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Found 17 results

  1. Whether you want to learn the basics or want to master the apps, check out the Learn Section on our website: https://affinity.serif.com/learn/
  2. Interesting observation of a bug that only happens in Chrome browsers. In Chrome, I can only watch one video one time and then I can't watch anymore in that browser session. However, if I open the Affinity training videos up in MS Edge, I can watch all of them. Not sure why Google Chrome limits Affinity videos this way, but I just have to remember this is no longer a problem with the Edge browser.
  3. Hi All, I'm trying to learn Affinity Publisher via video tutorials. The challenge is that all the tutorial videos I've viewed online on YouTube on my laptop the features (words) are too tiny to see. So, you can't see the features you're supposed to be clicking on or selecting. I can hold down the Ctrl key and enlarge the screen but it doesn't enlarge the words on screen in the tutorial. Has anyone watched a YT tutorial where the features are easily readable? I've uploaded a screenshot of what appears on screen. Thank you.
  4. simple how to video tutorials I thought it might be helpful to some… https://youtube.com/channel/UCVYEHD8_7zK7jtszZNI7kQQ *posted in wrong category but no idea how to move it… thanks 😊
  5. Greetings I am very experienced in Affinity Photo, but now am trying to give remote help to a few people who have recently purchased AP. They have varying amounts of experience with Adobe products, but basically need to start at the beginning. My query is mainly about - the 92 videos, which at one point were renamed the Legacy videos and are found in a few places, including Affinity PHOTO: Video Tutorials (miguelboto.com) Are all of them still valid, eg some things will have changed and presumably some of the originals are no longer as useful (or indeed valid?) for use in Version 1.8.5. ? How much confidence can I have in getting these newbies to access and learn from these particular videos?
  6. i tutor affinity photo in a learning centre for seniors [55+years] after 8 years tutoring pse and now 2 years af photo. to help members [now numbering 10 in our on going group] i have numbered subjects in v1.6 1 to 24 eg RAW is 8 and the sub panels are also numbered so images, gathered from videos with Pnt sc, procedure notes from D Straker and Cut through the fog and my own are so numbered to refer to the video viewed on line. we work through the subject using the material ie image and notes and all material is on the Diskstation so members can copy for use at home. tutorials are at level 1 and 2 for newbies and level 3 for advanced 'special group' members. our tutorials appear to be the only available centre in NZ. my query - now v 1.7 is available are the present groups ie Basic, Advanced etc to be the only ones or will new groups be introduced as the number of videos grows? i ask because i want to organize v1.7 in a similar fashion to v1.6. all our members much appreciate Aff Photo for its quality and presentation, hence the number remaining in the group. we would appreciate being able to access the original image and also notes on the proccedure. [i havent found a reliable Voice to Text app] regards, keep up the excellent work, especially James Ritson djh [dave helas]
  7. A more recent set of tutorials for 1.7 (and above) is available via affinity.serif.com or from Designer's Welcome screen. The legacy tutorial set, also available on YouTube, includes: 1. Getting Started • Discover Affinity Designer • For Beginners • For Beginners Too • Using the Help System • CMYK Setup • Designing from a Sketch • New from Clipboard • Actual Size Zoom • Editing PDF Text • Using the Grade UI Kit 2. Artboards • Artboards: Basics • Artboards: Exporting and Printing • Artboards: Colour and Opacity • Artboards: From Content • Artboards: Design Aids 3. Drawing Lines and Shapes • Pen Power • Shapes • Convert to Curves • Corner Tool • Drawing Perfect Triangles • Stylish Strokes: Textured Lines • Stylish Strokes: Dashed Lines 4. Colour and Opacity • Complex Gradients • Adjusting Noise and Opacity in Fills • Transparency Tool • Changing Colours • Blend Modes • Colour Picker Tool • Colour Palette from Document • Colour Palette from Image • Pantone Colours • Global, Spot and Overprint Colours • Quick Opacity Setting 5. Layer control • Layers Panel • Lock Children 6. Object control • Selecting, Finding and Isolating Objects • Rotation Point: Overview • Rotation Point: Worked Example • Vector Scaling Options 7. Symbols and Assets • Symbols (1.5) • Assets (1.5) 8. Painting • Shading Using Raster Brushes • Adding Raster Texture 9. Text • Artistic, Frame and Shape Text • Text on a Path: Overview • Text on a Path: Worked Example • OpenType Typography 10. Media • Using Raster Images in a Composition • Film Noir Style Illustration 11. Saving, exporting and sharing • Save History • Soft Proofing • Exporting • Exporting: Layers • Exporting: Slices • Exporting: Continuous • Exporting: Automatic Directory/Folder Creation • Exporting: Multiple Outputs from a Single Slice • Exporting: Transparent and Coloured Backgrounds • Exporting User Settings and Keyboard Shortcuts 12. Design Aids • Constraints: Overview • Constraints: Worked Example for Web Design • Snapping and Dynamic Guides • Snapping: Candidates • Snapping: Object Creation • Snapping: UI and Web Design • View Modes and Split View • New View • View Points • Grids: Icon Design • Grids: Floor Plans • Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 1 (Single Planes) • Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 2 (Multiple Planes) • Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 3 (Layers and Compounds) • Grids: Coloured Lines
