Affinity Designer simply crashes. I replaced the embedded files, tried starting a new Designer file, but this bug is not restricted to that one .afdesign, I think it might be related to the file paths, because I changed my directory structure. Is there a way to prevent the crashes? Or to make the embedded files "local"? Or even to "relink" the embedded files? Additional info: all my files are synced to Google Drive. Thanks in Advance!
  4. I can't export any PDF. Affinity Designer Windows 7 64 bit Uploaded file to dropbox as terrox_pdf_export_error.afdesign Settings are PDF: Print terrox_pdf_export_error.afdesign
  5. Hey everyone! Is it to be expected that exported .png files from Photo are larger in size than those exported using Designer? If I export .png files using the same settings, I get almost twice the file size when using Photo compared to Designer. I attached two files as an example. One is exported from Photo, the other from Designer. Is there a quality aspect to it that I am missing? This can also be observed when just trying to create a new file and save it as .png. In Photo, the file size will be bigger. I am using Photo 1.5.2 and Designer 1.5.5. Best wishes, Shu
  6. Hi, I found that newset release of Designer Beta ( draws stroke differently on various zoom levels. Please check the file I attached and zoom in and out the graphic at one of the innter corners (i.e. the one marked with red circle): The black stroke is "jumping". Cross.afdesign
  7. Hi, I have a terribly frustrating bug with renaming layers. I've seen this posted before, and the bug was said to be fixed in an update (which has already come). When typing a new name for layers, the text field constantly de-focuses itself – this happens so often, and so regularly, that naming layers is essentially a completely lost function for me. Layer naming is a critical function that I can not afford to lose. It can take me sometimes longer than an entire minute to successfully rename a single layer, artboard or group. I am using a MacBook pro with external monitor. Happens with a wired mouse, wireless magic mouse, external keyboard and MacBook Pro keyboard -- there is no known issues with any input or display device. This bug also happens with the latest version of AD from the Mac App Store, as well as with the Beta. The bug occurs on layers of all types, as well as groups and artboards. This bug, for me, is only observed in the Layers palette -- all other palettes are fine with input. In the attached video, you can see me renaming layers. In this video, the first layer is renamed correct. Then I add another layer and try to rename that one, to show how the chaos unfolds... While editing the name of this new layer, I never once press return to commit the name at any point in the video. The layer constantly loses focus, commits the incomplete name, and my typing fingers then punch random hotkeys... This is incredibly frustrating for work. I am a super loud proponent of AD, I love all that if offers... but this bug alone is enough to ruin my workflow and make designing in AD an absolute headache. Previous posts for reference: Very last comment, it goes unaddressed. Caught in a beta, apparently logged but never addressed. Similar problem, and marked as fixed. I am pulling my hair out over this one. Thanks for all your hard work, -WV
  8. Hello, will there be Affinity Designer for the iPad? Thanks Gabi
  9. Is there a way to print multiple artboards in Affinity Designer on one page with the bleed and crop marks applied to each artboard? Currently the crop marks are for the whole artboard group.
  10. I'm not looking to print borderless I (I understand this can't be done on a laser printer) however my layout from Affinity Designer is not printing to full scale on my HP CM1415fnw laser printer. It seems the HP has a border preset that causes my printouts of a trifold to come out about 97% of the actual size... and we all know how that will screw up a perfectly decent looking trifold!!! HP is not much help on this, and the manuals are not much good either. I printed from a pdf to a colour copier via thumb drive at a local Staples store here and it came out fine... but I'm trying to save our photo club the 88¢ per copy that would run by printing on my business laser. Blacks are better although the photos are coming out somewhat darker. Is there a setting that I haven't found yet in AD that I can use to bypass the limitations of the HP?
  11. How can I make a bottom-ish layer be ignored by about 20+ layers above it, all set with Blend Mode Multiply? Is there a switch or a Blend Mode I can set on the one layer so that all those "Multiply" layers above it are not affected by the one? I am unable to move the one layer above the "Multiply" layers as it is sort of a background vector. Maybe there is a way to insert a "blocking" layer under the Multiply layers (just above my bottom-ish layer) that stops the Multiplying effect? But doesn't block my drawing? (Well, AD does have a lot of magic features, right?) Anyone know how to do this?
  12. I imported a AI file a co-worker gave m into Affinity Designer so I could export it as multiple PDF files since Affinity Designer is incredible with exporting multiple art boards. But when I imported the file, the art boards were labeled as Page 1, Page 2, etc. I had to rename all the art boards before exporting. If possible, could the original art board names on the AI file be used?
  13. I'm working on web design a lot and I love Affinity Designer. This week I had to create an icon (favicon to be precise), which I obviously designed in Designer. So far so good, but there seem to be no way of exporting an image as *.ico. Are there any plans for adding support for ico files?
