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  1. Hello! Expand stroke isn't working properly work. Is this the norm for Affinity Designer or is it a bug? The problem is only with very small objects less than 10x10 px. Affinity Designer 1.6.0 macOS Sierra 10.12.6
  2. After upgrading to 1.6.0. Designer crashes instantly when I choose View > Studio. The same happens when I choose Help and type a letter in the search field. This happens without or with a document open. According to the AppStore there is no new upgrade available. iMac 2,8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, MacOS 10.11.6 Update: Problem seems to have been solved by starting Designer with the CTRL key pressed and deleting the proposed entries in the following dialogue box. (I found this solution in an answer to a seemingly similar problem in Photo and I thought I might give it a try.) Thanks for reading.
  3. Hi dear Affinity support team, I purchased both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for my creative workflow. As MacOS user and owner of two different Mac machines, I use the Affinity suite on all of them. It would be a real plus to have the settings (shortcuts, brushes, preferences, panels layout, etc) of both Affinity applications automatically synchronized between my MacOS machines (through iCloud or Dropbox/GoogleDrive). I hope to have helped you with my feedback.
  4. Hi, We are pleased to announce the release of Affinity Designer for Windows, version 1.6.1 The change-list is as follows: - Added missing 'Vertical Alignment' text menu - Added missing menu item and auto-scroll in Layers panel - Added custom wet edges from brush editor - Fixed rendering issues with ASUS SonicRadar, MSI Nehemic 2, etc (had to remove check for legacy RivaTuner crashes, see Third Party Software) - Fixed incorrect file extensions and missing icons for TIFF and GIF Export in Turkish - Fixed printer profile resetting when tab is changed - Fixed snapping in Marquee tool - Fixed printing of recolour adjustments - Fixed Pixel Zoom calculations - Fixed unable to increase brush dynamics using mouse wheel - Fixed automatic slice areas to use any vector enclosure mask by default - Fixed slices created from layers having no area - Fixed Shape Fill cannot be changed easily if set to None before drawing - Fixed resizing of Frame Text when rotation centre is in bottom right - Attempted fix for crashes from bad Wacom drivers - Other Tool and View fixes - Fixed being unable to drop a file from Explorer without any documents open - Fixed images being pasted upside down - Improved SVG import of gradients - Fixed PDF import of inline images - Fixed PSD import of files from "Sketchclub" - Fixed PSD export for layers that have bounds with zero height or width - Fixed PDF export rasterizing vector objects in some cases - Fixed auto-save not executing for read-only files - Fixed read-only documents having Save option disabled (now directs to Save As) - Fixed crashes when switching between documents with Brush panel open - Other UI tweaks and fixes - Many other stability fixes and bug fixes
  5. I've been posting on the forum here since Designer was released in 2014 but I've never posted anything of my own in the "Share your work". I'm always impressed by what others post and it inspired me to post something of my own. I chose this picture because it was so complex and it was overwhelming the amount of objects that I had to draw but I used it as a test to see how far Designer has come and I have to say that it has come a long ways since it was first released. Designer never quit or locked up on me and it performed beyond my expectations, especially on a project with so many boolean operations. I took an image that was done originally by the amazingly talented Gustave Doré and redid it completely in vectors using Designer. I did everything "by hand" as they say, I didn't use any kind of vectorizer as I feel that the results are never good enough. I also did the whole thing with a mouse, no Wacom. Somethings had to be created from scratch as the original was damaged in places so there are actually many differences between my version and the original but I think I've been able to maintain the spirit of the original. I've included some screenshots of the outlines to give you an idea of how many different objects there are. I'd like to give a giant "Thanks!" to MattP and the other developers for all their hard work. I'm especially thankful to them for adding a "Hide/Show All" command into Designer. It helped me greatly with this picture and I look forward to seeing what they will think of next. Thanks for letting me share. Hokusai
  6. Hi Affinity devs! It would have been great if Affinity Designer was able to export in emf (enhanced meta file) format. I believe it's a more widely supported format on the Windows platform than any of the current vector-based export formats that AD offers. Since Serif has a solid history of developing great windows applications, that would be a piece of cake, wouldn't it? ;) /Miro
  7. hi, i am using AF and am getting crashes which seem to be after a a few hours when working on a drawing with a lot of actions using the Pen straight tool in various colour. im making the drawings in a .af file and the drawings are about 300 KB in size i have upped the Ram usage limit and also the undo actions limit in preferences but it has still crashed since. i have reduced file recovery interval to 30 seconds to try to limit damage but on last crash lost approx an hours work. trying to get in habit of saving regularly but not always easy to remember when focused on getting a drawing right. I have also had a drawing which after a couple of hours of a lot of moves, started to process the pen tool moves very slow and a text box started flashing up saying ' snapping timed out ' - i upped the snapping candidate amount to see if helped and seemed to speed up the actions. any advice on how to stop crashes and stop losing drawings will be very welcome
  8. I'm using Affinity Photo and Designer v1.6 Windows. The recent enhancements of the fonts UI has been a great benefit, but I would like to know if it's possible to keep the Photo and Designer favourite fonts in sync with each other automatically.
