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Found 120 results

  1. Hello there! Purchased Affinity Photo two days ago and I am (happily) on the (re)learning curve. I have to say, there went a lot of good thought in some of the altered features (compared to how they work in Ps), well done! Of course there will be quite a lot of questions. Some I can find here, some I couldn't. So I will ask here on the forum, putting the Ps nomenclature in the title for future Affinity-Turners that also say goodbye to Ps! My question: I am working on a composition in which I want to flip a layer horizontally. Ofcourse, using the move tool I can flip it but I only get it done stretching the image (out of ratio), which I don't want to happen. Searching the menu's I didn't see an option that seemed to fit but maybe I am looking for the wrong word (Ps term probably) or I am just too tired ;) Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance! Kind regards, Dennis G www.DeeGee.net Photography The Netherlands
  2. Hey guys! Congratulaitons for being in the headlines again – awesome work, well deserved! Here’s the little bug or at least strange/interesting behavior … I recorded a short clip to show you what’s going on. I’m talking about the outline being »cut off« at a certain angle, like it’s placed inside a rectangle or something. https://youtu.be/dnI82z2VViA Cheers Dennis ;)
  3. I would like to see something similar to 'transform each' in Illustrator where multiple selected elements can be scaled about their centers (or centres) an equal amount. This is useful for scientific illustratrions where multiple symbols need rescaling. Thank you for providing a really useful tool and I look forward to seeing updates!
  4. Hello, I have one (or two ;)) suggestions: Function: perspective warp or transformation 1) Keeping the proportions while dragging an anker point of the perspective warp tool. 2) And oppositely not keeping while pressing and holding the shift key. I like the way how to transform in Affinity Photo without "cmd & T" or "cmd & F". When I use move tool, I can easily transform. The proportions will be keeped automatically. And with holding the "shift"-key, the free transformation without proportions is possible. A different way compared to other softwares. I like it! But it is not logical, that this system doesn't work with the perspective warp. It would be fine, when it would work there in the same way. I provided a YouTube-Tutorial to the topic "transformation". Ciao Jack Bauer Berlin, Germany https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUm1DY2i_R4
  5. Hi, I've searched the forums for this problem but didn't find anything. I hope this is not the 20th time this question gets asked. My problem is this: Suppose I have a rectangle in my Affinity Designer document. It is 10mm x 10mm, at least I entered these numbers as W and H in the Transform panel. I then make a duplicate of this rectangle via CMD+J and, back in the Transform panel, I add 10mm to the X position of this second rectangle. You would expect that the right side of the first rectangle and the left side of the second one would align perfectly, but they don't. It doesn't seem to matter if I do this using mm or px as the document unit, in both cases the rectangles don't align properly. When I let magnetic alignment (I hope thats what it's called, using german AD here) take care of things, it actually takes care of things and everything fits perfectly. The problem doesn't exist when I set the X and Y positions of my first rectangle to rounded values before I duplicate it, it seems. Thanks for listening. Looking forward to any answers explaining what this is all about. :mellow: Meht
  6. Really would like to see this feature, once again a time saver.
  7. Can the shape transform and text transform controls be the same or similar at least? e.g. When selecting a corner point and moving mouse to change the shape/transform size etc: For shapes: Hold shift+cmd, move mouse = For Text: Hold Cmd, move mouse For shapes: Hold shift, move mouse = For Text: Hold nothing, move mouse So when I'm selecting an shape and fixing it, then a text, it gets a bit confusing sometimes. I accidentally use text transform protocol for shape transformation vice versa. It feels disorienting like getting used to working in one program or OS, then trying to do the same thing in another program or OS.