  8. I'll be the first to admit, I am NOT an accomplished photo artist. In fact, I would put myself at a "3" or "4" on a 1 - to - 10 ability scale. Therefore, I am always looking for more and more lessons to increase my skills and enhance my talents. In doing so, I hope to gain the most from the Affinity tutorials, given I'm a registered user of all three apps. And therein lies the frustration. In short, when I attempt to watch the Affinity tutorials, the presenter starts by introducing the subject, and then proceeds to open an image, and in doing so, nearly always opens up a series of layers he has already created. Unfortunately, he has also renamed them, so those of us who are learning, have no (grrrrrr) clue of how or why he created them. Therefore, HOW ARE WE EXPECTED TO KNOW WHAT, OR HOW HE IS PROCEEDING? It's obvious he is 'assuming' we all can successfully guess what the hell he has done, why, and with which tools. (Beyond frustrating; more importantly, it is a terrible representation of Affinity.) Specifically, these tutorials are high on the 'frustration menu': Blend Modes (https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/photo/desktop/video/310319088/). He calls them 'render passes'. No definition of 'render passes', (I can interpret such a term in a number of ways given it's out of context. I spent the better part of any hour searching for 'render passes' without luck.) Layers (https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/photo/desktop/video/311178905/). Even in this video covering basic layering, he begins with a highly populated list of layers. HE KNOWS WHAT THOSE LAYERS ARE, WE DO NOT! How can we get a strong, integrated understanding (i.e. without obvious questions popping up such as, "What are those layers, why did he chose them, and how did he create them?") It would only take a few minutes to explain them and build the lesson from the beginning instead of beginning the tutorial at some arbitrary point along a learning curve. At the least, reference those tutorials which provide the lessons for creating the components he is utilizing. The list of other similar examples is long. The solution is to include the steps he has left out prior to his video starting point. PLEASE, make videos for the audience, not the perspective of the presenter. If you are going to start with pre-created elements in support of a subject, take the time to explain them. You know what they are, but if you expect us to get value from the tutorial, you have to explain yourself so we are on the same page as you. Thank You.
  9. I know I will probably be castigated for my comments, but I am getting more and more frustrated by the lack of good quality videos for beginners. Yes there are 100's of videos but these just show how to use one particular tool. I am a landscape photographer (low grade amateur ), and I really can't find any worth while videos. I have searched youtube, vimeo and can't find any real full length videos that take you through a complete workflow. Yes I have bought a video by 'Drippy cat" but to be honest I did not find it that good, sorry. I am a subscriber to photoshop/Lightroom, but want to get rid of my monthly subscription. I bought Affinity photo about 18 months ago and I think its great. Its just a pity that someone like Anthony Morganti, or one of the 100's of subscribers on youtube have not taken up the program. This worry me as we believe that Affinity photo is a real competitor to photoshop. I know Affinity photo has only been going for a short time compared to photoshop, but I really think its about time Affinity tried to get more of the very good trainers out there to start making videos. I am sure I will be very unpopular with this post, but I believe there are many other beginners who are struggling with Affinity photo. Sure I will get there in the end, but more comprehensive videos would really help to shorten the process. Regards Mikep
  10. Greetings, Since I now have a microphone, I have been thinking maybe I can start video series where I go in-depth of the features within Affinity Design, Patch Notese, Updates, what's new etc. that way it will also allow me to learn more about the software, and also someone else can get information of what the software is, and what you can do with it. What do you guys think? I don't think I have seen any youtubers (Designers / Artists ) doing in-depth reviews of the softwares on a constant basis, definitely will take a lot of time, but I think its well worth it, since you're helping peoples along the way. Or do you feel just the Vimeo of Affinity is sufficient in scenario like this? Feel free to share your thoughts.