  9. Please include the option to choose how the color of objects which handled that will be pasted from the clipboard into documents and the particular color profiles are different: Convert into the value of the document profile and preserve appearance or Preserve the values and asign the document profile (this option I'm missing) It would get rid of the problem that elements look different if copied into a document from another used a different color profile (for example: from a Generic Profile document into an ISO Coated prodile document the color will change if the color values are not preserved). PS: Sorry, I have only a german screenshot from Illustrator for example. But hopefully you understand what I mean.
  10. Well, I need a clou here if I‘m just overlooking something or it is just currently not possible :) I made two different documents in Designer on my iMac: 1) CMYK with the Generic CMYK profile 2) CMYK und the ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI) Now, for example, if I create a red object with 100M 100Y in the Generic document and it looks like it should. If I copy it and paste it into the ISO Coated document it converts the color appropriate to the other profile: for now 2C 95M 83Y 6K and looks surely different. In other programms like Illustrator, ... I have the option to paste with converting into the profile or use the color values – and that is what I am missing. It just converts every time to the profile instead to use the correct values or even giving me the choice. If I place the Generic document (with the place command) into the ISO Coated document and double click the now embedded object, it opens and show me correct the 100M 100Y values inside the ISO Coated document. It correctly converts only if I export it to PDF with the document profile. I can switch the profile in the document prefs and select asign or convert, but all things pasted via the clipboard get always converted. Ist there an option the preserve the values? Thanks for any help in advance. :-)
  11. Hi Community Support, New to using Affinity Designer (and Affinity Photo), just today. But, wanted to start using Affinity Designer, first, I have found that there are some items, in the Help menu, not working. This is on a Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit, computer - version = 1709 (16299.64) - should this help. Help menu... Support. Tutorial. Everything else, in the Help menu, does work, as designed. But, I have also noticed, when first starting to use the program you have the Welcome screen, which displayed about a Free Content Download (Affinity Designer - Free content downloads link not working.png - attached), but, though it shows a 'hand point' and it is clickable, when I do left-click this screen, I get the Please Wait spinning circle, for a couple of seconds, and nothing - nothing happens. No website. This same Please Wait spinning circle, I get the samething with the Help menu issues, too. Anyone else getting this issue? Would of like to start using the Tutorials tonight. And, can Affinity Support say whether the Free Content Download (as attached screenshot), is still available, please? Many thanks!!
  12. For example, I have this two objects in my document: the logo one and text one, for example. Here's the pic: I want to center logo relatively to text. First, I select logo. Then text. Then align center, and BAM!: The text one has moved too! Well, it's bad for me, now I need to move them both. Is there a way to lock position of object that I want center on? Thank you for any help and sorry for bad English! Feel free to fix me.
  13. Hey guys. Newbie here! So in a nutshell, I'm an illustrator who primarily draws in Photoshop using a graphics tablet. I've recently purchased both Affinity Designer & Photo in hopes to totally ditch the Adobe subscription thing. Working in the way that I do, once downloaded I immediately selected the Affinity brush tool (not the vector brush) in both apps to see how it performs, but for some reason my pressure sensitivity is not accurate as it should be. I'm experiencing this in both applications, but not in Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, or Sketchbook Pro. What's shown in the attached images is all strokes that were made quickly using a stable pressure. As you can see the strokes in Photoshop are all very uniform and natural looking, but for some reason in Affinity apps my stroke pressure does not register accurately which makes it incredibly difficult to draw 'neatly'. Sometimes when I press very hard the strokes are incredibly thin, but then suddenly bulk up which causes the strokes to look blobby - the scribbles I made were done with the same amount of pressure throughout but for some reason they seem to start very thin, even with a decent amount of pressure, and then suddenly thicken without me even pressing harder. I'm working on an iMac. I've look up a bunch of tutorials to make sure that I'm using the brushes properly, but they don't seem to play well. Is it just me, or is this a known issue? In the last attached image some of the strokes didn't even register at all like the cross bar of the "F" in "of".
  14. Hi, I'd like to know how to export slices, keeping the canvas size and the element position on the canvas. The reason why I'd like to do this is to avoid having to position the element etc, I'd rather stack the layers to re-compose the slices. I guess that if I have a transparent background element, that is exported along each slice, should do, but let me know what other ways around this there are. **** The current solution I have, that works for PNG, SVG, etc is to export it manually. Select the desired layer element and a ghost background (that is transparent for example). Thanks!
  15. When I export Artboards as PDFs their size (and ratio) isn't matching what I've set in Affinity Designer when I open them in other programs (eg. Adobe Reader). For example, exporting a series of Artboards that are 8.5" x 11" appear to be closer to 11.5" x 14.5" when viewed at 100% in Adobe. I've tried exporting a single layer document with the above dimensions and get the same issue. Am I missing a setting somewhere??