  8. Please let me easily transform any vector object. With a transform tool I could set the perspective right, and distort groups and other objects. For instance: I have a group of rectangles, and I want to transform and distort this group as if it was a line. I have a rectangle and I want to put it in perspective, or make a 3D effect. It would be great either have a transform tool similar to photoshop and the ability to select for instance the outer corners of a rectangle and option drag them towards the middle in the same amount. I definitely need a line tool. I want to edit every single bit of a line. I the ability to make a dashed or a dotted line. Of course I could use cmd-j, but I want it as a line so I can distort it. Also I want dashed lines for rectangles, etc. It would be great to turn a group of objects into a line, like when you have a couple of objects and you want to put them on a path and behave like they were a line.
  9. So I followed the instructions for transforming a pixel selection and tried it multiple times, but I must be missing something. Here's what's happening: I have a single layer with some content. I make a marquee selection. I press Q. The screen outside the marquee goes monocrome. I press V. Handles appear on the selection. I drag a handle. The selection changes. However, my expectation was that the content would be stretched. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  10. Just bought Affinity Designer and am really pleased after an hour but wondered if there was a way to drag the edges between nodes instead of it turning straight edge in to a curve when i try? I'm using the node tool assuming it would work similar to the white arrow in Illustrator.
  11. Is there anyway to shrink one half of a layer? Similar to taking a square that's been converted to curves and reshaping it into a trapezoid, can something like this be done with a layer to resize the contents of the layer such that one end is resized while the other remains the same? Specifically, I've created a brick wall pattern with rectangles. All the rectangles are in the same layer. But now I would like to make a perspective effect with the lower bricks being smaller and the upper bricks being larger. Manually resizing each brick would certainly be a hassle and it would be nice if I could just resize the entire layer at once such that all the rectangular bricks become trapezoids of the appropriate sizes. Is there a simple way of doing this? Thanks!
  12. An option for the transform panel to show an objects size including its stroke. -- I've just been creating some graphics in multiple widths; 60px, 120px, 200px wide. The outermost element was a rectangle with a stroke. in order to scale the graphics efficiently via the transform panel I found my self having to use mental arithmetic, and multiple attempts, to account for the stroke width as this is not included in the dimensions shown in the Transform panel. This would be a useful addition as an option for those of us needing precise scaling of stroked objects. Thanks
  13. Can the transform panel show the size of an object including its stroke? Thanks
  14. When directly entering values it seems impossible to enter negative rotation values. Not sure if there's a switch for changing between clockwise/anti-clockwise, either.
  15. We want's it. That is all. I'm figuring this might actually be an easy one. And I do really really miss this facility.. It's the sort of thing that one wants at the heart of the creative process, so it's very jarring to have to go to another app in the middle of the act, as it were - which may lose various affinity nicenesses. TIA.
  16. When I resize a, say, rectangle, I can look at the Transform-palette and see the values change as I move my mouse. It would be nice if I could have the same with the crop tool. Currently, when I crop an image, the values in the Transform palette are updated, but I have to let go of the mouse button first. They don't change as I move the boundaries of the cropped area.
  17. Dear All, How can I precise transform (numeric) an object. I want to move my duplicated object lets say 1cm right, and then 2cm down? Does AD have this possibility at all? Can I do precise positioning of guides and objects? Thanks in advance, P.
  18. This one is driving me crazy, particularly as AD's freehand-like selection savvyness is one of the things i really love about the app. I have this world map with african countries on one layer, the rest on another (and a third layer for text). I want to scale the whole world up, so africa fills more of the artboard, but I can't select-all, 'move' is effectively stuck as 'pan'. Is this a bug or what stupd thing am i missing. A bit urgent this one! I really don't want to resort to using ai to do something so basic. thanks video elements 1.afdesign
  19. So I trying to get a simple isometric box going by using this technique but I can't seem to get -30 in the rotation working. What am I doing wrong? Also, what the operation syntax for presents. I mean I can figure it out with a calculator but how do i enter it in the scale field without having to resort to doing it in a calculator? thanks
  20. The shape disappears when trying to rescale it. Oddly enough if I keep pressing ALT it rescales without deleting it. shape-disappearing.mov