  11. Please scroll down to the end of this post to see the latest added tutorials. Thanks. Hello Everyone, In the last couple of weeks I shared in the Forum different topics related to video tutorials I upload to my YouTube channel. To make it more practical, I'm gonna share them and new ones in just this topic. Feel free to scroll down and find all the videos I already uploaded. If you want to know a bit more about me and what to expect, then keep reading. Photography (and design) is part of my life for more than twenty years. I began working in the advertising industry in the 90's and from there I covered many different areas from the creative process to production. Today I mainly do portrait photography, fine art, special assignments and some design projects. In the last years and as a certified trainer, I began to share what I've learned and continue to learn in workshops. I mainly cover Portrait Photography, Black & White, Digital Workflow and Retouching. For the love of sharing my passion about photography, I decided to start making video tutorials and this is the reason I end up here. The amazing software the Affinity Team made gave me the enthusiasm we normally have when we get a new toy. For me it's been a fantastic experience and discovery of new ways of doing the same things in a different, and many times better, way. And this experience is what I want to share with you. This is also the reason I'm going to cover more the Affinity apps in a photography scenario. But you can expect more, a lot more... I'll also be covering photographic tips and techniques and other software that I find relevant to my/our work. This is the case of Capture One Pro that will have also a special feature. Apart from this I'm also preparing some "extras" but that's for another time What to keep in mind: Every time I make a tutorial where I create a special resource, like a macro, a brush, a style, etc. I'll share it for free. You just need to follow the video tutorial or blog post to see the download links. Some tutorials also have a related post in my blog with more details. You can check it here: (available in Portuguese and English): http://blog.pedrosoares.photo/ The tutorials are made in Portuguese but they have English subtitles. Nevertheless I make them in a very easy to follow pace. For that reason they are suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The list I have for upcoming tutorials is long but if you have a specific topic you would like to be covered just let me know. You never know if your request is my next tutorial. This was the case of the Glow Effect video. I'm going to share them chronological so the new ones will be in the end of this topic. Finally my idea is to share tutorials on a regular basis so feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the first one to know about it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxdrAaW4Zr9lYktQmt5O4VA You can also subscribe to my Blog where you can find other topics: http://blog.pedrosoares.photo/ Sorry if I made this introduction to long, but it was important for me to share this. I hope you'll find each tutorial a useful resource and also a source of inspiration. TUTORIALS How to Create "Good Looking" Snow | Affinity Photo Tutorial + Free Snow Brushes How to Combine Text and Imagery | Affinity Photo Tutorial How to Extract Detail | Affinity Photo Tutorial + Detail Extractor Macro How to Create a Glow Effect in Letters | Affinity Photo Tutorial How to Create a Winter Scene | Affinity Photo Tutorial How to Create an Anaglyph 3D Effect | Affinity Photo Tutorial + Anaglyph 3D Macro How to Create Light Rays | Affinity Photo Tutorial + Light Rays Style How to Make Amazing Bokeh | Affinity Photo Tutorial Mock-Up Design - Clothes & Shoes | Affinity Designer Tutorial Ribbed Glass Effect - The MDNA Cover | Affinity Designer & Photo Tutorial