  14. Hello! During the use of the Affinity Designer, I noticed some difficulties in the work and would like to describe them. 1. It would be great if you could change the name when creating / editing a document. 2. The left toolbar can not be edited and configured directly from the preview window. The need for viewing - setting tools. And the top toolbar can! 3. Export all settings to a separate file. 4. One checkbox turns the normal search into a hotkey search and all menu functions. Give people the opportunity to set up a modal window in height! I have a big screen, but I do not see all the hot keys on the screen! 5. Make the gradient a separate modal window and add it to the studio. This will speed up the work several times!
  15. Hi people! Not sure if this is a bug but this happens only when I copy elements from Affinity Designer. When I copy from Illustrator everything works fine. This is the problem: with some elements, when I try to copy from Affinity Designer and paste into Photoshop, Photoshop gives me this message: Any thoughts?
  16. Hi, I bought AD over the weekend and can't seem to find how I get the Can anyone assist. Thanks.
  17. I drew a line with the pen tool -- which creates a vector, right? However, when I am editing it I see grainy pixels. Shouldn't it always be sharp-looking no matter what the zoom is? I am in draw persona, not pixel. Attaching screenshot. Thanks!
  18. Hi I am working in Designer and have applied too much of a vector brush to an object. Is there a tool that will allow me to erase/ delete a portion of what the vector brush applied? IE-I suppose similar to a raster erase brush on the pixel persona thank you *Edit: Answer found
  19. I have a design which I wanted to print. It didn't work, so I exported it as a pdf - same problem. I attach a screen dump of the publication and the pdf file which resulted. I am back to page plus for the time being CRG 4449 ticket 2017 .pdf
  20. How do you resize a drawing and keep stroke weights the same relative to original drawing? (i.e. a 10pt line becomes a 6pt line when drawing reduced to 60% of original). Thanks in anticipation.
  21. I have found AD to be WAY more intuitive and easy to use than Illustrator or other vector programs, including Sketch. It is such a joy to use that it has become my favorite go-to tool for design and layout. Take the pen tool in the draw persona, for example; it is so darn intuitive and responsive that it almost feels magical. However, there is one thing that I have yet to master, and it is driving me bonkers! I'm sure it is a simple thing, once I learn the trick. Let's say I am working on a project that has hundreds of layers, groups and objects, and trying to find a particular object in the layers panel is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I can clearly see the object I am trying to get at on the canvas, but no manner of clicking, double-clicking, triple-clicking, right-clicking, Cmd-clicking, Option-clicking or any combination thereof gets me anywhere. And none of the layers are locked, so I ruled that out. Is it possible to drill down through the layers in the canvas or artboard without going to the layers panel? If so, what is the magic trick?
  22. Ok, so one of the paramount useful features of Sketch is layout grids. Being able to define a layout grid with columns and gutters without resorting to a mess with guides is great. I believe the Affinity could improve greatly on the Sketch grid, so here is my proposition for the improved layout grid and thoughts on how it could interact with the constraints feature that really needs to be fleshed out as well. First of all Affinity Layout Grid Create Movable grids with columns and gutters Grids should be resizable but should keep their ratios Support for breakpoints in grid definition, eg. the same grid should switch to mobile view if resized smaller. Padding around the grid should be separated from gutter values. Support snapping Support nameable size ranges (breakpoints) (eg. define XL as a range, L as a range etc.) Affinity Improved Constraints Support fixed distance padding eg. 20px manually entered Constrain to columns from the layout grid Support and remember breakpoints when constraining to layout grid Toggle visibility based on layout grid range Reflow text options Support minimum flex, (eg. resize with this untill this unit is 100px wide) support Div flowing, when resized smaller than minimum flex, reflow other objects as divs would. Support different symbols based on layout grid range, toggle to replace an area with another symbol when going down to small views I'd love to see any number of these features implemented, with things like this we could actually create responsive flexible layouts that would be able to be resized instead of creating multiple views for each page.
  23. Hi, I signed up for affinity designer trail over an hour ago and started the download immediately and its just at 20.5/225 MB is this slow download normal? I am connected through ethernet so there is no problem with my connection. can someone help?
  24. Is there anyone here who creates illustrations for stock sites like Getty or Shutterstock and has figured out a way to reliably export a usable EPS version 10 file? I have tried EPS, PDF, and SVG with no luck. It is so unreliable, even using just flat colors (because gradients can really be a problem), that it's often easier just using Illustrator instead. I know there is this strange thing about Adobe playing nice with others in regard to the allowing of exporting an ai file (if that makes sense) but they seem fine with the export of psd files. Thanks Bill
  25. My trial of photo timed out and I can't buy it until payday so am trying to finish up my project in Designer. I found how to paint with a texture, but need a way to do it with a straight line. I've tried control, alt, and shift and none of those seemed to make it paint in a straight line. I'm putting it on a pixel layer and then masking it onto my vector layer and that part is working well to get rid of the "overpaint" areas. But this is a very long line I need to draw and I can't seem to paint it straight. thanks Sig