  16. Hi, I'm very very very very very happy about all the Affinity softwares! The only thing in designer I really feel missing is an autotracer feature. I'd like to import my sketch directly from paper scan! Please, please, add it in your roadmap The workaround i use now is a site ( - remove the link if i'm violating any forum rule) that allows me to convert rasters to vectors. BTW thanks anyway for your hard work and keep it up! Alessandro
  17. I created from scratch a 13MB AD file that crashes AD 1.6 on Win 10 when I try to File > Export > PDF. It crashes AD while the Export dialog box is open as it appears to be trying to estimate a PDF file size. The Crash is sudden and complete with no warning msg, although on one or two occasions I did see a Windows alert box about the crash. I also tried the Export Persona with a slice the same size as the document - same result. This file was begun on AD 1.5 and continued completed on AD 1.6, although I have seen no problems with it except for the crashes upon Export > PDF. Export > PDF using other AD files does not cause a crash. Any suggestions?
  18. Just another drawing similar to the Don Quixote drawing that I posted recently but it is much simpler. This is a drawing that I had done probably not long after Designer was released and I forgot that I'd done it. I used this picture as my first real project to get myself used to using Designer. I am a big fan of Albrecht Dürer and I hope that you enjoy it. I've included the outlines as well. Hokusai
  19. Affinity Designer crashes when I try to open a specific document. I have tried resetting the user settings as per Chris_Ks post here, but no change. Even when resetting everything it will still crash. I would rather not publicly upload the afdesign file here, so I uploaded it to @MEBs dropbox. I'm on Designer 1.6.0 with OSx 10.13.1 (17B48) on an old Macbook Pro early 2011 with 8GB RAM Thanks a lot
  20. I bought a license for Affinity Photo a while ago and I love it. But I recently discovered Affinity Designer and it's better for what I do. I wanted to ask if I could somehow exchange my Photo license for a Designer license? I purchased Photo for Windows on the official site.
  21. Could someone please give me a quick description of how print color separated film positives in AD? I have the raster portion of the image separated using Separation Studio and I imported that file back into AD. I can see the layers as film positives. Now I need to add the vector images back in and then print them off on film. There are detailed instructions online for doing this in AI, PS and Corel but I can't find anything on doing this in AD. Surely there is a way to print seps in AD and I have to believe it is a common task. Please forgive me if this is a well covered question on the forum someplace. I tried searching the forum but maybe Im not using the right search terms. Any help would be much appreciated!
  22. Hi all, First of all thanks for the great product, I'm loving it so far I have a question regarding something I've been trying to achieve that I'm not quite sure if it's possible or what's the best approach. Please forgive me if my terminology is not 100% correct, I'm no expert at all on vector design, so I'll try to convey the right message with what I've learned so far. I have a number of lines, they are all "open", so they are not connected to each other as they all have different stroke styles. You can see how it looks like in the screenshot. The problem is: as they are not connected or closed, when I export to SVG the result looks completely different as I suppose they're automatically closed on export, as seen in the second screenshot. I've tried a couple of ways to achieve what I wanted, but with no luck: join the curves: this will make the stroke style the same for the joined curve, so I'll loose all the different stroke styles Layer > Expand Stroke: it correctly creates a shape out of the stroke, but it ignores the "dashed" style so I ended up with a unique continuous shape As a last resort, I'm thinking about manually reproducing the stroke using nodes, but I though I might just ask here first as it will be very time consuming. Please let me know if there's a way I can achieve this, thanks for you help!
  23. Hello, I'm shopping around for my first drawing-display - but I'm trying to do it on a budget so I'm looking at a lot of non-Wacom brands. I've used drawing-tablets for a while now and know that both driver and software support can be pretty hit-or-miss, especially with these less common manufacturers. I'm aware of the difference in hardware on these display-tablets and not looking so much for a comparison of color or contrast or ghosting between them. I'm mostly interested in knowing if pressure-sensitivity works in Affinity Designer with each of these particular tablet drivers. I'd like to know if any of you have experience with any of these brands and how well they work with Affinity Designer Parblo Artisul XP-Pen/Ugee HUION I did use the search bar before writing up this post, of course I know the Parblo Coast pressure sensitivity might not work according to this thread - does anyone know if this is still the case or has the issue been resolved yet? I'm really leaning towards getting a Parblo display, but this would really suck if it didn't work in AD Couldn't find any posts confirming pressure sensitivity worked with Artisul XP-Pen is rebranded Ugee hardware, I believe - and according to this thread their driver completely froze AD. Is this still the case? If not, does pressure-sensitivity work now too? And lastly, it sounds like Huion -might- work but couldn't find confirmation regarding pressure-sensitivity. I know from other software experience that Huion is generally likely to be supported - however it is at the bottom of my list ---- I've got open-ears to other brands of similarly priced drawing-displays, however of the ones I have seen these 4 or 5 seem to be the most bang-for-your buck and also most current.
  24. Hi everyone I am getting a weird issue with opening some .eps files that I got from, and was wondering if anyone had some insights. Basically, they appear all blurry and at a tiny size, and off center on a solid white background. I am just not sure what to do with these. These do come bundled with JPGs, but ideally I would like to work with the source eps files. I've attached both here as zips. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!