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  1. Hello @MEB Has the export to PSD feature been updated since? More specifically are texts exported as text and not as raster images? Thanks, Eli
  2. @MEB No problem. I totally understand. Thank you for being so responsive though, I appreciate that.
  3. Aww. I am really sad to hear that. Thank you for responding. Any hint on when this new feature might be available?
  4. Hello there, So I'm a website designer, and I would like to design in Affinity Designer more. I found a problem though that is preventing me from doing that full-time...When I export my files to PSD (for handing over to developers) and open them in Photoshop, the text layers appear as image/raster layers and aren't editable. Please help. This is a very important issue for me to resolve. I cannot proceed with using Affinity Designer if our dev team can't edit the texts. Other than this, I am really loving this software. Please help. Thanks, Eli
  5. Hello guys, I'm looking to use the Affinity Apps for creating comprehensive web design pages. In Adobe, the app I usually use for this kind of work is Adobe Photoshop. Now I understand the equivalent of Photoshop is Affinity Photo. If I am to transition my work to the Affinity Apps, should I continue my work in Affinity Photo, or would you recommend I do the work in Affinity Designer instead? I'm open to this as I also see others doing UI/UX design on this app. Again, the work that I mainly want to accomplish is comprehensive web designs. Such as Homepage designs, internal pages, landing pages -- the works. And which app should I use mainly to accomplish this? Thanks, Eli

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