  12. Good day everybody! To support the huge release of Affinity Photo 1.5 on both macOS and Windows, we have 36 new video tutorials for you that cover most of the new features in great detail. In addition to that, 4 older videos have been revised and updated to match 1.5's new functionality. We hope you enjoy the 1.5 update, it's a beefy one! Here are the videos you need to get started with its new functionality: HDR HDR: Merging & Tone Mapping HDR: Tone Map Presets HDR: Panoramas HDR: Preprocessing HDR: Advanced Editing HDR: Ghosts Removal HDR: 32-bit Editing Tone Mapping Regular Tone Mapping Focus Merging Focus Merging Focus Merge Retouching Focus Merging Bracketed Images Live Projections (360 editing, perspective projection) 360 Live Editing 360 Advanced Editing 360 Retouching 360 Multiple Views Live Perspective Projection OpenEXR support OpenEXR Multichannel Import/Export OpenEXR Import Options OpenColorIO OpenColorIO Setup OpenColorIO Adjustment Macros Macros Macros: Equations Batch Processing Batch Processing Clone Sources Panel Clone Sources Clone Sources: Texture Creation Raw Development Improvements 32-bit Raw Development Raw Colour Quality Automatic Lens Corrections Apply Image Apply Image Apply Image: Equations Equations Filter Equations Filter Dust & Scratches Filter Dust & Scratches Filter Halftone Filter Halftone Scanlines Effect Pixel Art Resizing Pixel Art Resize PSD round-tripping Direct PSD write-back (round tripping) Freehand Selections Freehand Selection Tool Updated Older Videos Discover Raw Development Quality Custom Tone Curve Exporting I hope these all prove useful to you in getting to grips with the new update - if you have any questions please ask.
  13. What do I need to watch the Videos. I have tried Windows 8.1 with IE 11 and Windows 10 Edge. I cannot get either to play. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  14. Congratulations on your great new photo app, which seems most impressive. I today purchased it from the App Store and would like to become familiar with the details of how to better use it. I found your videos on Vimeo, which is awkward compared to Youtube, and have a problem with how they get cropped on my TV. I was surprised to see your screens on Vimeo losing the edges with the tool bars on a new large Samsung. I have a very advanced TV that doesn't crop anything and works with a wide range of sources. I routinely watch similar videos on Youtube. I also use Airplay to transfer and watch videos without problems. Whatever the problem with your videos, it doesn't relate to the TV. I wonder if there is some practical or commercial reason why they are just not uploaded to Youtube? I notice they will view on an iPad without cropping, in an oddly elongated format, but that is less convenient for watching an hour or so at a time. Apart from the cropping, I was wondering if somewhere you have a list with recommended viewing order of the various features being explained individually. I assume it's best to start with the RAW developer, but any pointers? It's a pity to have to begin here like this, but as a new user this is my first experience of your app. I can see it's impressive, so it would be great not to have hassles with something as basic as the videos.
  15. I have recently downloaded the affinity photo beta. I have played a little with it and it does seem to be a very good program with great potential with all the user support. I'm a photographer that uses lightroom 5 for 95% of editing. I have tried to understand CS6 and have learned a little bit of the program but find it a complicated and extremely powerful program. Since this is a new program and I don't use Affinity Designer I am having difficulty understanding how to use the layers and masks in this program. I'm sure they work in a similar fashion but things are laid out in a different manner I find. If you know how to use layers, masks, and the tools that affinity photo has can people start to post some short tutorials here please. Would be great help. I'm sure the affinity crew is working hard at creating some but think they are likely very busy fixing and adding features to the program that simply learning how to use the features for newcomers is being overlooked. Things I would like to know: 1. how the layers work 2. how the masks work 3. how to create a layer-mask and then be able to "hide" or "reveal" part of that mask by using a brush and a black or white swatch what all the tools do down the left side of the screen. I know I can play with them but I can't seem to get some of them to work so I don't know what they do... 4. the basic navigation of the UI, since it's new to me Would appreciate the help and hopefully people can post little youtube videos right in this thread that people could search and find... cheers, Jason
  16. This is just a suggestion which Im sure will be implemented in the release, and that is on boarding into the app. Essentially a start up window with tutorials and quick links.
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